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Blog Software Comparison

Someone had put together a pretty neat blog software comparison chart that allows you to compare functions of the different blog engines easily.

Blog Software Comparison Chart

Also, a list of blogging software tools is available from Yahoo’s directory that is worth looking at. I’m firmly in the WordPress camp, but I’ve heard good things about MoveableType, and Drupal as well. I don’t believe in paying for blogging software, so find it very hard to understand why people use Type Pad/Moveable Type, Expression Engine, or Radio Userland. I just can’t see what they offer as being any better than what I get for free.


  1. I was looking at the comparisons and I noticed that they say that WordPress does not have photo galleries. That is true, but not quite. I am also in the WordPress camp and WordPress has a ton of plug-ins (similar to the Firefox model) that you can download and install to enhance your blog. One of the plug-ins I use (and I’m too lazy to go check the name of it) that allows me to display my flickr photos directly on my blog also in the form of a photo gallery.

  2. have a look at textpattern , works quite well as a CMS and does good blog mgt as well

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