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Quick Hits: Liveblogging and African App Development

Conference Blogging Guide
Liveblogging a conference - the guideEthan Zuckerman and Bruno Giussani have put together a nice little booklet – a guide on how to live blog a conference. It’s short and informative – just the way I like it. I listen when these guys talk, last time Ethan suggested buying a laptop desk – and I did. What a difference it has made – I no longer have charred legs by the end of the day.

On Developing Apps in Africa
Riyaz is an amazingly smart guy and is also the nexus of the growing technologist network in Kenya. Here are a few of his quotes from our multiperson Skype chat where we were debating the need for startup capital when creating a new web application.

“Building web apps is cheap. Scaling needs money. But build something good – and you won’t have a problem finding the money to scale.”

“…it DOES take time, effort, dedication …….. but money won’t give you that!!”


  1. Riyaz’s assertion is only true as far as implementation goes. Designing practical web apps needs a clear and strong understanding of the underlying problem of which not everyone is endowed with. we may have people who possess knowledge and well researched ideas on the solutions but dont have the necessary technical tools to implement them. On the other hand we may have technical skills but with limited ability in conceptualizing real-life systems. The new goal should a solution leaning towards finding and developing methodologies to bridge this divide.

  2. Nyairo, that’s why the best teams generally include someone with a good business head, a developer and a designer. Those are the 3 roles that really make a good web app tick.

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