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Getting the Rugby World Cup 2007 in the US

[Brief rugby intermission]

Rugby World Cup 2007I had a hard enough time tracking down how to make sure I got the Rugby World Cup games at home in the United States, and then a number of people asking me, so here it is. There is only one way to get it, and that’s via the Setanta sports channel.

You can only get the Setanta channel in the US via satellite. Your choices are DirectTV or Dish Network. Once you order the service you’ll have to add an extra $15/month for the Setanta channel.

DirectTV tends to be about $5 less each month, but Dish Network has a bigger dish and gets less interruption (so I read somewhere). I ended up going with Dish Network, with Setanta sports, and I ordered a DVR for an additional $5 in order to record the games that I couldn’t watch live. All told, the package runs about $50/month, which is about what cable TV costs here – so it’s comparable.

One last item. If you want to do a month-to-month contract instead of an 18 month one, you’ll need to go through DirectTV or Dish Network, not their local dealers. So just give them a call via their website.

Hope that helps someone.


  1. Of course you could always get a media pass from http://www.rugbyworldcupvideo.com. Their download speeds are quite nice. The only downside are of course video quality that you have to wait 24hrs after the start of the match to download it. But, for those without Satellite TV, it’s a pretty good option.

  2. hey guys: In the spirit of the games just wanted to flag a cool company (that I coincidentally also work with!) called MediaZone that provides high quality, 24-hour delay On Demand coverage of ALL 48 matches, as well as live audio feeds, match previews, halftime and fulltime highlights and Interviews. You can check out this action for FREE for a limited time to watch France vs. Argentina and New Zealand vs. Italy duke it out by going to this site & entering the promo code: http://www.rugbyworldcupvideo.com/free, promo code: KEY77GHY.

    If you’re an ardent rugby fan like myself that doesn’t want to miss the action yet is constrained by televised hours due to work, all the details on RWC Plus that is produced in association with MediaZone can be found here: http://www.rugbyworldcup.com/video ;. In addition, there’s the MediaZone Rugby channel that offers over 250 rugby matches in 2007-08 such as Tri-Nations, June Tours and Currie Cup. Let me know what you think and here’s to some more salivating clashes in the coming days.

  3. If you are in the Charlotte NC area and want to watch the final live then we have!

    We have been showing all the games live – we are th eonly people in the area showing the final live!

    log onto charlotterugby.com for details and directions!

    get there ealry as the atmosphere has been pumping the last 3 weekends!!

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