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Kenyan Digerati Need To Connect

After my initial meetings with a bunch of technology guys here in Nairobi, I was left with the distinct opinion that there needs to be more communication. They need a BarCamp type of unconference to get people together. That is, a scheduled weekend where people get together and share ideas. Anyone who has something they think would help others just signs up to talk about it in advance.

Riyaz, who I mentioned in an earlier post, is working to create some more connections amongst the university tech group. We also talked briefly about how good it would be to have an unconference. I then spoke later about that same idea with Max at Ayo Africa, he too was extremely interested in it.

Everyone seems to see the value that this type of an event would have. I look forward to seeing someone put it together. I’m sure there are a couple of companies and individuals who would be willing to sponsor such an event, if just for the purpose of getting tapped into the growing number of Kenyan web technologists.

Take a look at what our South African friends have done at BarCamp Capetown. I can see a BarCamp Nairobi in the makings.


  1. That’s a very good idea!

  2. Hello, i am not a tech so most def i hardly understand tech junk

    Anyhow you asked where Pizza Garden is

    Its in Westlands jus behind the Barclays bank or when in westlands you can call me.

    I guess you can ask MILO to give you his number.

    his Email is milonareAT yAHOO.COM

  3. I would be interested in becoming a part of this boot camp. Having been involved in online strategy and interactive marketing it will be interesting on brainstorming and looking at what possibilities can be put into action.

    Let me know my email add is rinkupsw@yahoo.com

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