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Of Africans, Snakes, and Reptiles

Most Africans hate reptiles. I found this out when I collected lizards in the rocks around our place as a little boy, then trotted off to show them to John, our askari (guard). John was a fierce-looking and tough Kamba. He carried his rungu (fighting stick) with him everywhere, and also kept a bow and arrow collection in the guard house. Much to my dismay, he started cursing and backpeddling as soon as he realized what I was proferring up to him in my little 8 year-old hands.

Personally, most reptiles don’t bother me. As a good mzungu (white person), you’d find me catching little lizards, hatching their eggs, or chasing the big monitor lizards in the bush. However, I must draw the line somewhere, and that line is at snakes. If you have any questions as to why, please take a look at the following pictures, and read the story at snopes.

Click to see full sized images:

Rock Python in South Africa
Rock Python Fangs!


  1. Hash, damn, man! What a terrible way for a snake to die! Come on, tell me you don’t have a LITTLE sympathy for it – trapped, helpless – probably died in pain. And it’s just a python! No python’s going to hurt you unless you piss it off and then lie down and let it strangle you.

    I’m biased, though, I really like snakes and hate it when people wantonly kill them. I remember the kids in my village thought I was bent because I always had a pet chameleon that I’d carry around and let him snag flies in the hibiscus hedge.


  2. Oh, God. I will have nightmares about these pictures for weeks. I actually starting hyperventilating when I saw the first picture, and the second is causing mild heart palpitations.

    Cerise, you are not only smart and very good looking, you are nuts.

  3. Three compliments in one day. I’m doing magnificently. Hash, can you make the pictures smaller or something? Every time I load this page I have to squint so I don’t have to look at the poor dead snakie. It’s distressing, saddening to me and it’s giving other esteemed bloggers palpitations.


  4. hehe. I’m glad of the palpitations. It was a planned “shock” article, because that’s what I felt when I saw the freaking picturs. That thing is HUGE. And yes, a python that size can hurt you if it bites. Did you see the size of the fangs?

    By the way Aly, I’m in LA right now for client meetings. If I had ANY time available I would escape from Longbeach to try and visit you.


  5. I am trying to get some boots made from snakeskin or gator skin, I will have to try trapping them with electric wiring!

  6. there’s no way i’m clicking on the picture to enlarge!!

  7. ever heard of Omieri? I think it was in the Kisumu museum, i think it may have been about the same size as the above snake.

  8. Afromusing – I haven’t heard of Omieri before – I can’t imagine running across something of that size while it was hungry…

  9. That is disturbing and sad at the same time. I like snakes, too, but I can’t say that I’d want that as a pet. Call me crazy, but I try and stay away from pets that can swallow me whole.

  10. wow thats the biggest fangs in a constricter i’ve ever seen, any one know what kind it is?
    i’ve raised two bermese and a green anaconda all are between 12 an 15 feet and none have a mouth full of teeth like that.
    any animal dieing like that is awful

  11. that is freakin awsome and is scary

  12. that is ma m awsome and scary

  13. This snake, an African Rock Python, as seen at the snopes.com website and also at the Silent Valley Game Ranch website,
    looks to me like it has two rows of teeth, the inner row consisting of two obvious fangs. I have searched and researched for pictures and information about this species and nowhere can I find a picture of anything remotely similar. These snakes don’t have fangs, and the information I have found say they have a row of small teeth around the mouth for gripping. The people at snopes are standing by the true status of the photo, based on the claim of the Silent Valley people, but I suspect someone has doctored the image and added some ferocious teeth.
    Anyone care to comment?

  14. Fun facts

    • Reticulated pythons have been seen swimming in the ocean, which is probably how they originally got to the islands in the Pacific Ocean where some of them live.
    • Pythons have four rows of teeth in their upper jaw. They also have fangs, but they do not produce venom.
    • Rock pythons Python molurus only need to eat an amount of food that equals their own weight in a year. It’s possible for them to do that in one meal!

