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White African is Heading to eTech

eTech logoI’m heading to O’Reilly’s Emerging Technology Conference (eTech) in March. The best part about these conferences are the new ideas you hear from others, and then the way those spur you on to hatch your own hair-brained plans. Great stuff! Anyway, it being in San Diego just adds to the fun. I haven’t been back to California in 6 or more years.

I plan on blogging from it, of course.

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  1. Joseph Conrad

    June 22, 2007 at 9:43 am

    Paying to send or receive a Blog makes sense, but only when the information sent or received is ‘worth it’. Examples of what would indeed be ‘worth it’ include:
    1. Music – African, etc.
    2. Literature
    3. Alternative ‘late breaking news’
    4. Information on unique developments in African nations such as…
    a. China’s Activities re: resources (Oil, etc.)
    b. US’s Activities (same)
    c. REAL Nigerian & DR Congo NEWS

    People blogging around the world will always PAY for something AND PAY to SEND something (information/music/art)that is undeniably UNIQUE and NEWSWORTHY!

    The latest and most exciting Music, Art, Hard News and Info, Poetry/Prose: these are what bloggers are willing to pay for.
    The payment must always Justify the content of the item…

    Anyone got other ideas on ‘Monetizing (?) or Blogging’?

    Joseph Conrad

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