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A Tool to Help Create a Community out of Your Blog

MyBlogLog - LogoMyBlogLog is a site that allows you to setup a profile, claim your blog, and put a widget on it. Nothin new there right? Correct, where they differ is that the widget is populated by profiles of other who have registered on MyBlogLog and have a profile. They can choose to join your “community”, or they will automatically join after 10 visits to your site.

I find this very interesting for a couple reasons. First, some people like to browse with anonymity, and a service like this will show your movements across the blogosphere – at least with the bloggers who also use a MyBlogLog widget.

Second, it really does create a sort of pseudo community. The catch is that enough of your readers have to be members of MyBlogLog in order to show enough readers. This works particularly well for your tech blogs who have a higher than normal amount of readers who will try this type of service.

I would definitely consider registering (it’s painless and non-invasive, that’s a nice change from most registrations these days), it’s a great way to find new blogs and new contacts. For more on how to use it to it’s full potential, check out this guide.

Take a look at the current “hot” blog communities:

MyBlogLog - HOT

I’ve plunked the widget at the bottom of my sidebar for now. Not really a great place to put a widget that you hope to grow community out of, I know. However, I’m trying to come to grips with that incredibly massive sidebar and don’t know quite what to do with it. I’ve been threatening a redesign, and the sidebar is a big part of it. Ungainly mass that it is.

[edit: since I wrote this, I’ve decided to move it up in the sidebar in order to make this a more realistic experience/experiment]


  1. Heya! Thanks for the kind post about MyBlogLog. You are likely already aware, but you can shrink the size of the reader roll widget by using the half size photo option. We use it on the MyBlogLog blog (http://mybloglogb.typepad.com) and so does Brad Feld (http://www.feld.com).

  2. MyBlogLog also gives you the ability to remove your image from someone else’s blog.
    I liked MyBlogLog so much that I spent the $25 and bought the upgrade. Not so much for the stats but for the “I want this to be profitable and stay around” factor.
    I also know about sidebars that grow to huge monsters. I’ve had to condense it more than once.
    Stay healthy and happy.

  3. that widgit is way to huge and ugly to! I wouldnt want that on my side bar its too intrusive. they could have something small which you could then click on and open in new tab or whatever but as it is i like the idea of the community (love community) but that thing. By the way dont see any Africa related communities which is hardly surprising but would be nice to start one up if that is possible.

  4. Cool. I’ll give ti a try.

  5. Agreed Sokari. I can’t say that I’m that smitten with their design – of the website or of the widget. You can get into the CSS and change the look of the widget, and they have an option of a smaller widget as well. The site is out of your control though. 🙂

    The community part of it is built around a particular blog. So, if you registered your blog, yours could be the blog that starts to create a community of bloggers. That’s the main idea of it. It’s a good idea, and you can see it working for particular bloggers – mainly tech ones at this point since they are the early adopters.

  6. hi Hash ^^ thanks for the mention,

    and about the widget, it’s as eric say, you can customize the size, width, and even CSS just like you say 😉

    besides, it’s alway nice to see the face of our readers, right ? 😉

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