  15. great stuff man, that ricks i remember an incident when one them bad boys was eating out goats we fed him a lamb and we caught him.

    botswana-skunk wa nakedi

  16. How’s it going? I realize this picture is from last summer but I was wondering, what kind of pests am I expected to encounter during my stay this summer in Djibouti, Africa??

  17. Be sure and watch out for the “Flying Shrapnel”. Its a very annoying pest that really has no purpose to go where it goes except to annoy you, and really doesn’t care what type repellent you are wearing. They tend to explode, similar to throwing a rock at a hornets nest, and fly angrily around after any they can sting.
    Of course you must also watch out for “Flying Rounds”, particularly of the .50 caliber type (aka, the Balho Round) or the .45 caliber (aka, the Dikhil Round). Their sole purpose is to get you, and are very deadly if given a direct bite. The .50 caliber ones do not need to directly take aim at you, a glancing blow from one of these creatures will get you feeling under the weather in a heartbeat.
    Watch where you walk as well, as ground bugs such as the “Landmine-itus” can jump out and bite your leg right off!
    All in all though, you should have a fairly uneventful time with pests, as long as you bring along your polyethylene repellent with a titanium backing on it to disperse around your midsection.

  18. That’s pretty much the nastiest thing I’ve ever seen, though if it died, I feel sorry.

  19. That thing is huge DAM look at those fagns. I will never get near that thing even at the zoo, man look at it.
    Deza D!
    South Africa

  20. i have a burmese python and its bit me a few times its larger than that image mines 16 and a half feet and still growing what kind of snake is that? its patterns just like a burmese

  21. That is realy sad! Im xtremely afraid off snakes i start to hiper-ventilate, but seeing that makes me more filled witd sadness than fear! Thats no way for an animal to die, even though I hate them!

  22. I feel soory for the poor thing. I love snakes. I would keep a burmese if my province would allow them, but I only keep cornsnakes..lol..too small for me. It does look as if those fangs have been doctored a bit. Does anyone know what a reticulated python’s teeth look like?

  23. Don’t be affraid of snakes just leave them alone.
    I study snakes for a few years now and I’ve bin bitten by a egyptian cobra once by A fald of my own of cource.

    They are animals with a very strong defending instinct but they better run then strike. Watch where you step in the field and you’re okay.

    They are amazing animals and I love them dearly.

    greeting Martijn from holland

  24. the pictures of you’re snakes are cruel agenst the law in Australia.
    So i believe the you are a grose person!!!

  25. See that nasty _____? Deserved to be electrocuted.

  26. It’s a beatuiful animal, don’t be coward…..

  27. the amount of ignorance towards reptiles is sickening.as someone who has studied herpetology,and worked with and bred reptiles for over 18 years,it sickens me to hear peoples veiws on these amazing and beautiful animals, especially when human beings are the most vicious and destructive species to ever walk the earth.when was the last time anyone ever heard of snakes or any other reptiles killing other species for their skin just to inflate their egos???food for thought..

  28. Hey Steve Prosser, you think that was graphics, ok get of sci-Fi and enter the jungles of Africa esp. around East Africa or inquire from the National Geographic Channel.

    This is sad killing this snake, but … “what if it swalowed yo family member????”

  29. I love snakes and have a complete obsesion with them. I dont agree when people say thei are happy that it has had to die because it a snake cant belive people are happy that a magnificant snake like that has had to die in its own habbitat because of humans. I dont care what it was no one can say it diserved to die no matter what it was. People are sick t`o think it should have diesd just because it was a snake. Pythons are harmless any ay if you leave them alone. I should know being a herpotligist.

  30. Glad it’s dead…All you snake lovers would surely reconsider against something as deadly as this Python…Morons I tell ya, if your lying in a field you think it would pass your delicious lookin bag of bones by?..I think not…Get off it people it’s horrifying…Who cares though it looks as if it had a tastey meal anyhow before death…Something maybe the size of a cow, or lamb perhaps?….or possibly a HUMAN….

  31. Pythons do NOT have fangs!! These are simply teeth. Pythons do not bite fences, som sick individual pried open this poor creatures mouth and latched it onto the wire. Takes a sick SOB to do something like that.

