Michael Arrington runs the best Web 2.0 review blog on the net: TechCrunch. I was a little surprised to hear that he was coming out with his own application, but I guess I shouldn’t have been because if you’re so “in the know” and have great insights into how this new wave of software is developing, then you’re probably one of the most qualified to put something together.

EdgioEdgio is all about classified ads/listings from the fringe. In other words, it’s not some walled garden that you have to pay or register to be a part of (watch out eBay). Just by publishing and tagging a “listing” on your blog you will get indexed and have your listing seen brought into a much larger forum than just your normal blog readership.

Very few blogs publish classified listings today. Most blogs have a relatively small group of readers, including friends and family, and are not able to effectively reach the larger audience needed to effectively market their listings.

Take a look at it, give it a try if you have something to sell or need to hire someone. Once your post has pinged Edgio (remember to use the tag “listing”), they’ll notify you that it’s on edgeio using a trackback or comment. In the trackback you will see a link back to edgeio where you can view your listing, claim your blog, and customize your content by including things like geography, price, etc.

(side note, not sure if this is allowed or if I’ll be banned forever from Edgio, but the password for my readers is LAGUNA)