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Muti is in Business 2.0 Magazine!

I bought a Business 2.0 magazine last night, but didn’t have a chance to read it until today on the airplane. Lo-and-behold, Muti is highlighted in it as one of many Web 2.0 companies around the world!

This is really exciting. You see Neville, who I met up with in San Francisco 2 days ago, is the creator of Muti and Newsmap. He’s incredibly brilliant at programing in Python, and it was great to meet him in person after we’ve been Skyping for so long. Anyway, I’m really happy for Neville and I hope he hears word of this seeing as he’s on vacation in Botswana for the next month… 🙂

Here’s the piece in Business 2.0 (my apologies for the unprofessional scan):

Muti in Business 2.0

Exerpt on Muti:

Taking its cue from Digg, Muti focuses on news from South Africa and lets users vote the best stories to the top of the page. But it also boasts the News Map (muti.co.za/static/newsmap.html), which gives you news from any region in the world with a single click.

(actually, he took his cue from Reddit, but who cares right?)

(note: Neville and I are using the Muti engine to build out Zangu News – coming soon – I’m extremely fortunate to be working with such a great programmer.)


  1. Yup I just read this same article this week! Funny seeing on your bloggy. ; )

    The Tart

    BTW found you via Rob @ iscatterlings

  2. Rob’s a good bloke, and I’m glad he sent you this way. By the way, you’ve got some great photographs on your photoblog.

  3. Good to see this. Good effort!

  4. Remi, Neville is finally getting some recognition for being a brilliant programmer. I’m just happy to see how it’s going, and glad that I’m affiliated with him.

  5. Read the Business 2.0 magazine and was really chuffed to see the blurb about Muti. Its a great magazine especially seeing as my company was voted one of the 31 Best business ideas in the world. Check it out, Number 14 in the same issue as the Muti mention.

  6. I saw the same article on CNN Finance online….I think…
    That’s how I found Muti. Well done guys!

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