  32. What Are Ya Tryna to do?Scare Da Shit Out Of People?>:)

  33. that is so fake, that is not real. get that s___ out of here

  34. This is for J9.
    Why the hell are you at a site that scares you? I have been working with these creatures for 30 plus years. As for lying in the grass, I would be more worried of some human that kills for a few bucks or simply for watching something die. Snakes kill in defence or for food and that is the only time they kill. Can that be said for humans? NO.
    Simply put, leave us morons alone and go play with your puppy. Whimps like you make me sick.

    P.S. There has NEVER been a confirmed human being consumed by any of the twp species capable of even attempting such a feat. Hope you find the one that sets the precident.

  35. man you must have put that snake in that fince ASSHOLE

  36. this is cool

  37. you are cruel, brutal and inhumane.
    you deserve to be hung to an electric wire and ripped apart by snakes.


  39. hardrockinmama

    March 1, 2007 at 10:30 am

    Every animal has a right to live and do its job God has givin it. Snakes are one of the most feared and missunderstood animals in the world. They are not mean or evil their scared. Read Genesis people!!! Its part of the curse, but knowing that should change things for most people. These animals are beautiful creations and have adapted to having no legs, for that alone they should be respected. I love retiles and snakes my whole life, they are beautiful, intelligent creations of God and have a right to live. All animals have a place in the world whether we like it or not. Iam not to wild about sharks, in fact they scar the daylights out of me, but the have a God givin purpose in this world and should be respected and left alone. Snakes are wonderful animals, all having their own pearsonality, just like your pet cat or dog. Let them live in peace and respect them, their here for a purpose!

  40. Where did you get this picture because I am African and I have never seen a snake like this in my whole life. I mean it’s scary and stuff but where is it, and how did it get there?

  41. not for you to know

    March 12, 2007 at 3:18 pm

    ok… this picture is sad and i know it was prob an accident but it’s mean this snake did not do anything to deserve this i mean yes it ate sheep or w/e but it was trying to get food. What if you died that way think about that how painful it must of been for the snake and i hate people who think killing animals is funny or for reptile skin boots thats not cool and you should be ashamed.

  42. Man i would be freaked out by any snake (There’s none where i come from) but this is still saddist!!! what hardrockinmama said. they’re realy unique creatures.

  43. For all you snake lovers out there looking at these ‘awesome’ photos, if you find these offensive, it is no different than your videos of snakes killing & eating live rabbits in a very confined space. I can only hope this snake shown has been given the opportunity to SUFFER greatly before it dies, just like the rabbits do in YouTube videos. Here, if the snake breaks lose, it can get away, but in those videos, the rabbit is doomed and has no chance of getting away being in a very confined space with the snake. Do the math & figure it out!

  44. hardrockinmama

    May 3, 2007 at 11:12 am

    To Anonymous, GROW UP, snakes eat rabbits and smaller animals!! And guess what, so do you. Do you think a fish likes to be jerked up out of the water and die the way they do, to feed you? But this is the way it is, and thats the way God made it. Have you ever looked at a cow, they are darling animals, yet Iam guessing you eat steak. While your sitting at the table and eating remember the horror of what your doing. Oh and please remember the snake you’ve passed judgment on for doing the same thing you are!!! Can we say food chain???

  45. jeez that thing is huge…probably would’ve eaten a small child or something (doubt it but possible) i’m glad it was caught; not that it was killed. i don’t know how i feel. as humans i believe we’ve over-populated the world, but even with that said, large animals running around kinda scare me. i know, it’s their habitat, too…but i like livin’, ya know? catch 22 time!!!wee!!!

