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Christmas With Jimmy Buffet

Jimmy Buffet ChristmasIs it a bad thing for your daughter to learn Christmas music sung by Jimmy Buffet Christmas? 🙂 A favorite in our house, I just heard her singing along to the CD and realized that I should probably play some more traditional Christmas music soon.

Also, since we’re talking music, head over to Seruyange’s blog to find out about Pandora. He says you won’t regret it, and I’m not musical enough to know.

Here’s my Jimmy Buffett Channel


  1. Yes, Pandora is nice, found some nice inspirations through this music player. Another great music-on-suggestion-online-player is last.fm/audioscrobbler (www.last.fm).
    Sijui about that JimmyBuffet tune – at home I was tortured with Bach’s Christmas Oratorio – and not only during xmas season 🙂

  2. Yes I listen to Pandora daily. I have my morning station (dance music) and then my nighttime station (oldies). I don’t pay for anything and it only plays the music I like. I know yahoo has something similar and according to December’s Wired, Sony is coming out with a phone with this same functionality eventually. Screw paying for music!


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