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Where Africa and Technology Collide!

WhiteAfrican.com is Taking a Bath

By that, I mean that it’s time for a redesign. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to do a full custom design. Therefore, I’m taking the theme provided by one of my favorite web designers, Chris Pearson, called Cutline. I’ll be adding, tweaking and adjusting things over the coming days, so be ready for a few changes.

I’m trying to maintain some of the old branding, thus you will see that though the header size was changed, the design is the same. One item that has always been annoying to me is all the “clutter” that I had in my sidebar. It was just too much. I’m trying to keep that a little cleaner, and am working at making sure that the items that do show up in there are designed to work in well with the overall feel of the blog.

Thanks for your patience if there are any big hiccups…


  1. I like the new look. A bit more easy to navigate, although the prior version was good too. Did you have horizontal labels at the top of your header on the last version. The one’s that I see here are really nice.

    Also, did you do away with the trackback section?

  2. Indeed cutline is a great theme – nicely done to integrate it into your blog.

  3. Thanks guys. No, there was no horizontal nav bar at the top of the blog before, so that is a new feature. I’m probably going to be trimming that down a little.

    I haven’t put the trackback section in yet. I’m trying to decide where it would go, since the sidebar is getting rather full already. They’ll still show up int the blog posts themselves though.

  4. Cutline, nice! I am always looking for themes that offer a menue on the top, so this is just perfect for my needs (= using WP as a CMS).

  5. Have you ever thought of making one piece, part of or all, open as for allowing your readers to make minor changes to your web page. Isn’t this called an open page???

    Just a thought for such a fine web page.

  6. Jimmy, are you talking about something that works like a wiki (ex: wikipedia), where anyone who registers can adjust the content of any given page?

  7. Looking great Hash!

  8. simple and clean. nzuri sana.

  9. I like it Hash, I’m also a big fan of cutline and base a lot of my designs on Chris Pearson’s simple framework.

    Do let us know if the move to this theme affects your traffic at all.

  10. I like the simple elegant design. I’m a big fan of white space. Now I need your ruthlessness in deciding what to purge from my sidebar! Nice one.

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