If you’re an American, you can help.

Hurricane Katrina - Flood ReliefYou have 2 choices:
1. Go – Get out there and volunteer your time. This could be in your own home town helping the different organizations gather supplies and donations. This could mean getting on a plane or into your car and driving down to help.

2. Send – Donate your hard earned money to those in much greater need than you.

I strongly believe that the church needs to, and can, make a huge difference. These are the times when Christians must stand up and be at the forefront of the effort to help people fix their lives. With that in mind, I’ll plug a couple faith-based organizations that I support: PCA’s Mission to the World and World Vision. You can donate directly to them at MTW and World Vision Katrina Donations.

For a list of places to donate go to this exhaustive list.