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In an effort to truly upset the Somalians and Angolans who frequent this website I’ve decided to highlight a rather humerous, shake-your-head kind of funny, poke at their national flags. I’ve never heard of them, but “Grande Reportagem is a Portuguese news magazine that is recognised for its investigative reports and excellent photo-journalism.” In this case they decided to take a poke at social or political issues in certain countries and see how they are represented on that countries national flag.

You have to click on the flag and read the insert to enjoy this one.

Somali Flag Angola Flag

Link to the other 3 flags.


  1. The series of flags in question won a large number of awards from the design and art communities. Rather than “poking fun” at these nations, they tried to recast the flags as graphical depictions of some of the problems facing those nations. The area covered by the different colors in the flags accurately represent the portion of population afflicted by HIV and malaria, in the case of Angola. (The artist distorted the flags to make the percentages work.) I don’t exactly think the artist was looking for a quick laugh here…

  2. Ethan, good point. However, when you look at the other flags – especially the US one – you have to admit that the artist was poking fun a little. I believe that these are great examples of representative art. However, that fact alone does not preclude humor.

  3. Ah c’mon, the US flag isn’t that humorous – it’s the truth, nothing but the truth 😉

  4. I like this “funny” but still challenging kind of art. When realizing the deph of the statements, its a quite sad theme, also the US flag Mr. Kikuyu 😉

  5. i must admit that i only found the columbia, us and eu flags to be funny – the others were just too sad to really find funny.

    but it’s a very good idea in this case, since i don’t think the artist was making fun of these situations (other than possibly the us flag 🙂

  6. I don’t think any of the flags are funny. Some I think really shows the truth on how blacks are being undermined in a world of prejudice. There is also some key facts outlined that should educate our people and for them to take head to the way our people are viewed in modern day times.

  7. I think that it is disrespectful to be joking around with the national flag of any country.

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