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Kindness from Strangers

My first day back to Kenya in 2 years has had me chronicalling the changes that I see. There are more vehicles on the road than ever, and more buildings going up everywhere. Nairobi continues to grow and maintains its position as the region’s powerhouse city.

The Gauthiers in KenyaWhat’s nice to see is that the people haven’t changed (at least the ones I came into contact with). I was trying to get in contact with some old friends, but they were out of country for 2 more weeks. As I was discussing my predicament with the askari the mzungu lady heard my problem and offered to let me go to her house and use her computer to email the family in the US.

Totally unexpected, but not surprising in Kenya. First off, most Kenyans will open their home to you, especially when you are in need. Second, the missionary community has been historically tight knit and helpful – that was shown today.

So, thank you to the Gauthiers, who work with Kenya Hope, a christian development organization.

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  1. Welcome to Kenya! Hope you ok and do ejnoy your stay.

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