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Breach in Spam Security. Abort! Abort!

I’ve been using Spam Karma 2 for a couple months now, and it’s been a savior. As of today, it has caught 34,868 spam comments and trackbacks. Someone should give Dr. Dave a medal for creating this WordPress plugin.


The last 4-5 days the spammers seemed to have cracked the code or found some hole in the security scheme. It seems to be centered around trackbacks. I had to delete over 20 today alone. Now, the funny thing is that many are still being caught – so I’m complaining because it is now only 80% accurate instead of 100%.

For the love of God, I hope someone fixes this before lose my mind.

Are any other SK2 users experiencing this?


  1. Yup, same things happen on my blog. Strange. I use SK2 & Akismet.

    I’ve closed the comment and ping thing, but sijui howto close those trackback things? Been deleting daily since about a month now (started when I left for EAK), but they keep on coming back. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. I just use Aksimet and am quite happy with it. Although usually about 2 spam comments or trackbacks get through the spam protection everyday. Some days its up to 8.

    I suppose I’ve just got used to it and learnt to deal with it. They’ll always be a spammer with a new technique that will find his way into your inbox.

    I’m defintely going to have a look at SK2 though, from the reviews I’ve read it looks pretty solid.

  3. Yikes… HTML mess ups abound… I could have sworn ul/ol/li tags are allowed in comments on my (WP) blog!

    So, disregard everything after: JKE said and read this instead:

    JKE said: I’ve closed the comment and ping thing, but sijui howto close those trackback things?

    Najua (If you are using WordPress, that is)!:

    1. log on to your admin panel
    2. go to ~/wp-admin/options-discussion.php
    3. uncheck the “Allow link notifications from other Weblogs (pingbacks and trackbacks.)” box
    4. Click “update Options”

    Tah dah, no more TB spam! Nasty side effect is… no TB _at all_!

    Sorry for the horrible formatting error above… I hate it when I accidentally screw up someones site 🙁

    [EDIT: fixed the errors in your comments. 🙂 – Hash]

  4. Okay, that’s it. Spam Karma 2 is telling me:

    There have been 131 comment spams caught since the last digest report 1 day ago.

    However, I had to delete over 25 this morning already… I’m turning off trackbacks until I can find a better solution, or a fix for SK2.

  5. you mean like your adult toys and viagre trackbacks shown currenlty..? he he

  6. I’m deluged by spam myself and Spam Karma could not handle it — switched to Akismet like 2 weeks ago and already am closing in on 4000!

  7. Thanks M. You know, I first looked at SK2 because you recommended it, so I guess I’ll take another look at Akismet on your endorsement. 🙂

    Swoosh, silence. I’m going to go kill those trackbacks now…

  8. The only plus that SK2 has is that it ‘knew’ my regulars … i don’t know what sort of heuristics Akismet uses.

    Though i wish there was a plug in that passed the comment and track backs to akismet THEN if they passed that to SK2 ….

  9. It’s been crazy very crazy. I had to go the JKE way and activate both SK2 and Akismet. Especially since now I am on dial up. I notice that the spam target specific posts so I close the comments to those posts as well.
    I was sitting at the computer a few days ago when an attack was launched about 50 spam comments flying at my blog (maybe more but that’s what I could see on my dial up line) argh. Death to Spam.

  10. We use Askimet and its been working great!


  11. Someone else below asked this already.
    I am getting nailed with Spam in my website for our blog website. Is there anyway to stop this? If not, there really isn’t any point in leaving it up and active. Any help will be greatly appreciated. http://www.profesjonalna-reklama.pl

    Thanks Keep up the good work. Greetings from Poland

  12. I installed Askimet as well, and that working alongside Spam Karma 2 seems to be doing the trick.

  13. Thanks for this article.

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