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Where Africa and Technology Collide!

Dropping the Bombshell on Aid Development in Africa

There’s nothing like a little controversy to get the party started. TEDGlobal hasn’t disappointed thus far.

(NOTE: More great coverage of Bono vs Mwenda at Ethan Zuckerman’s blog)

(NOTE 2: I’ve started uploading pictures to Flickr)

In the first session we’ve had Euvin Naidoo ask us to start thinking about Africa differently – reminding us that it has had the best ROI in the world right now as far as capital markets are concerned. One of my favorite quotes was when he stated that “the problems of Africa should be seen as opportunities”.

Andrew Dosunmu, a film maker tells us that we need to change the world’s perception of Africa by changing the visual images that they see. It’s not all about war, famine and corruption. An absolutely fabulous photographer and videographer, the quality is stunning.

Africa Ready for Business
is a film by Carol Pineau. She showcased some of the short stories from that film, reiterating that there are entrepreneurs all over Africa. In fact, “the entreprenuerial spirit is alive everywhere in Africa”, bringing up the example of Daallo Airlines in governmentless Somalia. Carol will soon be releasing her new documentary on business opportunities in Africa, called “Africa Investment Horizons”.

Finally, Andrew Mwenda ended the session with a resounding 18 minute talk on getting Aid out of Africa, but only investment.

Bono has just gotten on stage and coined the term “the Mwenda Plan” as opposed to the Marshall Plan. He’s talking about how/why aid is still important, that though corruption in African governments is the reason, we still need to be a part of the fix. He also cautioned against living in a fairy tale.

Some images…

Bono at TEDGlobal07

Andrew Mwenda

Andrew Dosunmu

Euvin Naidoo

Emeka Okafor and Chris Anderson


  1. Amen to Euvin Naidoo and Andrew Dosunmu. I’m a sucker for people who aim to see the truth and see hope while identifying what’s really plaguing any real issues. The one thing Africa isn’t and never was is desperate. They’ve just been told that they are for so long that they dared to believe it. Shake the myths Africa!

  2. I agree with you Mimmz. Africa is not desperate and most of the myths will slowly be broken the more exposure we have.

    Great post Hash. As always, the photos are on point.

  3. You have put my photos to shame, so am not even going to post any.

  4. Bankelele:

    So you too have discovered that Hash is quite an able and professional photographer. Also Trees on the Africa Enterprising Blog Carnival.


    Excellent, Man-have you ever thought about working for CNN? You’d be great. Also thanks for the exceptional links.

    I’ll be sure and visit.

    Josh and Mimmz:

    Fellas, I’m right there with you. The continent of Africa is bursting at the seams with more inspiration, successes, and business than we can fathom. It’s good that we are all here to tell the story.

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