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Kenya Schools Rugby – Let’s Settle This

[Note: if you’re not from Kenya, and/or didn’t play rugby growing up there, you will likely find this post random and tedious. Please come back tomorrow and I’ll get back to the usual fair.]

Okay, my Schools Rugby in Kenya post from February is proving to have a life of it’s own. In fact, it gets 5-10 comments every month still – 105 as of today, amazing. Yani, we’re crazy and passionate about our ruge, eh?

A special shout out to Joe for almost single-handedly keeping this conversation rolling – he’s got my vote for biggest Patch fan on the web and is a bloody genius at getting people riled up. Also, here’s my favorite comment, by Meneja (obviously a Saints guy):


  1. BEST RUGBY SCHOOL – ST MARY’S NAIROBI (thats why they are most hated)
  3. ANYONE ELSE IS SECOND RATE STARTING WITH PATCH…(your track record in prescott speaks heaps…why? it was the hardest most challenging tournament. history says you were no where to be seen.)
  4. BEST FIELDS RVA AND SAINTS (any arguments???)
  5. MOST ENTERTAINING LENANA PATCH AND SAINTS (fantastic runners high scores and high intensity and never say die attitudes)
  6. BEST DEFENCE SAINTS (conceded less in 96,97 cumulatively then the second team conceded in 96 or 97)
  7. BEST BACKLINE LENANA SAINTS (powerfull runners well organised)
  8. BEST ORGANISED RVA (they knew there opponents inside out before every game…sometimes it didnt make a difference though)
  9. BEST FORWARDS SAINTS (not the fastest pack but easily the most effective and efficient)
  10. BEST FANS LENANA AND PATCH (any arguments)
  11. BEST ANTHEM PATCH (the whole school sang loud and together with feeling)

Kenyan Schools Rugby Archive
I feel we need to flesh this whole argument out a little bit more. Much like any good bar will have copy of the Guiness Book of World Records behind the counter to solve arguments, I think we need the same for ruge in Kenya.

I would like nothing better than to compile a report of all the schools rugby records since 1950. That should prove to go back far enough that everyone is happy, and it will give us a way to search and prove points that we so dearly wish we could remember.

Send your statistics to me and I will put it all up on the web. All pretty and packaged, sortable and user-friendly. I’m fairly sure I can come up with RVA’s records, but I’ll need help on the others. Give me a hand on this, put me in contact with the right people if you don’t have the stats yourselves. Go ahead and send me your pictures as well, I’ll throw those up in a gallery or something – do me a favor and state the team, year and contest if you can remember it.

Email me at Hash [at] thisdomain [dot] com.

As a bonus, here’s a picture of your “white African” passing the ball out of a maul at the “Kenya Combined Schools” game in 1993. I’m not sure if they still do this, but it was a lot of fun for us guys. We got to play on the same team as some of our favorite competitors. In this game it was primarily RVA and Lenana vs Nairobi School and Saints.

1993 Combined Schools Rugby Game - Kenya


  1. 1. BEST RUGBY SCHOOL – Maseno
    2. OTHERS WHO CAN CLAIM TITLE kakamega,Yala,Njoro
    3. ANYONE ELSE IS SECOND RATE STARTING WITH – all nairobi schools
    7. BEST BACKLINE KAKAMEGA,MASENO (powerfull runners well organised)
    8. BEST ORGANISED RVA (they knew there opponents inside out before every game…sometimes it didnt make a difference though)
    10. BEST FANS LENANA AND PATCH (any arguments)
    11. BEST ANTHEM PATCH (the whole school sang loud and together with feeling)

    i rest my case

  2. it was the night b4 christmas ! when i came accross white africans bid to establish the truth about schools rugby in kenya . the only problem was a certain guy from maseni school was trying to pass as joe. with a fake post claiming that maseno was the best rugby school .lakini wapi . we all know that joe is a patch man to the core.

    By the way white african i watched that game ’93’ i was a jnr colt for patch then.excellent game it was a classic. after that i remember namibia’s ball handling skills for the world cup qualification game .

    anyway i think that is an excellent idea ill send you an email on possibly getting patch stats (lol i think ours go back to 1930).we really need to settle this rubbish of saints thinking they are the best team . .lastlt i had to do this .

    BEST RUGBY SCHOOL – Nairobi School(prince of wales) 1929-present

    OTHERS WHO CAN CLAIM TITLE- Lenana Njoro and RVA .

    BEST FIELDS :RVA’S Clouds(altitude and softness)Twikenham/samba park-PATCH(Tallest posts in africa outside south africa)biggest rugby field in kenya.

    MOST ENTERTAINING: Patch ,Lenana, RVA ,njoro,


    BEST BACKLINE :Patch all you need to do is look at kenya team over the years -edward rombo,eric kibe ,pablo murunga,felix ochieng,anampiu brothers ,ishmael olewe, nick olewe ,theo osogo,

    BEST FORWARDS -Nakuru high/Rva/njoro/

    BEST FANS – Patch

    BEST ANTHEM Patch (the whole school sang loud and together with feeling)

    BEST RIVALS -lenana vs Patch ( 1949-still going on )

    BEST UPCOMMING -Alliance ,Musingu Mangu

    Dropping standards -Hilcrest



    CSSP interesting analysis my guy you must be an ODM spin doctor since graduating from saints .

    lets start with international exposure . the only reason saints get exposure is because saints is a private school and hence you guys can pay for travel .cash strapped school like lenana and patch cant pay for foreign travel .plus government regulations do all they can prevent travel . because of complications of insuarance etc. so saints going to dubai means nothing in the ’70s and 60 a combined patch changez team “the original schools combined” toured south africa,zim and namibia every year and won many matches before all travel to sa was banned .

    NOW like i noted you have listed saints wins in prescott which we dont refuse but contest for other reasons read fr cafrey. you also mention blackrock but where is the complete list of

    John Andrews
    RVA colts
    Impala floodlights
    RFUEA sevens-before it was stopped

    Winning prescott is all good but it cant be a benchmark for the best schools rugby .like i said

    How many saints players have played for kenya?

    How many saints players have nbeen signed to play rugby professionaly?

    How many Nationals have you won since 1929

    And most importantly how many kenya cup matches have you played in and won – changez and patch have played at the highest legue at one time how about saints

  4. Whatever people say. Saints is the best rugby school in Kenya with one of the best fields to boot!
    There are loads of Saints students who have played for Kenya, one name that comes to mind is Allan Hicks. It has been years since I thought of it but I am sure that many names will come to mind if I sit down.
    Not to look down on other schools but please give Saints credit where credit is due, thank you!

  5. ACO haha very funny saints and credit are two words that should never be used in the same statement. saints rugby like i said is ok .its up there in the top 6 kenya rugby schools. players like hicks, sasha etc are good rugby players but nowhere near edward rombo,eric kibe or nick olewe .that is just a fact ..dude in england eddie the eagle( rombo) was a household name.rugby legue to make it even worse !.

    Nick olewe in 1999 was playing in kenya team sevens whle playing in patch .Lets wait for hush to complete the collection of stats .We will never agree .I have to say the best rugby school has to be patch and if not lenana.



    if i mentions guys like: Norman Larby, Jack Forrest, Rev Jimmy GillettMike Jenkins, Dave Burn, Lyn Turner, Daisy Knights,David Isherwood, Milton-Thompson, Durrad, Gacihi,Norman Nyagah(yes the one and only), Eric Awori, N. Duncan, Thande,Eddie Ouko,Phil Le Feuvre,Mike Anderson, Douglas Ogaye,Bhupinder Singh Dogra, Jim Munro ,eugene ligale,lopokoit ,tolbert onyango,

    MOST OF YOU WOULDNT EVEN KNOW WHAT TO SAY SINCE YOU ONLY KNOW SAINTS IN THE 90S and started watch rugby with safari sevens .Some of us have been living rugby since we could walk .generations of families have played rugby for different schools pre independence,post independence ,nyayo era and now even nephews in the kibaki era ……. you cant over simplify school rugby to saints winning prescott many times kenyan school riugby is bigger than prescott

  6. It’s seems that Joe overlooks prescott cup since patch, despite the Long list of Kenyan players never got much joy out of this one.
    Now I agree that Kenyan rugby should be bigger than the prescott cup. But I remember the prescott cup back in the days. It was a competition that pitted the best rugby playing schools against each other.
    It’s a season long championship unlike the one day exbhition events he keeps listing.
    There was a time it was a league and shools played each other on a home and away basis kind of like the English Barclays league.
    Then it had finals and semi finals like the Currie cup.
    Most teams coveted the prescott cup. Other events were clearly SIDE-SHOWS.
    It’s like comparing the rugby world cup to the hong kong sevens for instance.
    Fiji has won the this competition numerous times but will only get real recognition if they win the 15’s world cup.
    Now how can Joe say that patch are better than us when we beat them year after year after year in the prescott cup? Where were the Kenyan team representatives then?
    Since RVA dominated the 80’s Saints the 90’s and the millenium seems to be a free for all. I don’t hear any body mentioning any competition in the 70’s, and earlier what the Hell is Joe talking about?
    Saints might not have a big representation in the Kenyan team. Simply because many good rugby players persue careers in life that don’t give them the chance to play rugby seeing as it’s still an amatuer sport in Kenya. Secondly for the same reasons that Cssp cited earlier.
    Even in his forays into colonial era in an attempt to justify his playa hating of saints is lame.
    Even if there was a patch then I am sure that it was probably a well maintained school that had different demographics to what patch is today.
    Saint’s rugby record speaks for itself. I would like all saintarians to take pride in their rugby history. And I would like for the sport to grow in Kenya so that we can have a national schools competition similar to the prescott cup of yester years that we can all be proud of. Then kenyan team representation can be a worth something

  7. i could only smile at the post and comments!yep, at one point in time i did go to saints..lakini, hard as i may have tried, they didnt want girls on the team;)and i was thus relegated to adding to the random chanting on the field. im no authority on rugby but anyway comment is free. saints has had its good times!but its rugby tradition is being threatened and this coupled with a host of other things is killing school spirit. as for patch, and our bros form western…there was mad skill there as well!mad! obviously there was mob talk of match fixing and what not when saints won…but i think most of it was uncalled for.they trained hard!
    anyhwo, i hope you will not want to lynch me for saying, it doesnt matter who is (male ego cringing) the best..enjoy the game!lets hope kenya will raise young(er) guys who will be as passionate about the sport!

  8. For my comments please go to the original blog as Hash has linked above. There are solid arguments therein for the prowess of Saints as outlined by myself and other Saints alumni that defeat anything against us to the fullest. Infact Hash, the owner of this blog, has chosen one of them and transcribed it here.

    I have said before and I will say it again: Whatever you say you can’t dilute the achievements of the royal blue and white: Saintero!!! Recognize.

  9. i wouldnt watch school rugby unless patch was playing changez

  10. I’m laughing right now at all of these comments – it’s a great reminder to me of how passionate people can be about different things. This is one that I really enjoy, and I’m grateful to everyone who has chimed in.

    Now, I am serious about creating a record. If you have access to, or know someone who has access to, your school’s records then send me an email.

  11. HUSh Contact the webmaster of http://www.oldcambrians.com .Steve Le Feuvre he has enough photos and am sure he has stats for patch rugby . and just to rub in the salt here is a link to the first patch machine 1930.



  12. For many years now, rugby in Kenya has rightfully been considered a bourgeois sport, and the following has remained limited. The game was started in Kenya by settlers during the colonial era and participation was indeed restricted to whites only. Standards in those days were high given that the respected British Lions toured and played Kenya. Africans got the first opportunity to learn and play rugby soon after independence in 1963, and soon after the desegragation of the school system. Even then the sport was limited to elite schools that had previously admitted whites only such as the Duke of York (today’s Lenana School), and the Prince of Wales (today’s Nairobi School).