  46. hardrockinmama uh i’m sorry (not to try to change your beliefs or anything…i mean hey whatever gets you through the day right?) but you don’t really believe that snakes are…well…snakes because god made them that way do you? i mean, i curse on all snakes exists because a book (that was written hundreds of years before science was worth anything and was rewritten to suit the needs of certain dubious folk) says there’s a curse? really? sorry but not for me i mean
    they look cool, yes
    they have their place in nature, yes
    as a species, humans suck, yes
    the fact that that snake is probably either (remember i’m on your side, now) rotting up in some guy’s shed or on his wall as a trophy or on somebody’s feet or in somebody’s back pocket really makes anybody with any kind of concern for life pissed off (or sick apparently), yes
    i agreed with you up until the whole genesis gig…if i may sound stupid for a few seconds (or more) the only genesis i’m familiar with is sega…hee hee (that made me laugh, you…probably not you so much)

  47. hardrockinmama

    May 7, 2007 at 9:50 am

    Hey you have the right to believe the way you do, just like I have the right to believe the way I do. If the only Genesis you want to know is the Sega more power to ya. But for as me and my household we will worship the Lord. Iam just glad your not some blood thirsty jerk who thinks this kind of thing is ok!!!!!

  48. hey hey hey now, i agree with Morphea. I love snakes to death and am even gonna take up the study of them in college. THats a horrible way to die and i hate that it befell that snake, id be pissed beyond beleive and torn to see my Python cause up in an electric fence, i mean if you even look in the dirt you can see signs of a struggle …. most snakes are to scared of humans to even want to stay anywhere near you and will only try ot fight if you provoke them too.

  49. It’s just a known fact that people are frightened of what they are ignorant of. I live in a country without any snake of any description, so i’m dead set scared of the animals … but neither would I ever want them killed, particularly like that.
    Why would you?

  50. wooooooooooooooooooooooow thats cool x x x i love that snak

  51. cameron alvis

    May 30, 2007 at 7:22 pm

    this snake looks nasty. It looks like it would hert. i thought only poisonis snakes would have fangs like this. Bad butt python in africa.

  52. Bow Down To The Gaylord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Gaylord Your My idol!!!!!



  56. Ramona (germany)

    July 27, 2007 at 8:17 am

    I Love Reptiles, but my favorits are Snakes there are so beautiful 😀

  57. hmm, what sauce did you make to go with it ?

  58. I’m so interested in snakes and their life.I love them and I”m not scared of them.I live in a such country that there”s no dangerous and big snakes.I would love to look after and pet any kind of snake especialy big snake such as phyton or an anakonda.I wish to have one of them as a pet but of course not anakonda.it would eat me whole…..

  59. I have to agree with hardrockinmama humans do do horrible stuff to animals like with cows the are hit in the head with a hammer that doesn’t even knock them out and slit their throat and let them bleed to death JUST to feed us.That snake is scary but is beautiful it eats rabbits and other small animals but sorry ANONYMOUS but that is apart of the food chain and if there was nuthing to kill the rabbits they would die from over population.I love snakes they are beautiful creatures.

  60. I love snakes they are beautiful.Alot people think that snakes should be killed because they kill rabbits and other small animals but get over it people its apart of the foodchain.

  61. THANK YOU KENZIE!!!! I love to be right!!!

  62. man that snake is massive

  63. Ok J-9 and the other idiots who think that this python
    means to hurt people or other animals this snake was probably going along looking for a rodent or something to eat when it feels a wire over its back and more than likely getting shocked by 100 volts of electricty and u cruel people say well “I’m glad that that snake is dead” OMG how heartless.

  64. this is a very big snake!! Is it dead, and if not how did you move it with it not biting you!!

  65. JoAnna Michelle

    August 25, 2007 at 9:31 am

    That so mean whoever got that snake to do that. I am postive a snak e would not naturally bite a fence. however, i think that no one there would have enough guts to pry open the mouth, so I think that they were on one side of the fence while he was goin under (or they shoved him under) and they taunted (not verbally) him and poked him to get him to strike at them, feeling safe behind the fence, and eventually the poor stuck creature had to stop trying to get away and be defensive, and strike at them, so then he got his teeth stuck on the fence.

