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International Womens Day 2007

The African Women’s Blog Aggregator
Yesterday was the perfect day to make sure everyone knows about the African Women’s Blog Aggregator because it was International Women’s Day. I’m assuming that most African women bloggers are aware of it, but many others might not. The AWB was put together by Sokari, Mshairi, and Kui.

Get Another Woman to Blog
An initiative of the Kenyan Blog Webring is to get more women involved in blogging. That means taking the expertise you have gained over the time you have been at it, and use that to educate and teach a woman how to blog. Get them setup, teach them the ropes and let them share their story with the world. Find out more about it here.


  1. Great post Hash, it’s got to be true what they say about great minds thinking alike because last week I featured them to as part of my larger series on
    African Women in Business Series-keep up the insightful and “bridge building” posts my friend!

  2. Nominated Member of Parliament, Ms Njoki Ndung’u, has been nominated for the US Secretary of State’s award for courageous women.US Ambassador to Kenya Mr Michael Ranneberger said the embassy nominated Ndung’u for her efforts towards the enactment of the Sexual Offences Act.“Thanks to her dedication and perseverance, the subject of sexual abuse of women and children has become a household topic, bringing the critical issue out of the shadows,” he said.
    n May, 2005, Ndung’u presented the motion of intention to bring the Sexual Offences Bill to Parliament. The Bill was passed into law in 2006 despite attempts by Odm MPs led by Paddy Ahenda to block it

    Paddy Ahenda story

    Kenyan women’s rights activists have condemned an ODM MP who told parliament that women usually say “No” to sex, even if they mean “Yes”.
    During a debate on a new sex crimes law, Paddy Ahenda said Kenya women were too shy to openly say “Yes” and warned the law could prevent marriage.

    Twelve of Kenya’s 18 female MPs walked out in protest, saying Mr Ahenda and other MPs were “trivialising” rape.

    Many Kenyans are alarmed by a huge rise in the incidence of sexual abuse.

    “This is a nation that should be in shame because its leaders are laughing at offences committed against women and children,” said Kenya National Commission on Human Rights official Catherine Mumma.

  3. I did not know they had internet in kenya?

  4. That’s cool.
    @Eli the Bearded, yes they have internet in Kenya

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