    The first generation of Africans to play rugby included recently deceased Chris Onsotti, John Gichinga, Dennis Awori, George Kariuki (current Chairman of the Kenya Rugby Football Union, K.R.F.U.), Jim Owino and the legendary Mwangi-Kioi brothers. The first generation of African players must be credited with preparing the crucial groundwork for the second generation of African players to blossom further.

    The legendary second generation of Africans to play rugby are credited with establishing Kenya as a reputable rugby playing nation in the 1970s, 1980s and early 1990s. They were the new kids on the block, young ,energetic and hungry to make a difference. The radicalism and agitation for change that characterised Kenya in the 1970s extended to rugby, with proponents calling for greater African participation in the game both at playing and administration levels. The period witnessed an explosive renaissance of Kenyan rugby. The second generation partly comprised Jackson “Jacko” Omaido, his brother Walter Omaido, Tom Oketch, Alunga Omolo, Peter Akatsa, Frank Ngaruiya, Stan Ramogo, Max Muniafu, Michael “Tank” Otieno, Evans Vitisia, Godfrey “Chief” Edebe, Peter Belsoi, Pip Omamo, Larry Okinyo, David Akelola, Wycliff Mukulu, John Akatsa, Tim Githuku, Ken Sagala, Andrew Kimwele, Frank Sabwa, Fred Odhiambo, Jimmy Owino and JJ Masiga (better known for his exploits as a Kenya soccer international). It was the second generation that was behind the formation of the University of Nairobi’s Mean Machine R.F.C. in 1977 and Kenyatta University’s Black Blad R.F.C. The intensity and drive of the young men that formed Mean Machine (Machine), is manifest by the fact that Machine won the prestigious Kenya Cup in it’s year of inception. This was a sterling achievment at a time when rugby was still dominated by white clubs such as Kenya Harlequins, Nondiescripts, Impala and Western Kenya / Oribis. It was a most gratifying and inspirational accomplishment in real and symbolic terms,personifying the firm foundation that had been laid for Africans playing rugby in Kenya.

    Another very notable accomplishment for the sport in the 1970s was that of Jackson “Jacko” Omaido in 1975 when he was selected to represent the East African Tuskers for a tour to Zambia. The now defunct Tuskers comprised players from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, and was indeed our version of the British Lions. Jacko was then a school boy at Lenana School doing his form five, which made the accomplishment all the more magnificent, and is something that has not been accomplished again to date. Jacko would move on to play for Machine, Kenya and a host of other select sides such as Watembezi Pacesetters, Scorpions and Chairman’s XV . Jacko is indeed the best fly half that Kenya has produced so far. His legend spread far and wide such that Metropolitan Police of the U.K. had prior knowledge of him when they toured Kenya in 1980. I watched Jacko play in the 1980s towards the end of his career and was indeed every bit impressed. I asked to be introduced to him in 1982 and could not hide my admiration. It was also during Jacko’s time that the now defunct Miro R.F.C. ( “miro” is colloquial for black ), was formed to cater for budding African players. On graduation, many ex-Machine players, and ex-Black Blad players, unwilling to play for what were perceived as white clubs and still teeming with radicalism, formed Mwamba R.F.C. which like Machine in earlier years, steam-rolled the Kenyan rugby scene. Mwamba (which means rock in kiswahili), carried on with the crusade to enlist a greater African share in Kenyan rugby. One particularly memorable season for me was the 1983 season when the Tom Oketch led Mwamba R.F.C. vanquished all clubs on the Kenyan scene including the dreaded Nondiescripts R.F.C. and the equally dreaded Kenya Harlequins. Mwamba were very instrumental in instilling a deep sense of pride in those who related to their accomplishments. Other notables in the triumphant Mwamba side of 1983 included Jimmy Owino, Martin “superman” Mwituria, John Akatsa, Peter Belsoi, Buba Muimi and Pritt Nyandatt. I ocassionally meet Tom Oketch, who now runs his own Quantity Survey firm, on the streets of Nairobi and greet him with alot of admiration. He always has a puzzled, curious look on his face, unaware that it is an admiration that goes back 17 years. It is true that heroes never die. Standards of rugby in Kenya were much higher in those days. When the Watembezi Pacesetters attended the Dubai Sevens in 1983, there were some New Zealand All Black trialists who made remarks of the respect they had for Kenyan rugby.

    The third generation of rugby players arrived on the scene in the late 1980s / early 1990s as the likes of Jacko were waning. This partly comprised the legendary Edward Rombo, Gordon Anampiu, John Ohaga, Stephen Kimwele, Joseph Muganda, Duncan “Yakas” Kioni, George Adul, Henry Miheso, Oscar Khabure, Martin Ndeda, John Kiwinda, Tito Okuku, Solomon Munyua, Eric Kibe and JC Wakhu. Even at this later stages the Black vs. White rivalry for the domination of Kenyan rugby persisted though teams like Oribis R.F.C. and Miro R.F.C. had fallen away. Edward Rombo’s accomplishments were however the most outstanding.

    For one, Rombo led Machine to two successive Kenya Cup titles in 1989 and 1990. Rombo was a class player who dazzled many a person with his brilliant back play. He had speed, mesmerizing side steps, was absolutely daring, and had an ability to quickly detect weaknesses in opponents and fully capitalise on them. I remember one such display at the Easter Blackrock Rugby Festival for clubs in 1988, when Rombo was playing for Machine. Stuart Melville of the U.K. were touring Kenya at the time and after their game with Machine, members of their contingent kept asking to meet “Rambo” (It was the 1980s and Sylvester Stallone’s action sequels “Rambo” were a big hit). Rombo also had a lip and is Kenya rugby’s equivalent of boxing legend, Muhammed Ali. He taunted and disarmed opponents with memorable phrases.

    All this caught the attention of selectors at the Singapore Cricket Club Sevens and led to Rombo being drafted into U.K. rugby league side, Leeds R.F.C. , for a professional career in 1991. Rombo further secured a scholarship to study Law at the prestigious Leeds University. Rombo’s grand achievement wrote an entirely new and historical chapter in the history of Kenyan rugby. While at Leeds R.F.C. , Rombo played and excelled alongside the world’s best, such as former All Black full back, John Gallagher. Rombo’s achievement thus speaks volumes for itself and he indeed did Kenya proud. He certainly did not have access to the same facilities that the All Blacks did, but he nonetheless reached the top. Regrettably however, younger generations of rugby players have not measured up to or surpassed Jacko’s and Rombo’s accomplishments. The fourth deneration of Kenyan rugby players partly comprised / comprises of Sammy Khakame, Paul Murunga, Thomas Lopokoiyit, Tolbert Onyango, Victor Ohoya, Sidney Obonyo, Albert Onyango, Thomas Opiyo and Christopher Onyango. It is a generation that is no less brilliant than the previous generations, but is one that hasn’t quite blossomed as much. The closest that this generation has come to a major break was in 1996 after the inaugral Safari Sevens tournament, when Sidney Obonyo was drafted to play professional rugby in the United Kingdom. Sidney was named man of the tournament after a dazzling display of running rugby. The deal however fell through and the reasons have never quite been made public. Sammy Khakame also deserves credit for a consistently brilliant display throughout his career in high school, with Machine, with Kenya Harlequins and with Kenya. Indeed Sammy Khakame, Jacko and David Evans (mentioned below), are the best fly halfs that Kenya has produced.

    Whites have also made a most worthy contribution to Kenyan rugby and as mentioned above, it is they that laid the foundation. As also mentioned above, the British Lions toured Kenya in the early years of Kenyan rugby, and this is a huge credit. Later years would see the emergence of greats like Roger Betramm, Andy Price, Johnny Yakas, Marco Brighetti, Neil McKenzie and the legendary Evans family of Rod, David, Mike and Clive. Rod Evans was an outstanding eighth man for Nondiescripts R.F.C. and Kenya, and was also once Kenya coach. David Evans was an excellent kicker. Teams dreaded conceding penalties anywhere on the pitch because Dave would either venture deep into your half with fabulous place kicks for touch, or kick over three pointers, which he rarely missed. Nondiescripts won many a game by virtue of Dave’s left boot. Dave could also sell dummies (soccer’s distant equivalent of dodging), something I never quite understood myself when I watched him play in the 1980s. There was something mythical about his dummies.


  13. Reorter, where did you get this – did you write it, or is it an article from another site? It’s a very interesting read.

  14. Pip Omamo of Saint Mary’s is mentioned in the article. And the writer uses “partly comprised” a lot so that means there could have been other players of repute who he does not mention. This article was obviously meant to review Kenyan rugby over the years and show the state of Kenyan rugby if you read the full article and take it for what it is. This writer is not touting any particular school or player. So its a shame that you now pull articles off the internet and propagandize them for your cause. Why??

  15. True. Infact it seems to be a summary of Kenyan rugby over the years.
    Anybody notice Saints being given some credit in the school component of the Article.

  16. Yes the article is talking about kenyan rugby in general .it actually gives a very good analysis of rugby in kenya .its aim is not to praise one school over the other but i couldnt help but notice that omamo was the only saints player mention while all the rest are patch and lenana men .it says alot!

  17. maseno – masneo was @ dubai sevens when was the last time patch,or changez got invited to international tournament – maseno has had two kenya captains considering the bias towards nairobi teams in club game(maybe this has changed) we had benjamin ayimba and in the 80;s ther was a guy called yongo – i cant remember hes first name. in the 80’s the maseno sevens
    was a big touranment colleges used to come and play in maseno i remember black blad,egerton moi university showing up and we used to play them – only high schools that came used to be kakamega and njoro. anyway point is maseno has a long illustrious rugby history – and our terraced rugby field was second to none

  18. Thank goodness naming people in an article doesn’t decide the Presscot cup.

  19. joe maseno can you distinguish yourself from now on as joe maseno to avoid the confusion .ill do the same

  20. easy can you get over the prescott cup dude you are stuck in the past ebu kwanzaa tell us when was the last time saints won prescott . infact lol hahaha ebu tell us the last time you reached a finals .

    in the past 10 years patch has won prescott more times than saints.
    in the past 10 years lenana has won the most prescott wins
    in the past 10 years patch has appeared in more prescott finals other than changez
    in the past 10 years of a patch or changez win they have met each other in the finals

    in the past 10 years their hasnt been a prescott final that did not feature patch or changez or both teams

    how is that for prescott mr i played for saints in 1991 .Dude times have changed as phil mathews used to say amuka!

  21. excuse my bad english my meru hasiras have pandaed with this annoying saints rubbish

  22. Welcome back. I thought you have decided not to argue with saints.
    What brought you out of retirement.? Is there a playa hating trophy to be won?
    I have to give evidence from within the core of a saintarian rugby team. I played for the 91-92 and I aint afraid to say so. I don’t think you ever played a game of rugby.
    I thought we had gone over the saints history class with you.
    You are just lame.
    Now go back into retirement.

  23. P.S Can every saintarian please excuse Joe. I think he is just slow in learning. We have had several tutorials for him and he still doesn’t get it.
    Cssp has taught him History and now I have to correct his math.
    If we have won 8 prescott cups from 91-99 + another 2 2004/5 that has got to be > patch wins ( how many is it Joe 1?)

  24. Thank you Easy. This dude is not worth arguing with. Now a deliberate case of amnesia has hit him. Joe I would suggest you read all the posts from the beginning to the end again. Comprehension lad, it’s not hard…read and comprehend… so you don’t have keep repeating the same baseless arguments (which have all been disproven) over and over and over again.

