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Pictures: Africa

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Impalas watch a leopard

African Kids - Children

Africa and Europe at night by satellite


  1. nice pics, especially like the one with the kids.
    don’t know whether it’s some african kids’ thing or what, but i remember a picture from when i was about 10, with two friends and myself posing exactly like the three kids on the left. really miss being a kid back home…

  2. Yeah, it brings back the simpler times in life doesn’t it. When all you had to worry about was making sure your wire-car was running properly and that you made it back in time for supper.

  3. Those poses are classic. Kinda shao when you look back on them, but at the time, we were trying to look ‘cool’. Definitely miss those days.

  4. These photographs are great! I didn’t know about this site before. My favourite picture is this one with kids. Actually children are my favourite ‘subject’ of making photos.

  5. I like the picture of the kids. The picture has true sense of life and inocense. Happiness is wherever children are.

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