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See You in Kenya

Alright, I’m off on my flight to Kenya today. I’ve got a nice long layover in London, where I hope to catch some of the England World Cup match. Hopefully England wins and I can safely leave the country without getting caught up in any mayhem. 🙂

I’m looking forward to seeing a number of people in Kenya, especially my fellow bloggers who I’ve gotten to know through the Kenyan Bloggers Webring. It’ll be fun to get up to RVA and celebrate it’s 100th year anniversary as well. Catch you guys on the other side.

In other news, Skype Video for Mac will be released soon (finally!). I’d like to be downloading it now instead of talking about it’s upcoming release… Let’s hope they get off their rears and get this done.


  1. Enjoy your stay in Kenya!!!! Burudika na Tusker eh?

  2. Have fun in Kenya! If you cant send us nyam choms we’ll settle for pics 🙂

  3. a bit jealousy from here as well…
    …and watching AfriGadget for the time beeing.

  4. I am beyond jealous! Enjoy every moment and don’t get hurt before you can teach some of the young boys a thing or two about tackling in the alumni rugby game. Eat an extra Sr. store donut for me!

  5. Hi:
    nice site. I saw an old post about Kenya and basketball. I have a couple ideas. email me if interested: highfivehoopschool@yahoo.com

    also, Cape Town would be a great location for a start-up environment, in reply to another entry. I’ve been there and it’s a great city and University of Cape Town is a world class university.

  6. I hear your British Airways flight lived up to their old reputation: breakfast in London, lunch in New York, luggage in Tokyo! Hope you get your bag soon and that it arrives with everything in tact! Think chevda.

  7. Yay! Have a terrific time, and I look forward to a full report.

  8. Hey, Aly!
    I don’t know if you remember me. I was in Tim’s class. I just saw your name on here and wanted to say hi.

  9. Hash

    Last time we flew BA, my luggage went to Sao Paulo.

    I have no idea how they managed that. They did get it to me and even went an extra mile and delivered it to where I was 500 clicks away.

    Another time, I got my luggage back after 6 days, they had actually started the reimbursment (sp?) process.

    I have learnt to pack wisely, a carry on bag with all the stuff that I cannot live without and a suitcase full of stuff that I am willing to take cash for. Next time you see the crazy guy with two overpacked carry-ons and a ton of plastic bags trying to stuff them into the overhead bin on the plane, thats me pre-empting BA.

    I forgot to mention that Vonage phone routers work in Kenya at almost any internet cafe, go in, hook it up and you have your number available for (almost) free international calls.

    – Steve


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