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What is a White African Anyway?

Being a White African is a mindset. There are those who claim you have to be born in Africa to be considered a White African, and others who argue that you need to have grown up there to take the name. Interestingly enough, I have met people who were born in, or moved to, Africa when they were young and are less African than their counterparts who didn’t get there until much later in life.

So, what is the mindset of this White African then? It’s someone who loves the continent, the people, and the way of life. Someone who understands that life is to be taken in stride and that there is no need to hurry through your days, but to savor them. Relationships are recognized as being more important than anything else, and they are not entered into lightly. A White African understand that drinking chai under a thorn tree in the bush, or a cold beer in the evening, is best done with friends and that many problems are solved during these times.

If there is one thing to remember about a White African, it is that though they might have the veneer of their European or North American counterparts, they do not think the same way. Many times a White African is a hybrid of their western and African counterparts.


  1. This site looks really good and is easy to navigate. I think your definition of a white african is very interesting and gives an insight into how people view themselves and each other socially.

  2. I love the bit about relationships being more important than anything else and not to be entered into lightly. (And also chai and cold beer.) I wouldn’t say that I qualify for White Africanness, but relationships are definitely my highest value – not sure if that’s just personality or 3 years of Africa stealing in. Hmmm.

  3. Thanks Ryan. I’ll have to get your feedback on if WordPress is as good as Blogger, as far as blogging tools go. I know Scott loves how clean Blogger is, so I’m interested both of your thoughts on WordPress.

  4. Aly, you were there long enough to be considered a White African, and you have the views on relationships to prove it. Africa, and the rest of us wazungu did rub off on you after all!

  5. I had this guy in my class (German School Nairobi, just opposite today’s Village Market => dsnairobi.de) who was born in Kenya, grew up there till german Abitur (A~levels, Kindergarten+13years of schooling – we graduated in 1996) and you know what he told me in the end? “Niaaa..Juergen…you know, I can’t stand this country….it’s nice and all, but not my style”. He didn’t even EVER bother to learn a word of Kiswahili nor stroll around with the people on the street. His choice, though.

    It truly is a mindset.

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