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Malagasy Bloggers Unite: Foko

Madagascar is one of the African countries that doesn’t pop up in the news all that regularly. It’s an island of incredible diversity – you can find animals and plants there that are found no where else in the world. However, one of their biggest problems is that their rain forests are being clearcut as people expand into some of the untouched regions.

Project Foko in Madagascar

4 African bloggers from there have united on a project to make a difference. They aren’t just talking, they are doing something. Their goal is to focus on one village in the Southeastern region of Madagascar, with one of their goals being to help save their forests, you can follow it on their new site called Foko. In their own words:

The project is multi-pronged with emphases on tackling environmental issues that directly affects the villagers, building sustainable infrastructures, empowering the villagers to seek manageable solutions, especially the women and providing an efficient health care program.

The underlying philosophy behind the project is that all programs initiated in the village will be able to self-sustain in the long run because emphasis will be put on an effective cost-revenue strategy.

It’s great to see bloggers networking and getting together to do things. It’s the power of the web at work – the ability to communicate easily. Of course, I believe that this culminates in offline interaction, which is exactly what Foko is.

The bloggers:

Andriankoto Ratozamanana (Harinjaka)
Joan Razafimaharo (the Purple Corner)
Lova Rakotomalala (the Malagasy Dwarf Hippo)
Mialy A. (Windows on the new World of SipaKV)


  1. Hash,
    you made one hippo dance with joy :). Thank you !

  2. Brilliant…

    The blogging world is full of “talk” and reporting…

    its nice to see some action…

    What has TED produced offline and outside the conference hall? Anything good?

  3. JohnN: Harinjaki, one o f the initiators is a TED fellow

    Yes, this is an example of “doing”. Hooooaah!

  4. Oh ! This is sooo sweet! I was reading your post about Moleskin carnet yesterday and bought one for myself (ok a little one because it’s an expensive but precious carnet) and decided to come back to say “thanks a lot blbalbalbl” then …
    I saw this post and after the surprise and thanks and the thanks thought like “I must get back to work because Foko is under the spotlight and our villages won’t need a Moleskin!”
    So thxxxxxxx again

  5. well nice to see some action in place


  6. This is a very interesting blog. My church is planning a trip to Africa and I’m trying to learn as much as I can in preparation.

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