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What Kind of Geek are You?

Scott Johnson has created a hilarious poster of 56 geek-types. Which one are you?

Geek Types by Scott Johnson

So many choices… I think I best fit the mold of a “photo geek” (or an “MMO geek”, I love playing online games when I have the time).

You can buy the poster here.


  1. I need a mashup…I’m fitting into too many types. I guess I’ll go with Code Geek. Probably one of the less embarrassing ones too 🙂

  2. Indy Geek!

    (there should be a Leatherman geek 🙂

  3. I’m a book geek

    (there’s no blog geek, right?)

  4. Hook up a photoblog y0, I’d love to see pics of your travels.

  5. Finance Geek is not there! Thats me

  6. Oh please, Erik, you know you’re an Apple Geek. Don’t even try to deny it. =)

  7. I have to go with photo geek Hash. “Click!”

  8. Hey Buddy, the site is great!! I just want to drop a line and say hello.


  9. I think history geek fits me well, although I feel like I could be so many others…

  10. Where’s the Board Game Geek? There are plenty of those. There’s even an entire web community dedicated to the hobby… just saying 🙂

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