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News from Nairobi

Well, it’s good to be back in Kenya. It’s been a couple years, but it feels like I never left. The people are as friendly and welcoming as ever. I’m enjoying my samosas, bhajia (sp?), chai and mandazi quite well. I hope to add nyama choma and chapati to that by tonight.

A quick word of warning for everyone though, especially if you’re flying British Airways (BA) into Nairobi. I, along with 100 other passengers, didn’t get my full allotment of baggage upon arrival. This is not news to most people here, I guess BA has been making a habit out of only shipping part of the luggage to Nairobi each trip (why?). Anyway, I’m now shopping for toiletries and a change of clothes… Such is life.

More thoughts later…


  1. Welcome back to Kenya

  2. Have a good time in Kenya. Pole about the luggage, over here many claim that BA stands for “Bloody Awful” not British Airways. It is madness that as you write that this happens regularly. Nyam chom and chapati, well in.

  3. welcome to Nairobi. late baggage also happening on KQ/KLM – must be a summer overload thing

  4. Karibu to the land of coco puffs where nothing works and its all kibakis fault .Enjoy your stay and be sure to watch some rugby patch machine is on fire as usual and its not kibakis fault.

  5. Thanks for the welcome everyone. I’m trying to figure out the sporting schedule while I’m here. I want to go catch some rugby and football/soccer.

    Now, excuse me, I have to go call those buggers at BA again… 🙂

  6. http://www.kenyarfu.com/ Should help you find a few games to watch.plus i had to put this http://www.kenyarfu.com/sch%20nationals.cfm. and could you find out whats with rva not reopresenting rift valley this year .

  7. Hello, welcome back.

    We are having a meet up on 8th July Sato Pizza garden you can holla for more details

  8. Home at last? Good for you!

    Me not too sure where you live abroad but in the US you can get Samos,Mandazi,Bhajia,Chapati,Ketepa etc 4m Indian Stores/Restaurants…(and the real deal) as well as Nyam Chom 4m Kenyan BBQs.

    However, i’ll be home in Dec & can’t wait to eat Mukimo a.k.a Kienyeji.

    If you manage to do any local tourism pliz comment on my post “My Life as a Tourist”

    Pole about the luggage thingi. Hope you get EVERYTHING back coz my pal recently went home & same thing happened.She got her luggage bila her laptop which had SO MANY impt work docs. She is suing. Can’t rem. the name of the airline.

    NB: BLOGGER has become a BOGGER to me & my commentors. Whats the 411 on Word Press i.e How do i register? Adv & Disadv? Will i lose my template?

    Thx in advance.

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