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A hodge-podge of articles that I found interesting and worth sharing this last week:


  1. Hash:

    I really like the one about cell phones in Kenya. Especially the part about paying by cell phones. Do you think that this is as safe as having a bank account and paying by bank card? Just curious, as you have been exposed to this new concept for a while (this concept originated in South Africa a few years back-right?). Also the laptop for $100.00 is intriguing, too. have you started seeing them yet in SA? Thanks

  2. The one laptop per child was not a true story:
    “One Laptop per Child (OLPC), a non-profit organisation with the goal of providing children in developing nations with laptop computers, today announced that “contrary to previously published reports OLPC has no plans to make the XO laptops available for sale to the general public.”

    I think it is a good idea to subsidize the laptops in 3rd World Countries this way, so let’s hope they change their mind.

    Another little note on US finances. The current President has been able to borrow more money than all other Previous presidents in the history of the USA.

  3. Federal borrowing as a percentage of the GDP is lower than at any time in the 90’s. Any other measurement of Federal borrowing is comparing apples to oranges.

    If the OLPC project is going to succeed at all it won’t be the U.S. Government that makes it work, it will be private organizations.

    One little note on my finances. I’ve been able to borrow more money than all other previous members of my family in the history of the USA.

    Sorry if I got carried away.

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