  25. lol no wonder you were in saints and not in a national school
    if according to you the past 10 years including this year takes you back to 1991 .You need to get a school fees refund from saint mary’s COZ you most def didnt get an education …………..the 10 years i am talking about is 1996 to 2006……….. .Not only cant saints play rugby you cant do simply math too lol

    Saints dominace 1990,91,92,94,95 is not the issue saints dominated those years hands down(thanks to cafrey some say) its all the other years we are talking about .

    Anyway i have had my say .any reader can go through all the posts and make up their minds .i dont even know why i tried !you guys cant even comprehend basic math . i should have just done what most changerians and patcherians have done and ignore you-non starters .what go are you if you cant add and subtract and play rugby .

  26. Hey Cssp. I think he got irritated when Joe Maseno asked him a legitimate question. Where was patch when maseno was in dubai?
    Therefore he decided to do what he does best.
    Playa hate on Saints.

  27. Joe. How many patch prescott cups is a legitmate question. Give us a straight answer.
    Saints didn’t stop wining prescott cup in 95. Why does your memory stop there.
    Is it selective amnesia or what?

  28. PS. Joe if you are asking me to disregard the saints wins starting from 1991 just so as to fit in your playa hating angle of 1996-2006 whereby we still won prescott cup anyway you must be more lame than I thought you are.

  29. ummm… Might I urge that we give the devil his due here as far as Saints and rugby goes?

    And while we’re arguing about the past 10 years where the previous dominating teams rarely ever show up in the finals anymore, thanks to rugby being introduced and accepted to other provinces, why aren’t we adding to the fact that these same players who are now winning are also older (the dorminating anti-Saints remarks) and much bigger in body size. And Lenana and Patch being national schools, pulling people from everywhere, by lakeshores and all; c’mon now, we know plenty of these folk weren’t the “regular’ age.

    Which brings me to the comparison between professional Kenyan rugby players vs say a team like that from Samoa or the also quite huge Australians. Does age really matter or does body size?

    Best overall team, Saints. Agreed.

  30. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah silllllly !
    i take a chair and take a rest
    i leave it to the people to suggest
    but when it comes to the best we know
    Patchie is best!

  31. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa saint’s yeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa saint’s yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just thought I would lighten things up here in the never ending debate!



    i take a chair and take a rest
    i leave it to the people to suggest
    but when it comes to the best we know

  33. watoto wa spaghetti wako wapi ,wakiongozwa na Adema?Its neva been saint and it will neva be!
    Do go back 2 the year 2006 and rephrase your way of thinking.Ask urself why patch is dominating &by the way kudos/cheers to machine 2006.

  34. am a Ugandan. well what am i doing on a kenyan website. relax. i played for uganda under 20s, played against kakamega and saints in 1998. Surely, the kakamega fellows had their stuff right.

  35. You neva recognise budding talent as mangu 2006 respect as well as Muhoho samba who showed Jamhu that size isn’t anything when you have brains that is one dent on jamhu which will be hard to undent BEATEN by “boys from the bush”.

  36. Kwani whats up with you people? I am a ruffian (nax high) and feel we need to be respected by everybody. I know that you will say there are other good teams out there playing at different levels but i belive that nax high has proved to the nation that its superior by winning the national and east african title twice. Dont hate use coz we are good and if you do …. wewe ni MBWA KALI

  37. now now all these people especially joe what? is he 10 that he can’t remember the total domoiance of saint’s in 1998,1999,2004,2005 ati 1996-2006? he doesn’t even have shame to say such a thing

  38. this is a present patcherian n fly half of machine07 writin. i hv stumbled on this site 2de n noticed guyz argue mostly of de past yrs eg 90’s 70’s 80’s etc also sm guyz hv bn sayin dat money doesnt matter wen it cms 2 rudge lik de saints funs such as Easy. wel il say bakes is important. take de case of saints de guys hv facilities n wen it cms 2 most gover skuls de best facilities is de bags. also wen u ask any patcherian heart is all dat makes guyz b gud coz 4 us we coach ourselves until wen we reach fm4 coz dats wen u get 2 de main team wat happens in patch is dat fm1s hv thea own team fm2s anotha team etc thea4 frm fm1 2 fm3 u learn frm wat u c but wen it cms 2 skuls such as saints u get coached frm fm1 or smtime thea thea4 u cnt try 2 analys a team dat has bn coached 4 4yrs n dat coached 4 1yr nwa now talk we hia ur useless remarks all u patch haters

  39. Hey, who’s claiming patch is hot. first of all they’re just overgrown babies who can’t get nuff thrashing. what were you guys doing when maseno whipped you last year at coast. oh, i know, figuring how to look cute in the pitch. c’mon guyz, i know you’ve all got enuff sense to recognize that rugby is maseno and vice versa. At least i know the sevens rugby coach, Benja Ayimba is an old boy. what else is there to dispute?

  40. ever asked yourself why there’s nothing sweeter than beating saints? the greatest glory of any team is to bring down the mighty saints. if anyone wants 2 know how good they are, they take on saints. if your gonna argue about whose better by looking at records, go ahead. saints was so good they they sent 2nd teams to the nationals. thats y they dont feature. winning natios is nothing 2 write home about, who will u have played anyway? kwale, shimo la tewa, waa, meru high, kithangari… thats nonsense. the joy comes in when u fix patch, chenges, rva, etc 4 6yrs runnin (prescott, blackrock). the better team doesnt always win but if the same team wins 4 6yrs… no one can argue when you say you r the best.
    kenya u18 always has the most saints players (simply because theyre the best in the country). ex-saints players wont feature much in the national team because, what 4? what do u get out of it? its only guys of patch n the likes who have time 2 waste looking 4 some useless fame coz honestly theyr not very sharp. a guy in patch cant even find it in his mind 2 take a shower, u guys stink even b4 kick-off, how do u expect us guys 2 tackle u?
    by the way i hav no bif with maseno. as far as im concerned they did us good in natios 2k6, excellent side. naks 2k4/2k5, cheers. patch, mangu, chenges, bush…u just get spells of luck, really thez nothing 2 admire in your rugby, 2 basic n borin. try usin moves, lyk the electric saints. n not just bangin aimlessly with 1 or 2 big forwards. as in what do backs do in such teams? the game is played by 3 brainless forwards who only know 3 things “run straight, get the ball from the scrum half, run straight again”

  41. Any single and available men out here? just wondering…you all sound athlety and sexy!!!!!

  42. I just need to know where someone can buy rugby tshirts and nice kenyan tees also. IN SHORT MZURI KENYAN STUFF

  43. ooooooh NO! Did a saints guy just say that patch guys are not sharp ! oooH my goodness saints guys claiming that patch guys are accademic dwafs hence thats why we play national team rugby because we have nothing better to do oooh my ! i rest my case

  44. Saints are the best as we have heard .the best at rugby and now even in kcse- thats why they dont play at the national level they are too good and to educated to be playing national rugby .eeeeeeeh can someone remember when saints was listed in the top 200 kcse schools in kenya!

    THE DELUSION GOES FURTHER THAN RUGBY IT SEEMS.apparently they are better at everything

  45. Ha ha… Well done whoever you may be Joe! But dont lie so blatantly on the internet. Saint Marys has more Prescott titles than Patch will ever dream of! Even in those years you mentioned Saints dominance was only broken from 2000 to 2003! Get your facts straight!

  46. Lets not discuss KCSE here. If Im not wrong the thread is marked with a title that has to do with rugby! and in any case, Saint Mary’s has a culture that none of these “top 20 KCSE” schools will never be able to achieve. Cant remember the last time I heard of Nairobi School producing a legit presidential candidate!

  47. since when did kcse determine how sharp a person is? all u need 2 do is take a book in august n crum some useless facts that wont help your life, that is if u havnt been given leakage as public schools r known 4. KCSE is a waste of time, any1 can pass if u know how 2 answer the qns, its not a matter of intelligence. saintarians end up being very successful with those results that didnt make the top 200. n the cul thing about saints is that people r proud of where they came from, u rarely hear a person whose serious with life identifying himself with some public school, once u leave that hell-hole u go 4eva.
    the point im trying 2 make is that, guys like u (patcherians) r 2 shallow, u take pride n satisfaction in very small things. what is the national team? what will playing 4 the national team do 4 u, or any1 4 that matter? u get 2 go on tours so u can present your asses on international tv 2 b kicked…get serious. u shades who havnt been exposed much 2 modern stuff get so exited in dubai u make kenya look like some poverty stricken slum.
    so patch is listed in the top schools in KCSE…what next? what happens 2 all those “chops”? how many of those top kenyans r well known proud patcherians? guys of saints (who didnt make the newspapers unfortunately)r mob!
    so this is y i say saints is the best, saintarians aim HIGH!!! 4 patch n the likes the glory is in hitting the papers, or playing 4 the kenya team (WOW!!!), n then your satisfied. its like the teams that win damu pevu n go celebrating like theyv won the world cup.
    wasee wa patch na chengez, stop with the weak useless arguments. theres a clear cut difference between the 2 sides if u take time 2 read through.

  48. ok this is my last comment on this issue . i think we have come to the conclusion we will never agree . As an ex patcherian and as a rugby fun i have to say saints dominated the 90 period. but over the years changez,mangu ,rva,nakuru high, musingu,alianceand patch have shown that not matter how good your pr may be kenyans know who the real rugby stars are .
    Now alot has been said about patch including useles insults from saints but the fact is saints dominance will soon be forgotten. No other school may have won as many prescott cups as saints but in the long history of kenyan rugby 10 years can never over ride 80 plus years of rugby in kenya

    Lenana have shown their worth playing at even club level.producing playerss throughout the history of kenyan rugby at all levels

    Patch has had the longest history in kenyan rugby producing players athe highest levels including all kenyan internationals to ever play professional rugby abroad

    That said and judging from the history of both schools the battle between who are the best will alway be a battelre between patch nad changez . no other contest in kenya draws a larger and more excited crowd and i think that in itself speaks for itself .the quality of players from both schools the distinct history and contribution to rugby speak for themselves .

    I remember a time when hilcrest considered themselves a rugby power but that era ended . the saints era come and ended also but patch and changez have always been there.the 90’s belonged to saints yes but what more has saints contributed to kenyan rugby other than winning prescott .

    School rugby is bigger than past prescott wins.Its not about the number of wins either its about the skill ,the heart ,the entertainment and the contribution to the bigger picture of kenyan rugby

    We are the Best
    To the Uttermost

  49. How moronic. You are the best only coz you say so. You have nothing to show for it. In your false analysis you have apparently been playing rubgy for 80 yrs. But if Patch was started in 1929, Saints in 1939, Changez in 1946 and RVA in 1963. Who the hell were you playing rugby with 80yrs ago? Lenana himself? Neverthless in your “80yrs” of rugby you have only won prescott once. How sorry is that ? I think at this point it’s wise that you zip it once and for all. Ladies and Gentlemen please go to Alumnimart.com championship section and see the side by side comparison of schools achievements.

  50. Ditto that, and everybody who has stood up for Saints. Like I said a long time ago if playing for a national team was a yardstick to measure prowess in any particular sport then surely the very core of sport per se would be rendered inconsequential. Results are what prowess is measured by; nothing else. As Vince Lombardi once said ” Winning isn’t everthing; it’s the only thing.” So win something over an extended period of time and then we’ll recognize you.

  51. eazy your the bigger moron mybe english is not taught at saint marys any more . i think the 80 years of rugby includes the 3 extra years before 1929 when colonial school boys played against each other but were not organized into schools . indeed well before schooll rugby became establish schools like lenana ,strathmore and nairobi school played against clubs.it was only in the 80 that prescott was introduced and school like lenana and patch moved from club rugby to school rugby .

