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My eBay Application Launches: Listd.com

List'd: An EASY eBay Seller's ToolSo, I’m happy to let everyone know about a new eBay seller’s tool that has been launched called List’d (www.listd.com)! List’d is an easy and fast way to put your items on eBay, best of all it’s free. That means free image hosting, free scheduled-listings and free templates.

The idea for List’d came about because I realized that there were a number of tools available for “powersellers”, but there weren’t many options available for people who want to list an item on eBay randomly, or just a few times per month. The few tools that were out there were clunky, had a cost associated with them, or weren’t as user-friendly as I thought the tool should be.

Our team set out to create the easiest and most user-friendly eBay sellers tool on the market. A one-page listing tool that would help you get an item up in just minutes. No more going through the 5 pages on eBay to list something – a tool that anyone could use.

Some of the neat things that we’ve done to make List’d an easy tool to use:

  • Keywords to find your category – Many people don’t know what category they should list their item in. List’d lets you type in up to 6 keywords and then returns the most probable categories for you.
  • Beautiful templates – We’re starting off with three great templates. We realized that there was a lack of great looking templates, so the team has put together a couple that will knock your socks off. Look for even more in the coming weeks.
  • Free scheduled listings – Choose to end your auction in 7 days, or have it end on the next Sunday evening at 8:00 PM (generally the best time to end an auction on eBay).
  • List similar items – Once you have finished listing your item, you can easily relist another one with all the fields pre-polulated for you.

Some template examples:

A Girly Template    A guys template

A screenshot of the listing page with a sample listing:

List'd: A sample listing on the one-page eBay listing tool

So, everyone do me a favor and try it out (You need an eBay sellers account to do so). Whether you like it or not, I would love to get your feedback. What can be made better? What do you love about it?

The product blog is www.getlistd.com, which I also write for. You can email me directly at erik@getlistd.com or leave a comment here or the Get List’d blog. We are still very much in our early stages of development, and your feedback is critical for us to fine tune the product.

[cross-posted at Get List’d]


  1. Hash, this looks awesome. The usability seems straight forward and the templates look great. Makes me wish I sold on Ebay. GJ.

  2. Awesome, will give a try.

  3. Thanks guys. I put together some videos and redesigned the “how it works” section this weekend. I’ll probably have that pushed to the website by mid-week.

    If you do try it, let me know what experience was confusing, and what experience was great. Thanks!

  4. So, Listd is some sort of first step to MarketPlacePro? Nice idea, yes, because I am using TurboLister2 to set up my deals and that prog just works like an old fashioned dBase frontend. Horrible.

    Will give it a try asap.

  5. JKE. List’d Express is an easy way for people to list an item on eBay (internationlization for markets like Germany and the UK will be coming soon).

    At some point MarketPlace Pro will disappear and be replaced by an even better application, that being List’d. So, List’d Express is the opening play on a bigger and better experience for people trying to sell on eBay. Along with the developer and designer on this, we’re working through every detail to make it as good as possible.

    Any input you have will only make it better.

  6. Congratulations, Erik! Its beautiful 🙂

  7. you are such a cool guy Hash! this is brilliant – just wish i had something to sell?
    does it work in spanish?

  8. Erik,

    Have blogged it here and placed you List’d button top right on blog.

    Nice. So very nice. A great tool. Have a neighbour who does a stack of e-Bat trading. She will love it.

    Congratulations on a great tool

    Kind regards

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