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Sponsor a Goat in Africa

Sponsor a Goat in AfricaThat’s what I plan to do anyway. MMK over at African Bullets and Honey (one of my favorite Kenyan bloggers) has a great write-up on this deal from LastMinute.com, so without further ado I’ll usher you in that direction to read the article.


  1. This is being done by “Heifer International.” They have built a big business providing help to African Farmers. I did once pay for a Goat, but gave up after that as I did not trust my money going where I wanted it to go. I also have bookmarked a couple who travel in Africa and have personal contacts that also provide animals and help to small villages. They get my money as it is very personal and I know my money is going to where it says it is going. I don’t know about this group. Their web advertising so far is not conducive to handing out money and not knowing where it is going. This is the only way to help these people, from the bottom up, but it takes will, desire, and a desire to be right at the “point of sale.” I do not mind them getting some cash for salaries, but there is a need for someone who knows logistics and the local culture. This group has just not shown me enough to get my money.

  2. Really, it will take a goat to help Africa, waoh! what a cliche’

  3. Really, it will take a goat to help Africa, waoh! what a cliche!!!

  4. Wayne Charley

    May 13, 2009 at 2:38 am

    I would like to sponsor a goat called Billy

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