    Only saints supporters would want us to wish away the rich club playing history for a few presscott win in the 90s

  52. We have another bullshitter in our midst.
    I bet the colonial boys playing against each other were in patch and changez.
    Don’t you guyz get it. The only thing you share with the colonial boys you wish to include in your patch history is the space you schooled in.
    The school had a different name, the buildings were well kept and the lawns were probably well maintained.
    Patch is now a sorry excuse of a school, at this point I don’t know wether to laugh or puke.

    This is never ending, Patch having only won 1 prescott cup is a part of your pathetic history that you just can’t cover up.
    Before you go giving english classes, please learn to spell right.

  53. And another thing. Playing against a club side isn’t all that’s cracked out to be.
    School boys are fitter and more drilled than most club second teams. We always had a good hitout against a combined quins outfit at the end of pre season training and most of the time we won.
    That’s why alot of teams can come and bragg about how they played other clubs but can’t account for how they got their ass whooped by other school teams.
    I the case of patch we whooped them on a yearly basis.
    This distorted history still bags me. Patch has been around for less than 80 years yet some patcherians claim to have more than 80yrs of rugby.
    What a bunch of bollocks.

  54. ebu click on the link and go to the patch website then click on school photos and scroll to the bottom look at those lawns of patcch today before you can vice about patch being in a poor state

    just coz saints doesnt have a rich history the jist ,the cash or the brains that patch produces doesnt mean you can vibe

    go look at the site then came back and say we dont have a history .pics odf school teams from 1929 to 2006 are available

  55. I went to that website and so a bunch of odieros.
    What happened to the nyauthis and the shags modos in patch. Are they not featured.

  56. Eazy!lol saints guys are like odm alot of makelele and propaganda. someone said that saints is school for people who think they are rich and they are not !like saints rugby saints have crafted a very clever image of what saints is .and part of that propaganda is to claim patchand changez is a school of shagz modos.while being a national schools it true that patch and changez have a fair number of students from upcountry that does not take away from the ability of the schools to mould those young men into serious and well rounded kenyans.Living in south c and bururu and going to saints does not make you better than the shagz guy .If you were so jisty as you claim your parents would send you to rva,brookhouse or at worst hilcrest .Going to saints just means that your parents didnt have the juice(influence/money) to get you into a national school and you did not have the brains to get in) that said you talked about buildings and lawn.i shouwed you the wel maintained building and lawns.now you claim that you cant see blacks.has rugby become a racial things now.it doesnt matter what colour the players are .and the issue here isnt about money ,status or image its about rugby skill . people who went to lenana and patch are not impressed at saints like i said we know who you guys are . talk about rugby wacha the cheap insults when faced with facts

  57. Look here it’s you guyz who are trying to link your history to a bunch of Odieros. Don’t take my word for it, Scroll up a few on this page. I am just trying keep it real.
    And yes I have been to patch it’s a pretty run down school. A lot of things are in a state of disrepair. I am not lying when I say that Prince of Wales was probably a well maintained school and patch is a run down school.
    Please do not mistake the truth for insults. If the truth hurts just say” ouch”.
    And Lastly I love the fact that I went to saints. I have had no desire to go to a “national school”.
    I have done quite well for my self & I have saints to thank for that.
    That’s why I take exeception to anybody who tries to diss saints and our glorious rugby acheivements.
    Now for the rugby facts , Almnimart.com for a side by side comparison of school achievements.
    Thank you.

  58. There you go again eby take a good look at this 2005 pics of patch. does this look like a run down school




    Dont confuse rustic for run down !Trying to wish away the great rugby histories of patch and changez doesnt count when people are trying to establish which schools are the best in rugby .You keep talking about saints and i think if you read all the posts it is clear that we all agree saints dominated for 10 solid years but even this year while we argue about who is best saints got wipped by patch (see the other post on school rugby) lets face it saints does not come close to changez or patch thats a fact that cant be disputed . like i said we are not impressed either by saints rugby or by your school .

  59. to be honest as a former saints player we can not compare our rugby history to nairobi school or lenana and yes we did dominate the 1990 but lets be serious we all know Fr Caffrey favoured the way the pools were made in the 90s.Sometimes games were postponed to allow us to win while teams such as patch and changez were never allowed to rest .The truth is i admire the passion lenana and nairobi sch students have for rugby .you only need to attend a changez /patch match .the crowds -students,fmr students ordinary folk just tell you they are entertaining.we all know even beating this teams was hard

  60. I have heard it all. You patcherians are full of contradictions. First you say “we national school products are proud of our african names” then you go and stick yourself in a website of former prince of wales students who are reminescing about their days back in 1963. I see people on this website having re-unions in the UK Canada etc. Why aren’t there re-unions posted at this website in Siaya, Bondo, Turkana etc?
    Then you say that “we being a national school don’t have enough money to send our school to dubai sevens that’s why saints went there and we could’nt send our sorry ass school”
    Then on the same token you say that you have “the juice(money/influence) etc.”
    Let’s just conclude that you are full of bullshit.
    Which 10 years did patch dominate? Where is a posting of your achievements?
    We truly don’t care whether you are impressed or not. We just look at our acomplishments and smile.
    Again for a side by side comparison of school acheivements
    Thank you.

  61. Ian, please explain to us exactly how Father Caffrey arranged the pools. As well as other schools methods of transport. You have to remember I actually had the pleasure of lifting to prescott trophys with saints. We like all the other schools were handed the fixtures well before the rugby season started.
    As for the pools it depended on how teams were seeded from the previous season and Father Caffrey had nothing to do with it.
    Father Caffrey was a decent man & I hate to see his name dragged in mud.
    Fact of the matter is we won 9 prescott cups and father caffrey was only around for 3 of them. So please be gentleman and don’t take cheap shots at a person who is not there to defend himself.
    Now I am begining to think that you are a patcherian masquerading as saintarian because no red blooded saintarian would engage in the slanging of a Saint Icon. If you were indeed a saints player. Which year did you play? Whose class were you in? and who were your teamates?
    Therefore I have to think that since patch have nothing to show for their “80 years” of rugby and have only won 1 prescott in the 27years of prescott history they have resorted to slander tactics.
    As for propaganda,the people making the most noise on the basis of only 1 prescott win is patch.
    Again for a side by side comparison of school achievements alumnimart.com
    Saintarians holla if you hear me.
    Mucho Gracias.

  62. EAZY kuwa serious a saints guy has confessed finally.By the way those reunions are full of kenyans dont hate coz they can have reunions all over the world ebu go to the alumni page and seee all those black kenyans there ………. going to dubai sio kufika kijana lol
    Just let it go ! bwana there is no contradiction their site says it all and shows the depth of students they produce wacha oloibon cames back online also

    bwana i have never seen a saints guy chocking the way you are ! you are talking about dubai and patch guys are having reunions with lord steel lol dude this patch guys have outclassed and out matched you guys .lol kwanza in public

  63. Alumnimart.com where the bullshit stops and the side by side comparison of school achievement are displayed.
    I rest my case.
    Thank you

  64. Thanks Eazy.
    Patcherians do you think that posing as a saintarian , while delivering false testimony will give your claims credibility?
    Miro… please!!
    Anyway all this talk is nonsensical. A clear display of school achievements is available for everybody to come to their own conclusion.
    What’s more the website is not owned by a saintarian so you can’t claim bias.
    It’s a plain display of school achievements no bullshit. Just plain achievement.
    Just goes to show that you can never really outclass the truth as Martin and the other patcherians would like to believe.
    “In public” ..Puhhhhlease.

  65. Thanks Saintarian for helping me make my point.
    For the “Nyauthis” Joe oops I meant Martin is talking about please go to his links and see them.
    As for a “saints guy finally confessed” . … Pllllllease?
    Anybody read animal farm in secondary school?
    The extra link you added for Alumnimart.com is a good touch.
    Again Players. Alumnimart.com where achievements talk and bullshit walks.
    Asante sana.

  66. i am not a patch guy never ever how can you insult a maroon man like that . i was just stating the facts .To be honest playing patch and winning was the best feeling a changerian can feel.You guys are talking about alumnimart .com if you analyze that site well you will see that saints is only dominant in one table and on that one table its just the 90’s so what are you guys talking about .

  67. If you have anymore records to add you can always contact alumnimart.com otherwise they are the most up to date tabulation of results.
    No bull shit just results.
    Thank you.

  68. Joe or is it Martin now. The tables at alumnimart.com are for people to see and judge for themselves.
    If you are going to analyze the tables please do not try to put your spin on it. Or was it selective blindness.
    I am not even trying to mention how many times saints has won or even how many table we appear on. I am sure everybody is able to add up for themselves.
    Now in the case of patch it’s very simple math just 1 win out of 27 prescott cups.
    If there are any titles that have been won by your school and not mentioned Again contact Alumnimart.com. I think it’s actually a Changerian who runs the site.
    Put it on the table for everybody to see.
    We have had enough bullshit and propaganda to last us a lifetime,

  69. lol how come you are just mentioning prescott! all those tables are not about prescott . how about the Other wins the nationals table , the nairobi championship , the jon andrews win the rf sevens wins then how about all those final appearances in the finals if you analyze that table nairobi school appaers more times than you 1 prescott win rubbish .everyone know patch has ben jinxed in prescott . how came i dont see your report when you boys were wipped last month in the provincial finals or last year when they were wipped again .or the number of floodlight wins come on who is spining now . wacha siasa za odm throwing mapote and porojo like their is no kesho so you can look good that is why changez will always be better than you. it will always be changez patch mpende musipende .thats kenyan school rugby

  70. First of presscot is the Premeir league . The fact that you have only won it once in 2002 is enough to show that you claims as the best rugby school is bullshit.
    Then even if you win nationals this year. We would have won it one more time than you guyz.
    Still stop making a lot of noise, before you accuse others of being ODM and let people judge the tables for themselves. If you are truly confident of your achievements you would have enough confidence in them to let them speak for themselves.
    Then you would’nt be making excuses like being jinxed ( how sad).
    Anyway, Players. Alumnimart.com look at the tables and decide for yourselves.

  71. By the way Martin. You can stop the pretence now. We all know you are Joe, or is it Ian?
    You don’t have to be a forensic psycologist to see that it’s one guy spewing the same bullshit over and over again.
    Again you can contact alumnimart so that they can put your wins on the table.
    I am not interested in bull crap put it on the table for all to see the let the people judge.

  72. Saturday April 14, 2007
    Nairobi, Maseno sail to Cup final
    By standard reporter

    Maseno and Nairobi schools qualified for the final of the main Cup as the Kenya Secondary Schools Sports Association seven-a-side rugby competition entered the second and final day in Eldoret.The defending champions kept a clean sheet against Nyanza representatives St Mary’s Yala whom they beat 19-0 in the quarter-final and edged out Chavakali of Western Province 12-7 in the semis.

    Nairobi School saw off Mang’u 21-0 in the quarter-final and Kakamega High 24-7 in the semis.

    Alliance High and Nakuru High, who have had a good run in the past tournaments, fought for scraps in the Bowl. Alliance were awarded a walkover against Kabianga, but lost 0-22 to athletics powerhouse St Patrick’s Iten in the semi-finals of the Bowl.

    They will face Nakuru High in the final. The former champions overwhelmed Machakos Boys 43-5 in the Bowl quarters and Meru 24-0 in the semis.

    Lenana’s Mean Maroon could not navigate their way through the Kakamega High defence and lost 0-21 in the quarter-finals of the main Cup. They were edged out 12-10 by Mang’u in the Plate semis.

  73. Well done. If you win a title put it on the TABLE. Let people judge for themselves.
    Please note that this is just 2007. The year is still not over. Prescott cup has still not been decided.
    But I am not a sore or pathetic loser.
    If you win you get your credit.

