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IP Per Capita: Africa is Trailing

I’m quickly becoming a fan of “Modern Life is Rubbish“, a blog about technology and statistics. They always seem to have some new amazingly well-done chart with interesting information. They had one back in July that covered the number of IP addresses assigned around the world. An IP address (Internet Protocol Address) is a unique address that devices use in order to identify and communicate with each other on a computer network.

The map below shows this data. Those countries with more than 1 IP per person are in green, those with 1 IP for every 10 people are in yellow, 1 IP for 100 people in orange, and so on.

IPs Per Capita

African countries represent the bottom of the chart. Actually, 8 of the bottom 10 are African countries (Madacascar, Guinea-Bissau, Central African Republic, Burundi, Malawi, Ethiopia, Niger, Democratic Republic of Congo). That’s not a good thing, but not altogether that surprising either.


  1. As “Global Voices Online” notes – I wonder how much variance there is on a “per Country” basis. For example, Nigeria or RSA versus Sudan.

    With that said I have to rant that if ever there was an area in which Africans must pull themselves up is in telecommunications and conventional mail. There is _NO_ way to do business with a place you where you can’t make a phone call or deliver a package.

    Not that this can’t be solved – I could even imagine someone having a good idea and implementing this as a private sector solution (like what DHL has tried to do) but government fatcats would rather strangle communications than make a better country for their people.

    Trust me: I try to call my parents in Uganda all the time and it’s very frustrating. They have a P.O. Box rather than an address. They have to pay “taxes” on anything that is shipped to them.

  2. Its really an interesting study. But it ignores the fact that most organisations use private IP’s and the fact that buying addresses involves the hurdle of buying forex et al. So the fact that most systems function just as well really can put of some orgs and people going to banks to arrange for these payments.

    But being a Malawian it really doesnt amuse me that Afghanistan is being assessed as better than Malawi. If a review was carried out we should fare much better and move out of the bottom ten.

    OuCh !!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi!

    I am going to sign up for newshutch… BTW, I did like your duct-taped sleeve for your Mac! Maybe we just need to import containers of duct tape to fix up Africa!

    Regarding IP addresses, I hope the TEAMS & EASSY submarine cable projects are on time coz they would expand affordable cyberspace to many more merchants & individuals thus allowing at least 1-10 IP per person!


  4. Is it surprising? You can’t use IP addresses when you don’t have fixed-line infrastructure. You can’t have fixed line infrastructure when your telecoms is run as a monopoly and a pretty bad one at that.

    Beyond the submarine cables, African countries need to roll out fixed lines and fibre backbones within the country itself. TEAMS is a good idea if it gets off the ground. But I would like to see every country dedicate itself to hooking up its major universities and technical institutes with fibre that runs straight to the submarine cables. That would be a start

  5. probably the only afghans to have interent is the taliban.

    to be honest it doesn’t bother me that much that some african nations dont have that many internet connections, i guess they have priorities elsewhere than paying to install lines. in UK there are many areas that can’t get on internet, nor even get Television coverage never mind., so i am not that worried about these useless statistics

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