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Hip-Hop Colony

As I was perusing my fellow bloggers on the Kenyan Blogs Webring I came across a few interesting sites that are dedicated to music in, or originating from, Kenya. As I surfed through the links I came across a website for a documentary called “Hip-Hop Colony“.

hiphop colony

I can’t say that I’m completely plugged into the Kenyan music scene, but I would definately watch this documentary. As one who grew up in Nairobi, this film piques my interest greatly. It looks like this Michael Wanguhu fellow is going to do another bang-up job, like he did on Kenyans in Exile (rugby).

Because interactive marketing is my forte, here are my thoughts on Hip-Hop Colony’s website:

  • Great name
  • Outstanding project/idea – it fulfills a need in a niche market admirably
  • Good looking website
  • The website should be done in something besides Flash so that it can be indexed by the search engines
  • There needs to be an online newsletter sign-up so that those of us who are interested can be kept up-to-date
  • Wanguhu would do well in setting up a central website where he promotes all of his films (if there is one, please point me to it)

Here are the links to the preview videos for your viewing pleasure:
Hip Hop Colony

Kenyans In Exile


  1. a friend of mine – ranzo kenya worked closely in the production of this docu-film. if u are interested in finding out more etcetra. id be happy to have him contact u.. great website by the way

  2. Madame, great to hear from you and thanks for the props on the site. Is Ranzo Kenya the same guy as Russell Kenya who did the writing?

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