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Airport “Security” and Net Neutrality

On Airport “security”
There’s nothing like marrying the commentary of one of your favorite fiction authors with one of your pet peeves. In my case that means George R.R. Martin and airport “security”. I’ll save you all my ranting and just let you read his thoughts on it, because they perfectly mirror mine.

The minute I can’t take my laptop in my carry on is the minute I stop flying and start paying exhorbitant fuel prices to drive somewhere. Yes, I do need it that much, and no I won’t put it in my checked baggage.

On Net Neutrality
While I’m on the topic of things that “really piss me off”, let me add the debate on Net Neutrality. David wrote something about it with some good links – one is to to Tim Berners-Lee – the guy who invented the Web as we know it.

Net Neutrality is SERIOUS folks, please please don’t sit quietly on the side and watch. This will impact everyone’s life. Same rules apply here as they do in voting for politicians: If you don’t vote (do anything), you don’t get to complain or whine if things happen that you don’t like – you have a voice, use it.


  1. Not sure if you saw this on Reddit today, but thought it was funny/true.

  2. Sheesh … world gone mad. Thank for the link & thx to David for his.

    I can’t imagine checking in my laptop or iPod to any airline!

    Have a great weekend.
    The Tart
    ; )

  3. For some reason, I alsway have to take off my shoes at the air port, and go one side so that they can “scan” me. Then I have to quickly go back and get my laptop while still putting on my shoes…. but would I ever check my Laptop? No freakin way.

    I enjoyed reading what Tim had to say about it. He is like the Linus Torvalds of the Internet, but I don’t know how much weight he’s got.

    David. That was a funny cartoon link. Bookemarked the site.

  4. Yeah, funny cartoon David. 🙂

    I should have titled this post “Things that Really Piss Me Off” – but it was a little to vague, and I didn’t have all day to write it… Anyway, it’s frustrating stuff to think about, and it is hugely important that both be taken care of.

    Adding to the list of things that make me uncomfortable is the fact that all new US passports will have chips embedded in them

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