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Serenity: 9 Minute Preview Online

I was happy to find someone at Slashdot had supplied a link to the first 9 minutes of the movie Serenity that I talked about in an earlier post. This is a completely legal preview, set up by Universal/United Int’l Pictures. You can trust the website you’re going to.

Serenity 9 minute preview

Also, if you happen to have read Ender’s Game or any of the other Ender’s novels, you’ll recognize the name Orson Scott Card as the author. He’s written a review about the movie that is well worth reading too.


  1. i’ve read some of Orson scott card’s books…off to read the review. Thanks. (I am enjoying your blog sana)

  2. good review by OSC – had no idea he had weekly columns – thanks again. on the review, he mentions larry david’s seinfeld “you can’t build a powerful community on a sneer” Lol!

  3. Glad you like it afroM. I like AFROMUSING a lot too, I frequent it regularly.

    I wasn’t into Sci-fi for a long time, finally someone got me started on Ender’s Game and I ended up reading the whole series.

  4. if you like Ender’s game, try Nick Sagan too, i think Idlewind was better than Edenborn (edenborn was just a tad slow, though not completely bad).

  5. You know, I’d heard his name before but never managed to read any of his books. Maybe I’ll run to the bookstore today and check one out. Idlewind you say… will do.

  6. Correction: Idlewild

  7. OSC’s Alvin Maker series is excellent as well – not sci-fi, more fantasy. It’s an alternate history of 19th century America. Well worth reading.

    Thanks for the preview link – I’m a HUGE Joss Whedonite, so I’ll be glad when I get a free 2 hours to see this flick.

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