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Interview With BBC: Blood Diamond

Blood DiamondI received an email a couple days ago by a reporter from the U.S. BBC radio program “The World”, about international news and culture (www.theworld.org). She wanted to know if I would be willing to do an interview about my thoughts on the movie “Blood Diamond”.

She found my blog and reference to the movie from the short heads-up piece I wrote about Blood Diamond a while ago. I did mention that I’m only one voice from the blogosphere, and that she should speak to a few more people about what their views are on it and how it portrays Africa.

Anyway, here is the piece – it’s an audio stream. (doesn’t work on a Mac)

Now, after my 20 seconds of fame and a few thoughts on social issues, I go back to what I’m actually comfortable talking about: Technology. 🙂 — Oh, one small correction, I’m not in Sudan at the moment, I grew up there and in Kenya and I might not have communicated that clearly.


  1. Interesting – too short though, I wanted to hear more. Nice voice, hash!

  2. Heh. Thanks Mshairi – I wouldn’t exactly say that I have a “radio voice”, but it was fun. Most of my interviews revolve around industry sites and magazines, so it was fun to do one that is outside of my normal comfort zone.

    I actually talked for about 15 minutes, those 15 seconds must have been the most valuable sound bites.

  3. That’s awesome! I thought it was funny that she called you Erik Hash. 🙂

  4. It’s fun to be related to a famous guy!!! You have a good radio voice … very smooth.

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