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Web2forDev Conference

Web2forDev ConferenceReading the African Uptimist, I was pointed at a conference that looks interesting for a number of reasons. The Web2forDev conference will be taking place in Rome from September 24-27.

Web2ForDev 2007 is the first conference devoted to exploring the ways in which international development stakeholders can take advantage of the technical and organizational opportunities provided by Web 2.0 methods, approaches and applications.

From what I can tell, the Web2forDev blog is open to register and contribute on. If you have something to say, or share, in this space, it would probably be a good place to start. Their blog also has some interesting discussions around Web 2.0 and poverty and the challenges of Web 2.0 in Africa.

So, why is it interesting to me?

  • They’re talking about using high-tech in low-tech areas
  • I didn’t see a single US organization listed on the organizing committee. Since the whole Web 2.0 meme started in the US, I want to hear what the rest of the world has to say about it.
  • I want to hear strategies for how Web 2.0-type applications will be implemented in low-bandwidth areas

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  1. Dear Erik,
    thank you for highlighting our conference blog. Yes indeed we welcome everybody to participate in the discussion on our blog prior to the conference. So far we discussed a lot about challenges such as connectivity, but any other theme is welcome around web2.0 and development. Just send an email to: blog at web2fordev dot net or register directly at the blog.

    We will have many presenters from all around the world including interesting case studies from Africa. Best regards Christian

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