  74. Martin/Joe/Apatchie. Must be the biggest retard on the internet right about now.
    How retarded is it, for you to suggest that teams put their losses on the alumnimart tables.
    Can you imagine how may times patch must have lost when we won 9 prescotts, 9 Blackrocks , 4 nationals.
    Not to mentions Safari sevens, Hedex grandslams and all the other titles not displayed on alumnimart.com.
    Now he is got his pants all wet because patch are in a final of a sevens tournament taking place outside the proper rugby season.
    Then he will go and accuse others of being ODM, when he is the one making all the noise instead of letting the results speak for them selves.
    After all this he is going to claim that he went a “National” School so he is supposed to be some kind of whizz kid.
    What a Nut.
    To put him out of his misery he should just shut up.
    Report his meagre victories to alumnimart.com and have them displayed for people to JUDGE FOR THEMSELVES.
    Like before we have had enough verbal diarrhoea to last us a lifetime.
    Let me reiterate, the tables are for title wins only. Report them, shutup and let the people judge for themselves.

  75. Why do people like dragging my name into everything . Go and read my last comments i said what i had to say ,martin,apatchie,edward ,hash ,ccp,ian have all heard their say alumnimart added his say with his site.dont drag my name into your obssesive arguements.i had my say along time ago .

  76. If the gloves fit, we can’t acquit.

  77. Joe wachana with this clowns they are just trying to introduce a side show about personalities when they cant answer the hard questions asked . that dude ian confessed about saits rugby and i quote “to be honest as a former saints player we can not compare our rugby history to nairobi school or lenana and yes we did dominate the 1990 but lets be serious we all know Fr Caffrey favoured the way the pools were made in the 90s.Sometimes games were postponed to allow us to win while teams such as patch and changez were never allowed to rest .The truth is i admire the passion lenana and nairobi sch students have for rugby .you only need to attend a changez /patch match .the crowds -students,fmr students ordinary folk just tell you they are entertaining.we all know even beating this teams was hard” case closed we have a signed and sealed confession no need to argue further

  78. Joe aka Martin. Are the same spelling mistakes endemic in national school’s?
    You guyz even shrub the same why while writing.
    You must be completely retarded if you think that you can fool us into believing you two are different people.
    What is even more retarded is trying to pass the confession as coming from a saint.
    And what is this marriage between Patch and Changes?
    I thought they were each different schools.
    The is no listing for “Patch na Changez” on alumnimart.com
    Aren’t this schools strong enough to stand alone on their own merits? or do the have to persist with this happily married front to try spin their bullshit?
    You can take your confession back to nyati house now.
    Every body knows its a BULLSHIT.

  79. Thanks Saintarian.
    Now let’s put to rest this false testimony.
    Firstly father Caffrey was there for 3 of the 9 Saints prescott wins.
    That means that I was there in the Saint’s 1st 15 for two of those wins.
    There was no Ian in my team.
    Secondly are you suggesting that father Caffrey some how arranged for you to miss a match, so that we win by forfeit? That’s some retarded crap. In the first Saints prescott win we beat Patch first Away then At home, ditto for the second Precott win. We beat you both Home and Away.
    Secondly you can actually walk from patch to Saints , so if by some freak of nature Fr. Caffrey interfered with your transport you would have just trotted down James Cichuru rd to Saints. It would have taken you like 5 mins.
    Anyway RVA managed to make it to the finals of the two years with no problems. Transportwise
    I can assure you we did not win those matches by forfeit.
    Stop talking bollocks.
    Alumnimart.coms where bollocks walks, & it’s all about the achievement.

  80. i am still waiting 4 someone to post the full stats. I don’t even know why we are arguing this issue. Too few schools played rugby actively over the years to make this a national issue. Even then, there are rugby stalwarts that had some bruising teams that are integral part of .ke rugger 9just not miro) like Banda, Greensteads, Hillcrest, St Andrews, Turi, etc… Some of those guys went & repped .ke big time in university & club sides all over the world.

    anyway, watu waendelee…!

  81. Now how did transportation come into this hahaha! you guys are funny!patch rugby rocks no matter how hard saints tries to paint itself as the better team .

  82. saints can shout all they want, the fact of the matter is they had the most boring form of rugby. No exciting players ever came from saint mary, the flamboyance and the excitement came from changez and patch. What makes it more remarkable is that changez and patch were self coaching teams , furthermore the only reason why saints dominated in the early 90’s was because some of the best players from patch and changez went to saints to do IB.
    Even the atmosphere at a patch and changez game was out of this world, the rivalry was intense, even the cheering squads had their own rivalry. Without patch and changez, Kenyan school rugby would be a boring sight.

  83. All I see are teams with minimal wins whinging and crying.
    How come those so called good players didn’t win anything with their previous teams.
    Stop crying and hating on saints. . . GIRLS

  84. This is silly .we are good but we are not at the level of lenana and rva

  85. Right now nairobi schol are the kenyan champs.so until nationals are held they are the champs and if i am not wrong they just knocked out saint marys again to represent nairobi province in the finals .so saints cant the the best they havent qualified for nationals in 2007


    June 17, 2006

    Nairobi School is the new Kenya Secondary Schools Sports Association national rugby champions.

    Patch Machine as they are popularly known battled past a gritty Mang’u to win 14-13 in an exciting match at Mang’u High School. This is the second time Nairobi School has clinched the diadem since their first grip in 1996 when the championship was hosted by Coast Province at Mombasa Sports Club.

    Going into the final Mang’u had a psychological advantage after beating the same team 20-12 at the pool stage. They were also playing at home. But Frank Nyamari – who was named the best player – had some tricks up his sleeves. He scored two tries which were converted by Peter Lugano to cause heartbreak to Mang’u.

    Although Mang’u battled back and scored a try through James Kangethe, the trophy was headed for Nairobi School even after Ian Mwangi drilled over the conversion and added a drop goal. A penalty by Mang’u’s Joshua Gathumbi stopped one point short of turning the tables on Patch Machine who lost only one match on their way to the final.

    By lifting the trophy, Nairobi School kept a strong tradition by Nairobi Province in rugby. It is the seventh time Nairobi Province has won the title.

    Meru Boys School which is fast gaining ground on established rugby schools finished third edging out Maseno 18-12 in the play off.

    In the semi-final, Mang’u showed no mercy to Meru School winning 41-0 while Nairobi School blanked Maseno 22-3.

    Pool result
    Pool ‘A’: Nakuru High 10 Nairobi School 18, Mang’u 34 Musingu High 0, Nakuru High 5 Mang’u 10, Nairobi School 22 Musingu 3.
    Pool ‘B’: Tirige 0 Meru Boys 23, Waa 0 Maseno 63, Tirige 0 Maseno 12, Waa 0 Meru Boys 31, Tirige v Waa, Meru Boys 3 Maseno 6.
    Semi-finals: Mang’u 41 Meru Boys 0, Maseno 3 Nairobi School 22.
    Play off: Meru Boys 18 Maseno 12.
    Final: Mang’u 13 Nairobi School 14.

    Past winners
    1981 Njoro Boys, 1992 Njoro Boys, 1993 Nakuru High, 1994 Lenana, 1995 St. Mary’s, 1996 Nairobi School, 1997 St. Mary’s School, 1998 St. Mary’s School, 1999 Lenana, 2000 Kakamega High, 2001 Nakuru High, 2002 Kakamega High, 2003 St. Mary’s Yala, 2004 St Mary’s, 2005 Nakuru High, 2006 Nairobi School.

    Released by KRFU Media and Communications

  86. I have heard some saint Mary’s boys bragging about saint Mary’s Rugby on this site .and i have also heard of rumors of underhand dealings to make sure saints win.i think where there is smoke there is fire .Can someone from Saints explain how Saint Mary’s was chosen to participate in the safari sevens tournament the year they won it seeing that they did not win prescott, Nairobi provincials 15s and 7s, Nationals 15s or 7s or floodlights? just how exactly was saints chosen as the team to play at safari sevens.(if this is not a clear example of underhand support from saints that many have complained about over the years then i don’t know what is!) its like those kanu elections of the 80s and just like that era saints wins were also rigged.If they weren’t why doesn’t saints win anything this days !!!?

  87. You GIRLS can cry all you want. Until you win more prescotts or blackrocks than us we are the Best.
    Like it or not. It’s in the history books.

  88. Lakini, even though in patch we think we are the best.
    Asiye kubali kushindwa si mshindani.
    Saints are much better than us. They got us clearly beat on their prescott history.
    We might have had good players in the past lakini teamwork must have been missing.

  89. Saints won safari 7s in 1998. That year we won everything that was out there to be won.
    You patcherians are the sorriest losers in the world. (Apart from Omondi).
    If you are beat you are beat. The only way you can out do us is to go out there and win. you have a lot of catching up to do. Mouth is all you have right now.
    Nobody can dilute the victorys of the Royal blue and white stripes.

  90. am sorry to say that saints rugby is not at the level of patch rugby thats just a fact look at all their international players we are yet toproduce even one international

  91. even though i was in saints for two years i have to say those patch men were seeeexy over and their game wasssss tight kaaaaaaaaaabisa lol

    IB 2000

  92. Yeah. We really do produce some international players. I just hope some day they get paid right.
    It’s really unfortunate that our world class players didn’t win much during their school days.
    I am not going to be a sore loser and hate on the acheivement of a school with an impeccable winning track record.
    All you sore patcherians are making patch look like very sore losers.
    The record can’t be changed. The only way is to go out there and win.

  93. BEST RUGBY SCHOOL – Nairobi School

    OTHERS WHO CAN CLAIM TITLE- Lenana Njoro and RVA .

    BEST FIELDS :RVA’S Clouds(altitude and softness)Twikenham/samba park-PATCH(Tallest posts in africa outside south africa)biggest rugby field in kenya.

    MOST ENTERTAINING: Patch ,Lenana, RVA ,njoro,


    BEST BACKLINE :Patch all you need to do is look at kenya team over the years -edward rombo,eric kibe ,pablo murunga,felix ochieng,anampiu brothers ,ishmael olewe, nick olewe ,theo osogo,

    BEST FORWARDS -Nakuru high/Rva/njoro/

    BEST FANS – Patch

    BEST ANTHEM Patch (the whole school sang loud and together with feeling)

    BEST RIVALS -lenana vs Patch ( 1949-still going on )

    BEST UPCOMMING -Alliance ,Musingu Mangu

    Dropping standards -Hilcrest


  94. Simon, interesting thoughts. However, I have to say that I disagree on 2 of them:

    Best Backs – Lenana/Nairobi School
    Best Forwards – RVA/Saints

    I guess it depends on when you played too though… Each decade has it’s own cycle.

  95. Biggest: MOUTH. Patch.
    Won only 1 prescott cup in 27 yrs of prescott history and still shouting to be the best.
    Most RETARDED:-Patch
    Went to alumnimart.com and still could’nt understand elementary math.
    Saints 9 prescotts much > Patch 1

  96. I second that Eazy.
    Patch must have the Biggest mouth.
    Of course they have to. How else can they keep up with RVA:-11 prescotts, Saints, 9 prescotts or even their aclaimed rivals Lenana with 4 prescotts????
    All that shouting, even with the boggus claim that saints only dominated for 5years ( A clear case of selective alzheimers) . Where is the prove patch ever dominated in any department other than MOUTH?…for any number of years.
    Iam still to see a website where Patch rugby titles are dominant. The only site we have been shown is of old odieros having re-unions… you know where…(OBVIOUSLY NOT NYALGUNGA)
    Okay …. so may be they had the best anthem. What do you expect? All that MOUTH!!! of course they should.
    Then there is a list of ex patch players. Okay those were good players (credit where credit is due and all that).
    But those players played at a time when it was a big acheivement just to draw with RVA. You can understand their angst, having to play fourth fiddle to Saints ( over the years RVA and Lenana were still better than patch) for another 10 or so years. You can tell that patch is a team that is a bit green when it comes to winning titles. Just look at how excited they get when they beat shimo la tewa at the nationals.
    They all get their pants wet. It’s a sight to behold.
    Patcherian haters have been known to ask us when we last won prescott.
    Players, how about clicking the above link to see for yourselves. Now see for yourselves when is then only time patch has won it.
    Still my fellow Saints, playerhaters will hate. It’s in their nature. We will be hated. And thats a good thing coz it must definately mean . WE ARE THE BEST. “Ama speak the truth”
    After all the mouth that has happened over the past few days I went to the link above and the
    record still hasn’t changed. Saints are still by far and a clear margin THE BEST.

