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Thanking God for a Very Good Year

I, like many I’m sure, tend to remember the negative things that have happened throughout the preceding year. I was having a discussion with my wife about the last year and realized that overall this year has been very good, and God is to thank for that. Here are just a couple of the things that I am thankful for:

  • I had a healthy daughter born, who is also the most well-behaved and happiest baby we’ve had yet (out of 3)
  • White African and his girls blogging

  • I’ve enjoyed immensely putting out two great web apps: listd.com and eppraisal.com and am fortunate to work with some really talented people
  • This blog has been chugging along well and it’s allowed me to meet people I never would have otherwise
  • My trip to Kenya this summer was both fun and successful
  • Started AfriGadget and have had a great time with it and the other authors who write on it – it got picked up by BoingBoing and MAKE Magazine
  • I wrote a paper on mobile web apps in Africa and doors are opening to put that together (Zangu.com)
  • I met and have been working with one of the best developers in the African Digerati – Neville Newey who is behind Muti

I’d also like to thank you, the readers of White African, for being open-minded, passionate, insightful and most of all for having provided me with a reason to keep writing. Thank you for a wonderful year, and God bless in 2007.


  1. It brings me such joy to see you with a lap full of kids. As privileged as many of us are, few take the time to count their blessings. I for one count you. It takes some courage to let your light shine, am I’m so grateful you do.

    All of us want to make a world where our children will grow healthy and happy. You do so much to make that real.

    Thanks and Happy New Year,


  2. Happy New Year to you too from Ethiopia. I’m having trouble typing this and I only have one baby in my lap. How do you manage with three?


  3. It’s been a real pleasure to read about and be inspired by your ideas in ’06.
    May your 2007 be filled with the same sense of blessing, gratitude and fulfillment.

  4. Hash

    Its been a great year for me too: and like Andrew, I have less kids on my lap than you do.

    Thanks for letting me come along for the ride on afrigadget.

    – Steve

  5. Love that pic Hash. Nice thoughts, Happy New Year. Keep in touch.

  6. Happy new year – anyway just wanted to share my blog
    since you develop software and this covers some of the topics u discussed
    in your blog in the past.

  7. Yeah great stuff Hash, awesome year it was. Looking forward to what White African has in store for 2007…

  8. Happy New Year, Hash. Great picture with the wonderful girls! Peace and health to you all! And, keep up the good work on White African 🙂

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