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African-Made “News Map” Recognized as One of the Best Google Maps Mashups

Another of Neville Newey’s websites is getting major recognition, this time in Wired Magazine. They consider News Map one of “The Best Google Maps Mashups” worldwide.

Congrats Neville!

Muti News Map: Mali


  1. Congrats Neville!!

  2. Aah Hash, thank yo again man, you have been so kind in blogging many times about muti and also about newsmap, thank you so much.

    Afrom: Thanks so much for your congrats also.

    It has always been the plan to integrate the newsmap feature more with muti and now that the tags are in place this task should become a bit easier as we go forward.


  3. very cool stuff there!

  4. Now THAT’s a great tool. I especially like the way it zooms down to state/provincial news. I see so many possibilities. Good job Neville.

  5. Thanks for sharing!

  6. My fault for dropping into tech jargon with no explanation. A “mashup” is a website or application that combines content from more than one source into an integrated experience (from Wikipedia).

    Basicaly, an example of a website that mashes up map data with house property values would be eppraisal.com.

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