    But I tell you, Im still rather new at the reptile thing (im only 14), but I have worked at a reptile zoo for 2 years, and Ive always loved snakes, and I always knew how many teeth they had, but I am still going to think of this picture whenever I hold a python or boa (especially a semi- mean red-tail).

    p.s.- I have been bitten by a snake before, just not a big one. The biggest one was like 4 foot green water snake. Or actually a five foot black racer.

    and someone should help this rock python off the fence instead of just taking pictures, or if they are scared get someone to do it who will. Or if they really have to, use a stick to get the bottom part of the mouth off the fence, and he can get the top part off himself. Leaving it there is mean. His teeth are being ripped out in his effort to get away.

    YOU CRUEL JACKASS (no offense to asses, becuase calling you one of them whould be an insult to the species). YOU SUCK!

  66. JoAnna Michelle

    August 25, 2007 at 9:42 am

    and i also think that it died becuase of starvation.

    And on venemous snakes have fangs, and that is defenatly NOT a venemous snake. Non venemous snakes have teeth. Yes, you would have a nice bunch of small holes in you from a bite from a big rock python, but you still would be OK, and if he starts constricting you (unlikely) just unrap the snake starting from the tail. Besides, it would probably only be a defensive bite and he wouldnt want to have you for dinner (too big), so hed prefer to let go and slither off (snakes are shy) and hide.

    a man surprised a rock python and got attacked (he doesnt blame it, he practically walked on it) and got off by biting it back, and the snake let go.

    and all you other commenters, these only live in AFrica, unless some exotic snake keeper lets thiers go because it gets too big (like the case with retics in florida), but now they have a new rule to chip your big snakes so less people will want to let them go. So your pretty safe. And if you are in africa, jus tbe aware of your surronding and you’ll be safe. Generally.


    (even if the snake was already dead, that is no way to show reaspect to such a magnificent animal)

  67. very nice 🙂 but i stll love my dumerilli boa hehe. very very nice.

  68. oh my gosh are you kidding me i absolutely love snakes any kind but if i walked outside and this was in my back i would probably pass out seriously. i cant believe how big that snake is that is redicious for it to be that big. hope no one got hurt though.

  69. oh my gosh are you kidding me i absolutely love snakes any kind but if i walked outside and this was in my backyard i would probably pass out seriously. i cant believe how big that snake is that is redicious for it to be that big. hope no one got hurt though.

  70. the only thing that got hurt was that inocent animal!!! what did it do! nothing except be a snake! You guys are so harsh for killing that snake!!!!!!!!!!

  71. i’m in high school and doing an art project i googled reptiles and this came up i can’t belive how big it is , so sad it had to go like that . Is that fence electric? it looks it and if it is then that poor snake die a horrible death i feel sorry for it because no animal deserves to die like that even if you think they are scary.

  72. ur all so dumb the first person who tried to help that snake is in its stomach oh yeah and somebody shoved the snake under there like thats possible

  73. omg!. everyday i goo to the discovery channel to watch the program about snakes. i LOVE them. what an interesting creature they are. like think about it. TRUELY amazinng!. To think that this snake was living around my house gives me goosebumps but i knoww he wouldnt hurt me. He would become my pet. A snake that size needs time to grow, so by the size of it im assuming its an older snake. To think that because of some wire he died its soo sad. I cant believe people now a days. THEY WERE HERE FIRST. live with it, people are pathetic.
    buuttt RIP snakkee
    and this picture is an insperation to me.

  74. that pithon deserve to die because animals don’t think they dont speak and they hurt people every wild animal should die and that’s right cause if we don’t kill them than our lifes will be in danger

  75. maybe and i don’t know that much for snakes cause im from Macedonia and here we don’t have those kind of snakes but i don’t love snakes :s and im sure that if you are close to a pithon or anaconada snake he would eat you without a thinking that you have any family or you will miss to someone and than you have to choose who to live the anaconda or you…but of course that you will choose your selve your life is more important than it’s …but sorry when you going to be in his mouth there’s no rescue .

