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Zookoda Bought out by PayPerPost

Zookoda, my favorite blog-to-email application was bought out by PayPerPost in late April. (they’re listed in an earlier “Top 10 Tools for Bloggers” post”

PayPerPost Acquires Zookoda

I’ve written about PayPerPost before (here and here), it’s a way for bloggers to make money by writing about products and services. PayPerPost is the platform that brings advertisers and bloggers together.

From DigitalMediaWire:

Zookoda, a company that provides a technology solution currently used by over 10,000 bloggers around the world to update their readers via email whenever they issue a new post. Over 2.3 million people opt-in to blog newsletters powered by Zookoda technology. “We now have 5,500 advertisers and 22,000 blogs in our network, says Ted Murphy. “Zookoda helps building traffic for our bloggers which in terms gives our advertisers more exposure.”

This is big news, it means that PPP is moving towards a more holistic presence among bloggers. I wouldn’t be surprised if they added a blog stats feature as well, it would allow them to present a full package to bloggers.

Ted Murphy, founder of PayPerPost, did mention to me that the Australian founder of Zookoda is with them for a little while. He still won’t tell me the price, but I guess that’s fair. Anyway, good luck to PPP, and congrats to Zookoda.


  1. Vince Kuraitis

    May 10, 2007 at 7:34 pm

    I am a real live Zookoda user who has been waiting two weeks to hear back from tech support……

  2. Hi Vince, sorry you’ve had such a bad time with their customer service. I haven’t had to go that route for anything yet, but I hope it gets better for you soon.

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