It’s so simple to get caught up in our own lives, forgetting that our petty problems are no more than just annoyances when compared to the trials of those around us. We are also guilty of falling into the “media trap” whereby we see a great travesty, natural or man-made, occur and we throw all our attention, prayers and money in that direction for a short time. Meanwhile, there are countries who have been in dire straits for decades.

Why do we not pay closer attention to those areas of the world that have for years been under the yoke of intolerable oppression or outright war? Why don’t we lift our voices in their defense, send money to their aid, pray for them regularly?

Sudan, Somalia, Colombia… the list is long.

Pick a cause, do something!True, we cannot spend all of our time worrying about others, we do have to live our lives. However, I suggest that each one of us pick one cause and choose to do something about it. Stick with it for the long haul, keep to task.

Ask yourself: “if not me, then who?