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AfriGadget LogoIn May of this year, a week before I got to South Africa, I was interviewed for South African Broadcasting Corporation’s (SABC) Radio 2000 show about AfriGadget. The interviewer asked me some questions that really made me start thinking about what AfriGadget has become and the platform it represents to continue fostering the type of change that needs to be encouraged in Africa.

I write more about this on my last AfriGadget post, where I talk about the evolution that the site is going through. What isn’t mentioned is that I’ll be spending a lot more time trying to make things happen. The team of editors and myself have come up with a strategic plan for growth that necessitates me directing more time to see it come to fruition.

I’m excited about the possibilities and the real world change that can happen when we actively do something, rather than just talk about it.

We’ll continue to bring you the same types of stories, augmented with some great new website features. If the right partnerships emerge, we’ll be leading some projects in Africa that create a way to invest in African micro-entrepreneurs directly.

If anyone would like to partner with us on a project, contact me.


  1. The work you do with your various online projects really makes me happy. AfriGadget captures people’s imaginations, I’ve heard it over an over. The blog has such appeal across different interest groups. Your excitement is contagious.

  2. God speed White African, God speed!!!!

  3. Am kenyan Up coming Film marker.Afrigadget will help to show the heden trents and new invention in kenya and africa at grance.nathing can make me not to join you peple.

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