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30Boxes: Web-based Calendar

30Boxes Online CalendarI signed up a little while back to get into the 30Boxes Beta program, and am glad that I got in. It looks like they got slammed as of yesterday night when they launched and had to close the door to new sign-ups today.

So far, I’m very impressed. 30Boxes is an online calendar system that is very simple and easy to use. It syncs with your iCalendar if you’re on a Mac, and will soon be offering custom feeds for syndication. It’s being built on a very open framework, which will allow smarter people than I to create uses that I haven’t thought of yet. For example, they already have a Flickr, LiveJournal, MySpace, Upcoming and RSS feed plugin area.

I customized mine by putting in my zip code. Now when I look at the calendar, it tells me what the weather is, and is going to be, over the next couple days in Orlando. Very simple, very cool.

As ever: it’s open it’s simple, it wins.

Want to see what it looks like? Click here

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