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“Manifesto Accepted”

If you’ve been to this blog anytime over the last 6 weeks you would have noticed little banner ads like the one below plastered on every post. I needed 300 votes on the ChangeThis website in order to get my manifesto for technology change in Africa published (stemming from this blog post). I was pretty close, but didn’t quite get the total number needed.

However, I received a little email last night informing me that they would still like me to write the paper, and that it would be published online in June.

So, a very heartfelt thank you to everyone who showed their support by voting, and a special one to those who went as far as to tell their friends and advertise my campaign on their websites. Your efforts were not in vain, it worked!

African Technology Manifesto Accepted


  1. congratulations on this !

  2. Congratulations!!!

  3. Well done Eric! This is a win for all of us!

  4. Eric, this is so great!

    LOL after reading your last post about “the customer is always right” I thought about how big the divide is between people who “get” computers and the Internet and the rest of us like me.

    The point is I’m ignorant about tech stuff, but I’m really eager to help if we can find anything that I can do that’s useful.

    The insight that mobile phones have undeveloped potential as a medium for information exchange is rock solid. And your ideas of extending the capacity by the Internet is great.

    Money stuff is so often really hard to understand. I think many of us are too proud to admit that lots of our thinking about moiney is premised on something akin to “If I won a lottery….” But you’re proceeding on the premise of “Where will this good idea lead?” Markets depend of good ideas like yours. There’s never a sure thing, but what’s driving this isn’t a bet rather a solid idea. That bodes well for the eventual success of it.

  5. Congratulations! Hehe…does that mean you’ll be blogging less in favour for the paper? (ok + family!)

  6. Wwooooooooo!! Nice one boet!

  7. Awesome. Congratulations.

  8. Fantastic.

    Can’t wait to read the paper and more important, contribute to implementation if I can.


  9. Thanks for all the support.

    To be honest, this “manifesto” will have a lot in common with the idea-paper that I wrote and published here a while ago. So, not to much new information for those who have already read it. The main purpose is to find a broader audience for the idea to change Africa through technology.

    Now, having said that, I still plan on having some new content in there. I’ve learned quite a bit about the mobile market in the last 2 months. Also, certain readers have left comments or sent emails with some extremely useful ideas and thoughts that I think should be incorporated.

    Gotta go get cracking on this thing… later.

  10. Wow, cool, congratulations from over here as well!

  11. Though you may have doubted, I never did question that your manifesto would be accepted. To me, it was a forgone conclusion.
    Nonetheless, I am excited for and proud of you.
    You ROCK!

  12. Congrats!!

  13. Congrats! Drop me a line if you need any assistance/contracts in making the manifesto a reality…never know what my network could turn up.

  14. Congratulations! Make us proud.

  15. Kudos on the endevour, I liked the short snippet the i read, i look forward to reading the entire publication

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