  97. RVA,Lenana & Patch-The people have decided

    Saints -remains suspect(fr caffrey,ex patch players,ex lenana players,overage players ,match fixing,official bribery,the list never ends-add ians confession AND RECENT DEFEATS )one cant help raise eyebrows,

    The fact that patch havent won many titles but you guys cant shake them off while people continue to doubt saints capabilities and credibility

  98. This is actually quite embarassing fo us patcherians. We have now resorted to calling KRFU officials corrupt.
    Wooooololo yaaaaaayeeeeee nyasae konya.

  99. u know this argument can’t b won by any side because saints n patch/chengez r not operatin on the same level. Reading through i wonder if these patcherians/chengerians even think about what they r saying before they say it?! sometines its better 2 keep quiet rather than embarass yourself on a public site. It makes u guys look very stupid and 2 make it worse it doesnt seem 2 bother u at all, u actually believe your saying sharp stuff. Take ian 4 example, he honestly expects people 2 believe he was in saints!!! (take some time 2 laugh). Only a person bred in patch can come up with such stupidity! One thing people say about patch is that they fight 2 the end, but b sensible, each time a patcherian/chengerian puts somethin down here it only makes them look more useless. u can disagree by the way but please, present a solid argument.
    n by the way… using a different name doesn’t work, the mind is still the same n since its so simple it doesnt much 2 figure it out. so just decide who u want 2 b n fight 2 your bitter death. patch r good 4 losing gracefully. N chengez…your rugby died a long time ago, martin n group, your even worse than your patch boyfriends

  100. Hearken all ye haters. tolbert O (or whoever you are…I don’t think you’re the real one…). I played in the inaugural schools safari sevens in 1998- and we were chosen purely based on merit. We were champions on all fronts and were unbeaten in all competitions from the year prior. We were selected again in 1999 based on that. Total domination! As for your other accusations, I will not waste my time; they have been exhaustively, and convincingly refuted by myself and my fellow Saints brethren (Cheers Eazy, Boloxtodat, Saintarian for holding firm). So if you can’t beat us join us OR better yet shut up!!

  101. Clearly sait marys boys are annoyed about the spitited fight but calling people names isnt helping your agenda what ever that agenda maybe.Calling us Patch boyfiends is just out of line when everybody knows that gays are groomed and breed at saint marys.( 2002 rumours about KAJOGOO ).Clearly if saints was that good other schools would come to your defence so lets just agree since even the patcherians have said lenana is the best .RVA and patch come a close second and third .I havent heard of someone from lenana .rva or patch support saints rugby and that says alot .

  102. Mrs Osingo, we are not annoyed at the “spitited” fight. Your “spitited” fight is a fight without substance.
    We are however disappointed with the number of playerhaters and the amount of MOUTH we have to deal with on a daily basis. ( Comes with the territory when you are the best)
    Take yours for instance. This website is full of GAY admiration of changez by patcherians. You boys at changez and patch boarding schools are couped up all day and night long together.
    Who knows what extra curricular activities you guyz get up to in the middle of the night?
    Yet you are still flapping your gums at Saints.
    We, unlike ” Patch na Changez” , do not need to be married to present a solid argument. We have the link above that does that by itself.
    Still this is a side tracking of the issue at hand. Where is the display of patch titles that we are awaiting, to prove your point?
    You were quite happy to point us to websites where, Her Majesty’s subjects having tea and crumpets. Yet when we ask you to show titles you try change the topics and show us just how in love “Patch na Changez ” are.
    We at Saints do not need anybody to come to our defence. We won our titles as St. Mary’s and we will defend our honour as St .Mary’s
    Still prove to us that Patch even deserves to be 4th. Teams like Alliance and Mangu have won just as many prescotts.
    Where in the world do other teams even vote for other teams when it comes to deciding the best?
    You guyz are even more RETARDED than we thought.
    Is Man utd the best coz other teams voted for them? Are the Crusaders the best at the history of the super series coz people voted for them.
    We at Saints are the best clearly out of merit (blood, sweat and tears) just like the aforementioned teams.
    Patch and Changez most of the time are jealous of our achievements and now you are asking us to get your vote??? You can save your votes for your boyfriends. ( Yeah I said it.)
    We at saints know we are the best because our trophy cabinet says so and of course , the number of times St. Mary’s is engraved in numerous trophies
    As far as I am concerned you can
    KISS MY A***.
    Wait a minute you might actually enjoy that.

  103. Clearly i can see saint Mary’s boys are ticked , i don’t know what they teach this days in a catholic schools .It would be tempting to talk of alter boys and priests but i wont sink to that level. the level you guys want to drag us into .we are here to talk about Rugby .Clearly everyone agrees that lenana and rva are contenders . the dispute is actually about patch and saints and not ‘patch na changez’As you claim .Everyone on this site has agreed that RVA and Changez are good teams .Speaking as someone who has played Rugby for many years i have to say patch Rugby is way above saints rugby.Playing against patch was hard .They never say die and are a proud Rugby loving school that made our victory over them more sweet.Saints long history of over aged players from other schools,pouring money at official etc is well documented . how else would you explain a team as successful in winning prescott not producing any international or national players of repute .Judge for yourself , i say patch rugby is better than saints rugby a million times over but lenana rugby is above them all .

  104. I can see we have gone full circle . We have now come back to the usual accusations levelled at Saint’s by playerhaters.
    Where is the proof that officials were bribed?
    Isn’t this just plain old fashion playerhating?
    Are you saying that KRFU officials are corrupt?
    Why don’t you take that up with the KRFU?
    Secondly your points are completely invalid.
    There are a lot of talented players who don’t turn up for the kenyan team because there are better things in life than being an amatuer sportsman in Kenya. and isn’t Biko Adema a Saint ? Weren’t Saints players the most in the UNDER 19 schools team. Cssp can go into the details of that with you.
    (Please note the emphasis of under 19 schools team for the player haters bringing up the age theory.)
    Then what about the prescott winning team I played for. There were no ex-patch or ex-changez players in my team and we won 2 prescott cups back to back. In addition the players average age was

  105. Eazy it looks like a sequel to previous playerhating. Our success at saints is really bringing playerhaters out of the woodworks
    While we are asking questions.
    How come our finals were mainly against RVA and you don’t see them whinging about officiating? How come Patch and Changez never used the old people in their school if there was such an advantage.
    Come on who are they Kidding?….” pulling people from the lake shores and everywhere.. we all know plenty of these folk weren’t the regular age”.
    There is nothing that Saints can do to detract the player haters . They will always find something to player hate. We know we are the best all their opinions are pretty much IRRELEVANT . Nothing said can reverse the history. We are the BEST untill another team rewrites the History books.
    Patch and changes were always sore losers and after all this years nothing has changed

  106. By the way Eazy, it looks like YOU KNOW has re-incarnated himself as Tolbert, then Mrs Osingo then now finally as Tabu. You don’t have to be a brain scientist to figure this out.
    7 do you hear me?
    Just how pathetic is their rugby for him to go to such lengths.
    What a LOSER!!!

  107. These retards will never learn.
    Since when did choosing an amatuer career ever become the judge of excellence.
    Let me say slowly: at school Hobby, After School Career.

  108. I am still trying to figure this out.
    The same KRFU that picks the Kenya team is the same KRFU that officiates the prescott cup.
    By the way .Saintarian you’re right about YOU KNOW WHO.
    Who else could say “spitited”, “Sait mary’s”, “clearyI can see”. While trying to explains some very lame points.
    Who else shrubs while writing?

  109. Whenever they run off their mouths, whenever they say they are the best…..
    Coz when it comes to de best, I know, Patchie is the best! Go home! We are de best, we are de best, Patchie is de best! Go home!

  110. 1.EAZY /Saintarian – a challange name for me a saints wining team and i will name for you a 5th and 6th form player from another school.
    2.you said your players were too busy doing other things yet we all know kenyan rugby players are part timers

    If jj masiga found time after patch rugby to be be a doctor ,harambee stars player,and kenyan rugby player and changez has produced hundreds of rugby playing engineers and other professionals .i dont see why saints couldnt have done the same .even when we know saints and kcse results are not exactly what kenyans think about—-was saints even in the top 500 of kcse -even more reasons why you should produce sportys professionals coz clearly accademics are not your thing

    the ball is in your court name one team

  111. How about my team then
    Backs:- Sasha, Ndiri, Kip chemwor, Robert koech, Akali, Kwame Shiroya, Kamanga Mwangi(Kux),
    Forwards, Kibet, Kiprono woods, Edward Ndichu, Gabby Okutoi, Mike Omwonyi, George Gachucha (Speedy), Awori Ayanga, Bishop, Ogre,
    This was the core team but there were others in the squad and some people from the 2nd 15 filled in during injuries.
    Yes ogre was in patch but he was in Saints first
    Played for Saints colts, transferred to patch and came back to Saints.
    Please note ogre was selected for the Kenya u-19 during that year that he rep’d saints.
    Under-19 reps, Ogre ,Sasha, Speedy, Kwame, Robert Koech, Ndiri, Kux.
    We normally beat teams by such big margins that allegations of unfair officiating were unnecessary. Please also note that this team never ever lost to Patch. Dropped 1 loss RVA away.

  112. Please feel free to playerhate.

  113. Eazy i think you get my point .we all know what one player can do in rugby (lomu is a good example) saints has always had a history of recruiting the best others have to offer if its not ogre is jimmy kimbo ,alois odhiambo,anorld omondi ,john kiare etc the list is endless . i wont hate on you or your school .Its no fun in all the years saints has played with its own players it hasnt won a single title . your second 15 made up of pure saints players (form 1-4) hasnt even won damu pevu .patch and lenana damu pevu 2nd 15s teams made up of colts and 3rd formers continue to chafua your 2nd 15 team with that i rest my case . untill someone can name a saints team with no super star players from other schools i have no further comments to make .

  114. First off Ogre was in saints longer than patch so in my eyes he is a saint. Secondly we could have won the prescott cup with or without him he was just one of the 4 backrow forwards we rotated. If he was the difference then patch would have won prescott the year he played for them.
    That year saints 2nd team won damu pevu too for two years running back to back.
    You can’t expect people who have rugby in their blood to stand by and watch while others are runnng their drills.
    Ogre was good but he was no Jonah Lomu. Please just learn to live with saints being the best.

  115. Did you know that the year that Alois & Jimmy kimbo was in Saints they actually lost the prescott?
    But like you said Ogre won the prescott for us By himself. TWICE
    We believe you.