  76. Well am gratful for that you guys have done and the reptiles look good but if l may make a request, can you sen me some desktop wall papers of those reptiles because l just love them alot. Any how thanks for the work

  77. Melinda , honey, you have issues. All wild animals should die? Are you kidding? God created them too. We have to share this world with them, just like they have to share it with us. And as far as them being a danger to us, how many times have you seen a deer with a shot gun hunting people when their in season. Come on, get a clue. Animals are beautiful creations of God, put here for us to enjoy. Have you ever even gone to a zoo and seen a Tiger or Panda Bear, or anything for that matter. And you want these beautiful animals dead if their out in the wild? And for that matter, the last time you had a nice steak, did you think of the poor mama cow out there? No! Please get some help, you need it!

  78. i dont need a help “hardrockinmama”because i saw some photos when the people found an anaconda and they cut his but and found a body in there is that discustindg where is your mind if you are close to anaconda or any wild animal he will eat you man you dont understand if they hurt people than and we will hurt them…(read this one hardrockinmama)

  79. are you vegetarian you have never eaten meat is that true because you said that its not good too eat animals or to kill them that’s our food and you have too eat if they where good they wouldn’t kill them bye hardrockinmama…:d

  80. If you have would take the time to read my past comments you would see that Iam not against eating meat, Iam against people acting like dopes when animals do the samething people do. EAT MEAT!!! Animls do just what God intended them to do. They do what they were made to do, unlike people who stagger around like complete idiots, screwwing up everything
    we get our hands on. No it doesn,t bother me if a large snake eats someone, because 90% of the time the person was pestering the crap out of the animal in the first place. Leave them alone, stay out of their territory and they’ll leave you alone. I don’t like sharks, they scare the crap out of me. So I stay out of the ocean. A few years ago a woman was killed by a Great White on a beach that we visit. She was swimming with seals. Sharks eat seals, knowing that why would anyone with a lick of sense swim with them! Did I feel sorry for her and her family, YES, but was she the dumbass who put herself at risk, YES. Was the Shark at fault, NO. He was just wanting to eat, and she was the slowest thing in the water, he thought she was a seal. So he ate her. She was a professer at a University that taught about sea animals. Do ya think she should have known better??? Come on, I’am a Real Estate agent and know better then that!!! Use common sense honey, don’t want to be eatin’ by something, then stay away from it. As humans, we are slow, stupid and aparently tasty! No so fun being on the other end of the food chain, now is it! So go get your help, get a dose of reality and for pete sake get a pet and see how wonderful animals realy are!

  81. First of all Fish, Iam not a bleeding heart liberal hippie, I believe we, as humans, should be responsable, and not encroach on animals territory. Have you noticed they tend not to like that a whole lot?? And as for spelling its story not sorry! And yes I did read the STORY about the farmer. Thats not what ticked me off, it was the reaction of blood thirsty horses behinds that thought the awful death of this animal was so great. Just because you don’t like an animal doesn’t mean you should relish in it’s pain and suffering. So how about you waking up and stepping into reality to see that what you think doesn’t dictate what should happen.

  82. As far as Bgiv goes, your right he’s a jerk, and not worth the time it takes to argue with the little sap. As far as animals territory, when was the last time you saw an animal with a map? They pretty much do what comes natural to them, like eat. Put food out and they will come, and Iam sorry, but sheep are food. And as for my grammer, thank you for not picking it apart, oh wise one. By the way, someone has the right to take property away from you, its called the government. Ever heard on eminent doain?

  83. Oouch! the big slidder must have had the greatest shock of all times by the electric wires, i heard it swallowed a security man dat fell asleep on duty, the first time i saw the picture i shuddered with mix feelings, however it’s so sad to lose wild life in this way. I could imagine the pain it went through before dying, so pitiful. I love to watch animal planet and i get to know alot about snakes; if you know them u’ll know snakes majorly fight back at humans when they feel threatened, if we dont bother them they dont bother us!

  84. That snake is a meany. Im poopin myself just lookin at it.

  85. Is that a snake anus!?

  86. I have seen these pictures or similar before attached with the comments that the python had swallowed a security guard somewhere in Sudan – is this true

  87. Feeling sad about such a big snake dying is a silly human fixation. It’s life was of no greater value than any smaller animal in the wild, animals which must die every day in the cycle of life.

