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Kenyas First Business Blog?

We see it happening all the time in the US and Europe. Companies starting a blog to increase their touchpoints and transparency with their customers. Riyaz just let me know that Capital FM has started their own called, Breakfast at Capital Hill. They’re more fortunate than most companies, in that they have a megaphone (radio station) to let everyone know what they’re doing.

Capital FM KenyaI’ll be interested to see where they go with the blog. If they will use it for edgy content, use it for viral marketing purposes, or just connect better with their listeners. Any of the above reasons could be useful to them.

Since they’ve just started, I’ll put my 2 cents into what I think of the blog so far. First, I understand they might be using Blogger just because they don’t want to deal with hosting issues. However, blogger does allow you to alter the templates, so let’s see some branding and a cool design. Second, make it possible for people to leave anonymous comments. Not everyone has a blogger account, and it’s a barrier for listeners to leave comments. Third, it’s been a few days since I looked at the site, and it appears they haven’t updated it. If they hope to be successful, they need to be consistent.


  1. They’ve started on a serious low! Branding and proper launch would be a plus. Makes them look really cheap or broke. They definitely should have taken the whole thing more seriously to reap significant impact.

    Yikes, i still don’t believe they directed the whole of nairobi to their blog and they only have 4 comments!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. For whatever strange reason, they’ve changed the url thrice(forgot the password?). The evolution so far: capitalhotspot.blogspot.com -> http://www.capitalmorning.blogspot.com -> http://www.breakfastcrew.blogspot.com

  3. Ah, Capital FM. That brings back good memories….

    Have they really not updated the blog since January, or is the date wrong? I know I’m not the most consistant blogger, but I would hope that I don’t get that bad.

  4. Just started with posts from Jan. 2006?
    Indeed, the blog looks very promising, I’m sure I wont be back… 😉

  5. Here’s my take Eric!!
    I think they COULD have used this opportunity to transform the media landscape in the region – ONLINE. Perhaps this is just to test the waters. Well, hopefully!

  6. they have tried but some soft porn wouldnt have hurt may be a pic of kerry in bikini

  7. I would have thought http://www.coldtusker.blogspot.com would have been a better candidate for Kenyas First Business Blog?

  8. Both ColdTusker and Bankele are individuals writing about business in Kenya, what I was thinking when I wrote this was an actual business creating a blog for the use of the organization. Is ColdTusker a blog put together by a business? If so, I just never realized that.

  9. lloyd,..a picture of me in a bikini??!!?? ,…was told about that comment by my mum who came across this blog ,….he he ,…good one .

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