  116. john fischer

    May 7, 2007 at 9:45 am

    I am trying to locate Pip Omamo. I went to school with him in the USA back in the 90s, and would love to make contact with him. I heard he is living and working on a family farm in Kenya somewhere, this is athe last address I had for him but I don’t think its right…
    Philip Omamo
    Nyaroche Farm
    Box 50

  117. Ok so based on your lame argument that we stole “superstar” players…..can you tell me why they would choose to come to Saints? Is it possible that they were simply just tired of your brand of rugby of relying on one player to get you somewhere? Is it probable that they were just tired of losing? Is it true that they came to Saints because they admired us in the first place? These superstars paid school fees to further their education at Saints; rugby was incidental. They received no special award or renumeration for playing for us, neither were they actively recruited. Saints rugby is one of a kind, we have never and will never rely on one player to get the job done for us. And in any event just ask those “superstars” who they would rather be affiliated with.
    P:S: You can wallow in perpetual bliss with your Damu Pevu shield….we’ve won it too 1994, 1995, 1996. Add those to our trophy cabinet =)

  118. Cssp, I don’t know wether Tabu in his attempt to player hate us actually made our case for us.
    Let say for the sake of his argument (Coz ogre is a saint anyway), that it takes 1 patch player to transform saints into a championship winning side. Shouldn’t 15 patch players make patch a dominant championship winning side?
    Secondly I can present the clincher in a scientific fashion. If you place a player in an environment(patch) and he doesn’t perform (ie. win prescott )and you place him in another environment (saints) and he perfoms(i.e win prescott), which is the better rugby environment?
    Playerhaters will playerhate. Nobody put a gun to anybody to come to saints, they all came willingy and they probably had to earn their place in the team.
    By the way in 91-92 saints 2nds were damu pevu champs. Did you know that Saints 2nds beat Strath @ Saints while Alois was playing for strath?
    Anymore lame points?

  119. This whole arguement has digenerated to mud slinging .The fact is we will never agree ! so lets accept that.So lets move to some other more imortant biz. i can tell that most rugby players here from the amount of time we have spent talking about 15 rugby love xv rugby .what can we do or should be done to improve the state of 15 rugby .The rugby world cup is comming up soon and once again kenya will not be there .How does kenya qualify for cricket world cup yet the state of xv rugby is pathetic.KRFU needs to step up their game .and how can we help them

  120. I was part of the Saints team that won Prescott in 1991 and 1992. I will not offer any opinion of teams before this era; but this was the time Saints rugby changed and they started winning trophies. Unlike Changes who had flair, we had unbelievable teamwork. The Patch team during this time had big mouths supported by not so good rugby.

    We came 3rd in the nationals despite playing our quarter finals and semi finals with 13-14 guys due to injuries.

    In 1993, the foundations that we had built were eroded. You only needed to watch the semi-final against RVA to see this. It was a game for MA STARS, not the teamwork; egos had become big.

    The reason that Saints will always be in everybodies crosshairs is the fact that wverbody considers them to be MABARBY. Ask Jamu guys who thought the Prescott Semis of 1991 were a given!!!!

  121. for your information:

    On Saturday the 12th of May 2007, RVA successfully defended the Black Rock Cup, winning it for the second year in a row and for the 9th time in the 24 year history of the cup.

    RVA is now tied with St. Mary’s for the total number of times having won the cup.
    They played aggressive rugby both offensively and defensively, outscoring opponents 141-3 over the course of the day.

    RVA faced Strathmore in the finals and defeated them 15-3. Strathmore defeated Saints in their semi-final by a single penalty conversion.

  122. That’s GREAT news! Let’s see if the Rift guys can bring home the Prescott cup this year too.

  123. Great conversation.

    This is like asking DallasCowboy and Washington Redskin fans to choose which is the best Football team.

    Or trying to convince an Italian or Britt that Brazil has the best soccer team.

    I was on the Patcherian team that got suspended in 1994 because of our stupidity after the loss to RVA in our 1st Presott game.

    I was the starting scrum-half in that game. That was our most talented team in 4 years. That was a horrible day. Our bus to Rift valley academy broke down or I think got stuck in the mud. He could have postponded teh game, but being patcherians we trekked about 3 miles to the school and played the game.

    I believe the decline in patch rugby started in ’91. We were still living off out past success. While we self coached ourselves on a House level our Our coach/teacher (forgot his name) helped the A team when the season drew near.

    He seemed to loss interest, but he our 94 team practiced hard. We were going to be good, but our fans were just as bad thus the RVA tragedy.

    I remember boycotting classes the day our principal canceled teh season. I got suspended for about 2 weeks following the suspension. I didn’t care for my remaining school days in Patch knowing Rugby was gone and also knowing I was coming to the States as soon as ’95 came around.

    Anyway, not surprised saints doppas are running their mouths. They always were pretty boys, while patcherians and changerians were more rugged.

    One things for sure, Patch and Changez were the epitome of Kenyan Rugby. Being national Schools we represent every corner of the country.

    Saints had their era. They might have many more, but the facts remains PAtch and Changez have more of a tradition. It is evident in our fans, songs, chats, slang, uniforms etc that has been passsed down from generations.

    I don’t care how many Prescotts the Saints have won, they can’t rival the tradition set in place by Changerians and Patcherians that have passesed through those ancient Hallways and Quadrangles.

    You can have your Prescott championships.

    I’ll take the tradition always. If you don’t believe me go to any Kenyan Rugby tornament worldwide and Yell APATCHEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! you’ll know what I am talking about.

    I’ll be in DC May 26th for the 7’s tornament. Patcherians represent!!!!

  124. IMBUNDU UMESEMA KWELI BUT YOU LIED WHEN YOU SAID The 94 team was our most talented team in 4 years.

    i was in patch years after you but the 1993 and 1996 teams were the best rugby teams in the 90’s 1995 was a great team patch 94 didnt even win one match 93 unbeaten run home and away apart from the loss to lenana in the semis
    96 unbeaten home recod national champs ,95 unbeaten home and away sevens champs ,john andrews champs .

  125. Tabu,

    We didn’t win any games because we got suspended after our 1st game. We didn’t get a chance to show our talent

    1993 team was more talk that talent. I was in form 3 that year. We could have had guys in our year starting but you know politics.

    RVA won the Prescott in 94 and we almost beat them at RVA after our bus breaking down and subsequently walking a distance to the field.

    I can’t speak on patch 95 and beyond, but I think from Patch 90 thru 94 , 94 was the most talented team, of course I am biased lol.

    lakini, if you are at the tournament tomorrow we can talk and kunywa some beers

  126. wsup? wots the point in languishing in a miasma of ignorance n arrogance . rugby in kenyan schools is biased the likes of jamhuri and higway secondary schoolls , just 2 mention a few are ignored and neglected by the union n in general rugby fraternity in kenya , there are good players from ther who despite lack of support from the administration play theit hearts outi stand 2 corrected bt isnt rudge a game of passion ,for ya’ll slow blokes n dudettes who stil hav no idea wot am ranting bout lemme sum it UP the sport shud be developd /nurtured {for lack of a better word equally) sidney a.k.a. “06 rudge captain jahmu

  127. Tabu, When did you transfer from Changez to Patch?

  128. Patch 96(rabble) defected changez 97-99. older brother patch machine 1993. your truly maroon99 does that answer your questions


  130. ok non-saints please, if your gonna present an argument, please have your facts straight. honestly between changez n patch i dont know which side is being more useless. and stop pretending, if you all played your rugby in the 90s as you say, then u should b old enough 2 reason well! changing your name will not change how u present yourself, so these multiple personality stories…
    and stop running your mouths saying alot of nothing. think about this next time you post a comment.
    God bless saints n God bless saints rugby

  131. Felix Makana AKA Ogwesh

    July 9, 2007 at 5:29 am

    Where is Nakuru high left when you talk of the forwards…….dudes???????

  132. If a school does have intelligent students and the students prefer to go to town and mug people, why blame the union for failure????
    Jamu and Highway are simply a bunch of unfocussed thugs!
    Have you ever wondered why the schools that do well are mainly national schools, private schools and top provincial schools?

  133. In a nutshell, Viva la Maseno. And thats a wrap lol. I’m biased vibaya. Why lie.

  134. hey everyone its been a while and i must say im enjoying this thoroughly kenyans love their rugby i can see…congrats to RVA im overseas can anyone tell me the recent victories i.e. prescott, natios and blackrock over the last 2 years? cheers.

    Saints till i die

  135. this one is to joe…your question was what has saints contributed to rugby in kenya. simple the standard of school rugby in kenya was set by Saints in the 90s. as a young boy(and future player) i remember we went seasons undefeated and the only issue was by how much we will win. our training methods and were better than everyone else’s and so was our preparation so you all had to step up. we were like the arsene wengers of the premier league. most will not know this but in our pre-season we would play nondies and quins first teams and by the time prescott came around school teams were nothing (no disrespect).

  136. well. i hae issues here concerned with Saints. as well as i can recall, all Saints could do is poach players from Lenana, Patch, Kakamega and Yala, then still get their asses whooped.

    SCHOOL RANKINGS: (on the scale of 1-10)
    according to their performance and consistence
    NAIROBI: –
    1. lenana school – 8.8
    2. patch- 8.5
    3. saints-8.0

    1. Yala-8.2

    1. Njoro-7.7
    2. Nakuru High-7.6


    i give props to all these schools, since they have been a constant supply of the bulk of Kenya team players(esp Nairobi Province and Western and to some extent Nyanza)
    and truth be told, the last time i heard of a formidable Saints player was in 2000. allan hicks! the rest(Cardo,and that overated young lad are bound to be a small hit)

    take a look at Lenana(Sidney Ashioya, Ocholla Brothers, Wamanga, Peter Mutai, George Mutai, Jerry Ogallo, ect) and Patch(Olewe,Sudi,Namcos,Oscar Osir, etc) the record talks for itself..

  137. you are only as good as your last game.patch have won all the schools trophies in the past two years ie 06-07.excluding blackrock coz saints wanted to rig that by refusing them to play.i cant remember the last time saints won a trophy as a matter of fact in o6 they had the strongest team on paper but produced nothing with rich history you should always be on the mark and be very noticable but saints seems to be going down by the day.you will say all you want but patch and changez are on a level of their own seeing as changez were useless in o6 they were almost being relegated to damu pevu while but coz of their tradition woke up and made it to the 7s and 15s nationals in 07 where in both nationals lost to patch.whether we like it or not saints use over age player who are in IB.whether we like it or not these guys will have played longer than their opponents in patch or changez.so whether we like it or not experience plays a big role in sports and that they have plenty of.
    NB saints are the only guys among the three who have a fully equipped gym.ponder on that plus experienced players read overage.

  138. I says YALERIANS….THE OTWENDENI FELLAS……..BEST EVER NO DOUBT…..you saintee and nai wannabees…..show some respect….hehehehhehe

  139. There’s alot of passion in High School rugby which is highly ignored by those who pass and move on. We can help these kids develop further. I remeber in Highie our team had alot of Passion & Heart we reached places we couldnt imagine and started creating rivalries with Patch after beating them at Floodlights 2000, and gave Lenana and Saints a problem (Sorry Holly for breaking u’r collar bone, or let me rephrase it, We are not sorry for hitting u that hard).

    I went back to Highway with a former SA student who was a heavy hitter there and helped the Kids out and u could see clear results in their performance. So guys I’d highly propose we visit our former schools and help the kids out.

    But clearly the best rivalries were between Patch and Lenana, Saints and RVA, Highway and Upper Hill.

    Highieeeeeee Pirates!!!!

  140. Whatsup rugby fans…

    Patch Rugby is the best rugby….end of story.
    Best Fans…Best Pitch…Best players ever…
    patchieee ehhhhhh ah patchiee ahhhhhhh

  141. maseno was last month in duban SA,this month they are going to Dubai,patch mpo?

  142. mean maroon is the best rugby team of em’. all.this year we are not laughing with anyone.maroon’s thicker than blood.marooni damu!

