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Quick Hits: Google Hiring and eCommerce in Africa

Google is hiring in Kenya and South Africa
Google LogoThese appear to be more than the normal sale-type jobs that they have hired for in the past. Particularly, I’m interested in the one that has to do with mapping. It’s interesting that Google finally thinks that’s worth doing better in Africa. (hat tip Ory)

  • Associate Product Marketing – Nairobi
  • Geographic Consultant – Nairobi
  • Geographic Supervisor – Nairobi
  • Office Associate – Nairobi
  • Strategic Partner Development (SPD), Local Markets – Nairobi
  • Technical Support Associate, Google Applications – Nairobi
  • Industry Leader – Johannesburg
  • Account Manager – Johannesburg
  • Account Strategist – Johannesburg
  • Office Lead – Francophone West Africa

How a lack of eCommerce solutions is crippling Africa
Thought LeaderI’ve started to contribute (sporadically) to a new website called Thought Leader out of South Africa. Here I talk about the problems that we face in Africa with regard to running businesses online. There are no real payment and merchant options that fit the needs of Africans.

Of course, anyone who reads my stuff will realize that I’ve been talking about this for a while… 🙂


  1. very interesting re: google. i was shopping for new office space in nairobi recently and looked at a swish suite of offices in a gleaming new building on museum hill. waaay out of my price range at 70,000 KShs ($1,000-plus) a month for the cheapest and smallest one-person offices. but the sales rep told me that google had rented out a bank of seven of the nicest units, all with views of the city center (but no free parking — that’s extra).

  2. Maybe explains why I can see where I live on google earth so clearly,with very recent pictures.

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