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Oddica: A Tale of Overdelivery

I’m kind of a t-shirt nut. I like fun, different, or just really well designed t-shirts. That doesn’t always translate into me buying them, but I do enjoy looking for them. Anyway, I came across Oddica a couple months back, which is one of those boutique t-shirt shops you see popping up around the web. They sell really unique t-shirts for a premium.

For some reason I really got hooked on their Snailbot design, and signed up to be notified when it was back in stock. They obliged, and I was informed a month later that it could be ordered again. Off I went to buy it.

Oddica T-shirtsA week later my package arrives. It’s in a cool looking Oddica branded envelope (+1 point for cool packaging). I open it up and out falls a load of other Oddica paraphernalia including 2 buttons, 2 stickers, 4 postcards, 2 library-like cards and 3 little plastic I-don’t-know-what-they-are cards. Wow!

So, that’s a lot of extra stuff. I was expecting a t-shirt, instead I got a t-shirt and a bunch of other cool stuff. Now, I might not use some of it. Sure, my girls will have fun with the postcards and buttons, I might put a sticker somewhere – who knows…

What’s important here is that they OVER DELIVERED in an era of under delivery (+1 point for exceeding expectations).

Second, they empowered me to tell others about Oddica by giving me tools that made that job easier. First off, I’ll tell everyone how much stuff I got (like now), then I’ll give away some of the stuff. Guess what, they’ve just scored another point on viral marketing (+1 point for viral). Think about it, you’re going to trust my review of a product a whole lot more than you will the company itself (aka: marketing).

I’m learning some lessons here for myself. Thanks Oddica, you’re showing what an ecommerce store can do.


  1. Some mail-order seed companies include a free packet of seeds with orders. Sometimes the packet is of a common plant like poppies or bachelor buttons which are inexpensive seeds. But sometimes they are a new variety of something, perhaps a variety they expect to sell in next year’s catalog. The happy thing is receiving something special like that; seeds you might not have ordered but won’t be without next year. lol somewhere there’s a lesson in there, although I’m not sure what it is. Perhaps: free is a pleasant surprise, but free and valuable an even better surprise.

  2. Very cool and a good way to make people evangelists. Does that mean that you are cooler now?

  3. Really odd 🙂

    Seriously, it’s a nice marketing sheme and should be copied by shops in our old Europe which lack even basic customer services.

  4. Aah, great post Eric!!
    I’ll definitely incorporate some of these ideas for what we’re doing now.

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