    People are just very strange having emotion about the biggest or fastest or strongest or most shiney / expensive / rare / new / old / etc. It’s madness.

  88. thts one bigg snake =[

  89. I live in a (used to be) nice suburb in South Africa, and one night there was a flippin more than 18 FOOT LONG African Rock Python in our yard! (I can say this with confidence because it was lying along three 6′ lengths of the concrete wall, and its head and tail were each at least a half a metre away from the wall…). He didn’t show us his ivories, unfortunately. Turns out he escaped from some rich guy’s terrarium.

  90. That must have been a heck of a sight!

  91. When I was in Reading UK – there was a 9 footer around the toilet cistern in the public toilets in a large shopping mall. Wghere ever humans becaome involved with keeping “wild” creatures there will be escapes and accidents. Why dont we just leave them in the wild.
    Musungu African – Zambia

  92. rachel elizabeth mckinstry

    January 9, 2008 at 12:15 pm

    id have to shyt my pants if i saw tht!!

  93. you guys are all losers (thoughs of you who think there is absolutely anything wrong with any snake) i live in canada, where there’s no huge snakes really yet i live with more than 30 species of python and have no problems with any of them. you people on the other hand are whiny little women who should be ashamed to live in africa and be afriad of reptiles move somewhere where there’s nothing like that if you can’t handle it, in short don’t post a whole bunch of these little bitch posts saying these are horrible animals when you retards waste more of this earths life just by living the lives you do than every snake on earth ever could

  94. Can’t say I disagree with you JRB. Their Gods creation just like any other animal! Thats a lot of pythons! Do you have any other animals??

  95. That creature is beautiful. If man has respect for reptiles we can live side by side.
    They are more frightened of us thanwe are of them – with cause!

  96. To hash funny what you said in your letter but pythons have sets of teeth not fangs

  97. Hey thanks for the inspiration with the snake. I am using the Picture to shape a game character. I’ll let you know how it goes. Them some nasty fangs man.

  98. the 1st pic wow.the second one is jsut amazing . with its immense size i dont even want to know what it ate

  99. You guys stop arguing that snake would eat you whole. I dont like snakes but that is the wrong way for it to die.

  100. Thank you to all the animal lovers defending this poor snake. It is absolutely gorgeous, and I’d love to hang whoever killed it on that fucking wire. The poor, poor animal. I have been working with animals for a long time, and I must say that this is retarded, disgusting behavior that really makes me angry. I do not often swear, but please be warned that this comment will contain some very harsh comments. Of course, not as harsh as are deserved. Everyone of the little brats on here that thinks this animal deserves to die is, as we say were I live, a dipshit. I must repeat myself: the poor, poor little guy. Now, some individual shout-outs to all the little fuckers commenting here:

    Swoosh: it is people like yourself that will make this world stop turning. You with your fucking snakeskin handbags and smartass comments. Shut up.

    Melinda: Quoting hardrockinmama, you have issues. I would like you to go and bite down on that wire.

    Rachel Elizabeth: You’d shit your pants if you saw how angry I am right now; learn to fucking spell, my dear.

    Not all the dear little morons that have commented have been mentioned. Oh, I love this: “dat would so eat me” or “do ya think it would pass up your delicious bag of bones”. 1. It wouldn’t, ever. 2. If it did, I’d buy it flowers and some rodents (I’m sure it would like that).

    Moving on, fangs+large size doesn’t usually mean “danger”. To all of the dips who don’t understand that, I’d love to carefully curl a Boomslang around your throat (you, of course, don’t even know what a Boomslang is). I love Boomslangs, but I’m sure you wouldn’t mind being killed by one…they’re only five feet long and have very small teeth. Of course, I wouldn’t want to stress the Boomslang in this way, as you’re not worth it. I absolutely hate ignorant people, and some of you fit that description ever so accurately.

    Thank you. Hash, you should really crawl over to that wire and bite hard. Fucking shock effect. You sicken me.

  101. BY THE WAY, those aren’t fangs. They are teeth. Oh yes, and these poor animals aren’t pests.

  102. Poor guy! I know that they can be dangerous, but no animal deserves that!

  103. Poor guy! I know that they can be dangerous, but no animal deserves that done to them!

  104. “thts one bigg snake =[”
    The above is not what I’m talking about!