  143. ogwesh bana tell them ruffians been left out how can yah talk about the best record and dont say nakuru high having won kenya school rugby a record three times second best to saint all time and having the likes of steve gichuki naks man gotta be respected always mad a statement

  144. Accordin to that AlumniMart.com,

    Top Teams-

    1) RVA – 9 time Prescott cup champs
    5 time Prescott cup finalists
    2) Saints- 9 time prescot cup champs
    2 time finalists
    3) Changez- 4 time prescott cup Champs
    6 time finalists
    4) Patch- 1 Prescott cup (last year 07)
    4 time finalists
    5) Bush- 1 Prescott Cup
    1 Final

    Please note; there are years that the finalists have not been stated… and this just shows the Nairobi and Environs league; the Nationals and other tournaments have not been documented.

    From the above the best team in history is surely RVA but if we are talking of the present, its none other than Patch…

  145. I agree, that saints,patch and RVA are good teams but they WERE the best teams! Dominance ended when other schools took up the sport seriously. cheers to damu pevu shield for bringing up some good sides and dropping others….see Hillcrest!

    When Alliance High School played Prescott cup final three out of four years, semi-finals four straight and even managed to win it once,i think they deserve a mention. Between 1999 and 2005, the side beat the likes of Patch (0:30) at their beloved home ground, Saints and RVA away as well and only chocked in their first final going down 15:16 to patch after some nerves kicked it.

    Mangu too, but they play dirty rugby! Alliance had a team almost as good as Nakuru,Naks were so good the backs and forwards could change positions, once i saw the backs ruck and the forwards formed the line…….need i say more, try time,against some team in the national semis!

    BEST school since 2000: Nakuru, Kakamega
    BEST SCHOOL in Prescott: Alliance!
    BEST Pitch: RVA….hmmmmmmmmm, some tackle me.
    BEST TEAM that never won it: Alliance! 8 penalties in a final,missed them all and lost 3:0. such tis life!

    BEST PLAYER I EVER WATCHED IN SCHOOL RUGBY…….NATHAN OLUNGA (smartest boy, quickest step, size was never an issue). bebeto of rugby

    BEST KICKER: Stephen Kithinji…if u wanna win it pick the guy from soccer with the surest shot. This man could not miss….i said it could not miss. welcome johnny W!

  146. I will come clean right off the bat – I know nothing of rugby. But back when I lived in Nairobi in the late 70s, I was the girl in the Saints bleachers, swooning with the pure joy of watching my man’s sweaty and muscular game. Oh, yes, I was a fan. Now, I am writing a book in which this all figures, not hugely, but I would like to get it right. I would ask anyone with knowledge of Saints rugby in the late 70s, particularly 1979, to get in touch with me. I’d be very grateful if you would allow me to pick your brain.

  147. KHWENYA KHURAMBANA! I won’t say much.Look here, If anyone does NOT KNOW that Dubai has been & for that matter is still Katch’s home then probably he’s not a Kenyan.
    By the way Meth,Iggy,Vinny,Wetete & Gerry (katch 2005) thanx so much for showing the world that Africa has Kenya & that Katch can play fantastic rugby.Musingu;well done for your rugby is gaining heights.Saints & Patch thanx for keeping Nai live & Nax the truth is that Rift Valley would be nowhere without you.All in all whatever drill you use to make it to the top only your commitment will prove you a victor.For Katch we won,we’ve been winning and forever we shall win.

    BEST FIELD:Patch
    BEST DEFENCE:Musingu School
    BEST RIVALS:Musingu
    N/B:When the going gets tough,only the toughest will survive.

  149. Payed at RVA from 89-92. What great years of rugby those were. Every now and then I pull out a video tape and make my wife watch games against Patch, Lenana and Saints. Due to my chosen profession I am often unable to follow high school rugby so I have trueluy enjoyed reading this. To those who played against me those were great years of sweat blood and broken bones

  150. Askari, Anyway you can hook a brother up with copies of those tapes.
    Wow, what a privilege?
    Seriously, how can we do this?

  151. Damnit, I’ve come late to this, inspired by watching the 6 Nations 2009, and trying to explain the joy that is the Safari Sevens to my non-Kenyan boyfriend. Not wishing to take anything away from Lenana, but has anyone mentioned the “other” schools?

    At a primary level, I’m thinking of the mighty Pembroke House team of 1992-3, who were undefeated in all their matches, including the Ndume 7s, which they (we?) won on their home turf under the excellent coaching of Rob Hart.

    The secondary schools get all the publicity, but the primary school games were just as exciting.

  152. Askari has a resource that several people would love to get hold of. Why don’t you put them on dvds and sell them online or get somebody to sell them here? I’m sure both the younger and the older generations would love to watch such matches!

  153. guyz cut tha crap….MASENO SCHOOL.period.it’s tha only school that has ever claimed the nationals sevens cup twice..and i personaly played rudge there so all y’ patch saints wanabees…

  154. Where do you get your history from? Who won it in 2002? And 2005 (At Maseno I might add)… Check your records. And just for history’s sake, Kakamega have won it more than twice. Go back to the drawing board and come back with another one.

  155. Upper Hill – winners of Blackrock 2009, can you believe it!

  156. Guys, and ladies.

    I have enjoyed the comments posted here on schools’ rugby in Kenya. In my humble opinion, schools like Patch and Changes were the real deal as far as school rugby was concerned. Saints dominated Prescott in the latter days but regardless of how many trophies they won, they just cannot be measured against Patch, Changes and RVA in terms of school-rugby greats.

    I know there is a lot of bias here, given that most of us attended one school or other, but truth be told, Saints winning Prescott was like FC Porto winning the European Champions league – it doesn’t matter how many times they win it, they will never really be considered as part of the ‘inner sanctum’. Saints does not come to mind when people talk of schools rugby. When you mention Patch, Changes and RVA, the first thing that comes to mind is Rugby. Saints … maybe pantomimes :-).

  157. I forgot to comment on the pitch. Saints pitch was well maintained – probably still is, but to me it did not feel like it was meant for rugby. To me it feels as though it was meant for picnics but later converted for rugby – an afterthought.

    The best rugby venue for schools remains Patch – the size of the pitch, the posts, name it. If a little more care was given to the grass, it would probably be on of the best in the country.

  158. Laughable…. So how do you explain 29 to Zip Zero in the recent provincial finals. Tena by a school supposedly not known for rugby.
    How do you explain rugby 7s success, Dubai…. the works not to mention prescott history. How many games have you got to lose to be in the “inner sanctum”? No thanks we will remain FC Porto.

  159. Oh, I forgot the patch pitch was originally intended for grazing.

  160. It still is.

  161. BTW for all those posting on Sevens, its your right… But i have to ask can you not read, we’re talking rugby 15’s here!!!

    And to JJ, let me get what you’re trying to say right, Saints have won the Prescott Cup 9 times and Blackrock Countless times but they’re still Minnows or are unknown?!

  162. Just so you know Saints won Prescott for the 10th time last year. Blackrock I think 9 times.
    JJ welcome back, we all know who you are.
    Who else would brag about a the size of a Pitch? As if all the pitches don’t conform to a standard size.

  163. It’s hit me that only the Saints side can present solid facts. The rest of you all got hit too hard? JJ that’s a very unintelligent argument. Even though Saints has more to it’s name than any other team they can’t be counted? Haha. You’re a clown. Let me tell you why you can’t talk about schools rugby without mentioning Saints: On the rare occasions that you do get to beat Saints, you never forget it. It’s what everyone talks about. Patch beating RVA for example is nothing to write home about. I think I know who easy is…

  164. Heheh guys NEVER 4get YALA were the first school to dominate outside Nairobi’s Patch adn Saints Between 1998-2003 when they always made it to the finals from Nyanza and finally won the NAtions againast patch in 2003, THUS setting a new ERA with the likes of France based Teddy Omondi and US based Lesly MAngo

  165. Best Fly Halves-Lavin Asego, Sammy kakame and Patroba Anyona

  166. Patch vs RVA – 1998 – Prescott Cup – Group Match
    Venue: Samba Park aka Twickenham…(Patch)
    Final Score: 8-6

    the BEST game of rugby I have EVER watched…EVER!!!

  167. 2007 presscot final patch verses mangu,24-21,that was ishe,suspence from begin 2 end,

  168. Seems patch has always been lucky against Mangu, sneaking in wins by apoint to 3 mragins, guess there lack ran out this year! Mangu, have floodlights, Nationals, and are pitched to take prescott, so far the team has not lost agame this year in any tournament entereed, no team has ever done that, not even patch or changes , winning all tonas they entered!! The last game for Mangu is tomorrow and they are taking prescott unbeaten too!!

  169. Calvin Muriuki

    June 24, 2010 at 8:17 am

    Whatever is wrong with Saints guys? I think deep inside we all know that Patch Rugby is way superior to all. You only need to look at Machine 2006 and 2007 to confirm this( Mang’u, Saints,Bush and Changez suffered the wrath of this terror squad) Though Changez avenged in 2008, we hit them hard in 2009( 10-0 in the proviz plate finalz and the 5-3 painful loss they suffered to us in the 15s semis). Then 2 weeks ago Patch hit Changez 15-13 in Prescott 2010. Lets face it: Changez rugby is dead 4 real. They have only won one match in Prescott 2010(against a pathetic strath side). But judging from past perfomance Changez can claim second place. They are way better than Saints.Best believe it.

  170. undoubtedly there are only three rugby champion schools in kenya… patch, changez and the rest who r either overaged or trying

  171. hey i am kindly asking for a scholarship for studying and playing rugby am current in menengai high school.i play scumhalf and flyhalf.help me out

  172. y cnt u guys tok abaut musingu stil iko juu!

  173. Mangu just won the changez open, and also won mangu Camp David open! Last year they won all the trophies they entered in, and mark u, their second string side beats team A’s of other skuls! so the future still remains bright for those boys! Not just masomo but in all areas.

  174. David Wafula (Wafcos)

    February 16, 2011 at 11:25 am

    It was the resurgence of animosity in 2006, it felt good playing fullback in patch machine 06 and wining the Nationals against Mangu……..

  175. musingu high is where rugby resides

  176. There’s a truth to some analyses of squad but not entirely. Granted St. Mary’s have a very talented and well trained teams. Granted Rugby has a lot of technicality to it an teams like RVA and to an extent Saints had a huge bonus of–not to say its the determinant of winner-loser–but rather it facilitated immensely the team’s shots at success…

    However, they hit below the belt in one very key aspect: They played Squads Form5/6..that’s a big difference for experience and skill…I was in Changez..late 90s.
    Examples: There was Cardovillis who in A level was effectively a Nondies player pretty much….If it was a 6th Form across the tournament the outlook would have been drastically different…
    There was a specific VERY fast winger from Alliance(Bush) around 98. I believe he was in medal contentions in ‘100M’ nationals. He cleared Patch-very good-then headed to St. Mary’s A Level(C where this is going)…Big boost they had in 99 for this ex-busherian plus another short guy also very fast….They narorwly edged out Lenana…
    Problem: There was this issue with the Muniafu X who was behind the scene financially tied to Saints…and officiated a bunch of crucial games…99 Prescott Finals…I well remember a Try called for Saint’s where the ball was clearly out of bounds but let counted nonetheless…..very shortly before the final whistle….

  177. Outside Nairobi province, we’ve seen good teams play some super rugby over the years. I am talking about Njoro (am an old boy and captained the 99/00 team, but anyone from the early 90s knows that Njoro was super good), Nakuru High (even though I hated them, they were a class act), Western and Nyanza ( I think this is and was the cradle of rugby, mambo mbaya nakwambia, very tough teams with exciting players).

  178. Why are focusing on the Elite schools only?? Coz according to the records NAx high dominated the National Cup more than some schools being mentioned here…………………. can someone kindly check the records properly

  179. Meru school is a school that deserves a mension.It’s good in rugby though it has nt won,it has produced many players and got good positions nationally.It has played with big schools in rugby and even beaten them.Maseno is one and many more.

  180. lenana sch remains da best good history & best players

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