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OQO – Laptop/PDA Hybrid

A few months back I wrote about The Perfect Travel Laptop, where I focused on the Flybook and spoke briefly about the OQO. These are the new ultra-travellers computers that go by the moniker “Handtop”. Two sites where you can learn more about handtop computers are:

The new OQO comes with some nice upgrades, I especially like the fact that they’ve bumped it to 512 Mb RAM and that it has USB 2.0 now. However, though they’ve upgraded the hard drive to 30 Gb, I’m a media hog and I wish it had something more in the 60 gig range. Since the OQO 01+ will be retailing for approximately $2000, it will only be bought by that niche market who really needs the ultra-portability.

OQO 01+ Handtop Computer - Ultra Portable


  1. This 0Q0 looks nice. True, for $2000 they should be adding another 512 MB of RAM and a 80 GB hdd at least. Wish I could use it one day! But then…I just saw the other that even those old 133MHz Toshiba Librettos still go for something like 120,- EUR (~$150) which is crazy for such an old machine. Just because of its size…

  2. Interesting to see though that the docking cable featured on the video is a serial one.

    Man, this thing is HOT!

  3. Definately HOT. I will continue to sit here and drool, because I don’t have the besh to pay for this thing.

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