    “id have to shyt my pants if i saw tht!!”
    THAT’S what I’m talking about.

  105. I got one word for ya… PHOTOSHOP

  106. U fuckn dumb-shits the pic is from Australia!!!

  107. What was the last thing it ate? please get bk to me xx

  108. i’ve always wanted to stick my arm down one of thoughs things…

  109. Hey enough about this snake!
    The comments have become immature and irrelevant to any intelligent conversation now.

  110. i love that snake its so big and kool.
    I wish i culd see one just like that 1 ..
    just a little far frm it cuz yea….
    ANY ways thats cool…


  112. oh my god id love to have that snake in my house in a big breakproof glass tank santuary but no you let him die!!!

  113. The first thing I thought was that the fence was electric and that it turned back to attack the fence when it got shocked. That’s why it’s fangs are bared. Ah, the Snopes article confirms it. Great pity that such a magnificent animal had to die in such a way.

  114. this is a big animal

  115. this snake ate a un guard on the way out of a camp in sudan and bit a electric fence on the way out.

  116. 1) How could you let such a wonderful animal be tortured like that; 2) “…looks to me like it has two rows of teeth, the inner row consisting of two obvious fangs. ” Steve Prosser 02.01.06 at 7:49 am. Buy yourself a book about snakes before making ignorant comments; they’re called “teeth”, pythons don’t have fangs.

  117. thats an african rock python. i luv snakes. i like bigg ones. i have 2.

  118. why would u be sorry for it look at it i doubt it would be sorry for u if if eat u 🙂

  119. i came in my pants

  120. i’d probably think that the person who did this is already in the snake’s stomach!!!

  121. i’d would wanna try to stick the guy’s arm arm in one of those things!! but he’s probably already in the snakes stomach being digested right now!!!

  122. i was there and saw this,what i like to tlell to those crying for snake life ,what about the in its tummy right now.
    story is that snake went in UN compound and swallowed a man an official from Bengladish. just was an accident actually killed it.
    nobody would have it has swalled a guy, if the snake left peacefully.

  123. this poor snake died i cant believe no one would help it i have a python like that its smaller but, if i saw it strugling i would help it i would be like “ohh a snake strugling for its life. lets take pictures.” no u stop and help it if it was a puppy you would help it why is a snakes life less important!!!!!!!!!

  124. what kind of snake is it.

  125. at first i did not understand what was going on the picture but when i saw the second where the python’s body was shown i was in shock! how could this happen? or who did that or was it just an accident?!
    i adore snakes!i love them!and i would NEVER let any snake, whether its venomous or not, die so painful. i mean kill it (i know sounds awful) don’t let it suffer!

  126. Oh god, the picture is of him dying? Poor thing. I read the story on another blog, snake had a meal of sheep but he never got to digest it because some sick bastard thought it’d be right to kill him. I friggin’ love love love snakes! like wolves they’re misunderstood. I agree entirely with rockinmama.,And the other people on the snake’s side. I don’t own a snake, but I’d love to. You think the snake is evil for eating a farmer’s sheep? I think us humans are more evil because we know what we are doing to God’s wonderful creations. I had no idea we are so cruel when we kill cows and other animals for our food. I feel guilty for eating meat, now. I hate whoever did this to the poor snake, I believe he was forced into biting the wires. He was trying to escape from his human pursuers and he probably ran into the fence getting electocuted. How would you like to die like that? Someone’s chasing you and you have a full stomach (of MCDonald’s let’s just say) and you run into an electric fence? Hm? And here at first I thought someone was just pissing him off and he was lashing out, but I guess not. Poor snakey but, my goodness, he’s huge! I wish he were alive, so I could enjoy the pictures better. Damn, his fangs are big! What kind of snake was he?

    Poor poor snake… People please have some sympathy for God’s creatures!

  127. omg, that is crazy i would hate to have those where i live if i did i would not go outside.Poor thing !

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