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The Meme Attack: 5 Strange Things

5 Strange ThingsMax and Kevin recently tagged me with the “5 Strange/Interesting Things About You” meme. I actually haven’t ever participated in one of these before, but thought it might be fun to try. Maybe I’ll give myself a limit of 1 per year. 🙂

1. I’m a rugby and soccer referee
I’ve actually coached high school soccer as well, and truly love the game. I got my license for soccer shortly after my coaching stint, due to my frustration with the referees in Kenya. I got my rugby referee license because I wanted to stay involved when I lived to far away from any club to play consistently – this way I could still make it to tournaments and get a free t-shirt.

2. My first pet was a duiker
Growing up in Southern Sudan was a little different than the norm. When we first moved there we were given a baby duiker, an antelope about the size of a small dog, that had been orphaned from it’s mother. She was a great pet, very friendly and gentle. She slept in the outhouse or the storeroom – where she was unfortunately stung by a scorpion and died.

3. Music is anathema to me.
I like listening to music, but I can’t play or sing for my life. I tried picking up the harmonica for a while, but after realizing that it sounded like I was trying to strangle a cat, I decided to focus on other things. I guess we each should be thankful for what we can do well.

4. I like to win
I’m competitive and enjoy a good game. Usually I get teamed up against, but enjoy winning anyway. (my wife told me to put this one in). 🙂

5. I love books
Besides collecting Africana books, I enjoy reading good business books. However, my real joy is found in reading the kind of literature that brings nothing more to my life than a tickle of the imagination – fantasy. You’ll often find me reading something from an author like Tolkien, George RR Martin, Neal Stephenson, Steven Erikson or Robert Jordan (those are my top-5 authors, to stick with the theme).

Alright, hope you enjoyed that. Now it’s my turn to tag:

David Seruyange – there’s a small chance he might participate…
Sokari – just because she always has something interesting to say anyway
Cedric – one of my white african friends from Germany
John Powers – one of my favorite commentors


  1. wow such fascinating lives .. this game has been fun! Hash thanks for playing with 😉 Hope you have a blissful holiday

  2. I would add that you have a knack for figuring out how to play games like The Settlers of Catan, Carcassone and Acquire.

    Looking forward to hanging out playing sadi games sometime.

  3. Thanks Paul, you’ve had your fair number of wins too. If only I could answer those pink Trivial Pursuit questions though… Then my life woud be complete. Growing up in the bush in Africa doesn’t make it easy to answer US entertainment questions.

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