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Eppraisal.com Launches: Real Estate Valuations

I’m happy to announce the launch of another web application called eppraisal.com. It’s a real estate application that allows you to search 70,000,000+ properties in the US and get a quick snapshot valuation, demographics and recent home sales within the area. It’s been a long hard road to getting it up and completed (and there’s a lot more work to do before it’s actually out of beta).

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What We’re Doing:
There already are a couple different websites that allow you to get property estimates for free. What I saw at the real estate conferences that I attended was a number of real estate professionals who were uncomfortable with this new technology. Most weren’t against the technology itself, it was more that they weren’t sure how to utilize it to help them in their own business. Sure, there are those who would rather kill any change than learn how to embrace and leverage it, but I don’t think that is the majority.

Instead, we decided to build this consumer-side application called eppraisal.com that would be married up to another application called eppraisal Professional. This would be the area that certified real estate professionals could come to get access to the technology that we were leveraging on the consumer-side. They could put all the power of eppraisal.com on their own website, and directly connect to real estate consumers through it.

Next week I’ll be off at the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Conference in New Orleans for the launch of eppraisal.com and eppraisal.com Professional. If you’re there, you can stop by our booth (#2058) or shoot me an email to set a time to meet.

As with any project or application that I am involved with, I am very interested in your thoughts and feedback. Please shoot me an email at erik [at] eppraisal [dot] com or leave a comment here or on our blog at www.realtythoughts.com.


  1. Cool looking site. I used it and it was really easy. I like the simplicity on the layout. It’s not cluttered like some other sites ahem… cough… zillow. Good stuff.

  2. What a fantastic site! It was very simple to use and straightforward. I like the look of it and appreciate how informative it is without the need to jump through hoops. Other sites I’ve used that offer similar services require extensive forms of personal information. I like it!

  3. Thanks guys, we’re a long way from “done” on it, but it is coming along well. I’m really excited about the possibilities and how we can help change the real estate industry by working with real estate professionals to get it done.

    Thanks for all the feedback everyone has sent in to me as well. It has been very constructive and is helping us develop a better product.

  4. Wow I really agree with Carrie the wonderful thing is that you don’t have to fill out extensive personal information forms to use it. I was always curious when this house was built but too lazy to go to the court house.

  5. hash, this is excellent!…the “detailed eppraisal” page was particularly useful….i think you’ve hit a home-run on this one!


  6. I thought it is one of the scattering job like real estate,though my father is also in same proffesion unless i have my own site about it.

  7. hello, loveyour blog,now that you love kenya or rather grew up in kenya and you do enjoy rugby(rooge as we call it) ever been to the sevens?wen you visit try to catch it, its usually some time in the mid year.anyway i hope to use some of your ideas to set up a business website, am just a student. ciao

  8. i must say i am Glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better. I see that the pirate theme is back!
    While I was in Disney World, I got a chance to ride the new revamped Pirates of the Carribean (sp?).
    It was really cool how they worked Captain Jack Sparrow into the ride.
    They even had a guy dressed up as him outside the ride giving tips on how to be a pirate.
    The kids seem to love that character

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