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Disappointed, Angry and Jaded

Those are the words that describe millions of Kenyan voters.

    Disappointed at their current president, Mwai Kibaki, for playing Moi-politics.
    Angry at their ministers of parliament, voting an unprecedented number out of office.
    Jaded by the election results – wondering if bothering to come out for the next elections is even necessary.

Of the three, I would suggest that citizens being jaded is the most harmful for the long-term. Why bother voting if you can’t have the confidence in your government to count them openly and honestly?

Kenyan Elections

Image by Afromusing

A short summary:
Massive turnouts for this election in Kenya. Many incumbents were voted out of their parliamentary seats. Raila Odinga was a heavy favorite over incumbent Mwai Kibaki for president, and appeared to be in the lead by a good 40,000 votes. Counting was delayed. The electoral commission claims that Kibaki won by 200,000+ votes. Riots begin, and a state of emergency is declared.

Blog coverage of these elections have been excellent. The Kenyan blogosphere is one of the best and biggest on the continent, and they did their jobs well.

Ory gave some of the best media coverage of the elections, better than the traditional media, on her blog KenyanPundit.

MentalAcrobatics claims that something is not right with this election and also has a good post on the Kenyan election experience.

More coverage on the Thinker’s Room.

Juliana has some great pictures of the elections from upcountry.


  1. Kibaki did a George bush. Welcome to the big leagues kibaki lets see if your popularity will be better than GW. I can t stand to have mama lucy slapping Officials at State house.Its a disgrace the rigged elections. President Agwambo don t concede like Kerry. Vote kibaki out through parliament or something. What a sad day for wananchi.

  2. i had rumors that the main opposition leader has been arrested, can anyone confirm.

    The elections are definitely rigged.

  3. You’ve got it right that Ory Okolloh gave some of the best coverage. That says something important about the role of blogs. As and outside observer I’m very grateful to her and the other bloggers and commenters for seriously covering this election. My hope and expectation is that bloggers provide enough continuous dialog to help prevent citizens becoming jaded.

  4. The cost of freedom has never been cheap! Kenyan people should come out in full force and protest for their democratic right. We have been cheated and oppressed by these power hungry bastards for so long. A second amendment for Kenyans may not be a bad idea, how do we protect ourselves. Kenya in 2008 does not need another grumpy old man from the 60s whose time is clearly long gone!

  5. Shame indeed
    We’ve also had some good forums some like http://jukwaa.proboards58.com/index.cgi
    and http://www.kenyaimagine.com/

    great job bloggers and you too hash

  6. I think that Ory has gone off line. Does anyone know if she is ok. I think that as well as a crackdown on traditional media they are possibly going into the Internet sites as well. Let us know if you hear anything.

  7. I live out of Nairobi and have found Ory and Thinkers blogs as good sources of information but unfortunately Kenyan Pundit seems to be off the net right now.
    The lack of info is scary and now even phone credit is begining to get scarce (and people are scared to venture out to get the little that is there) therefore even phones and SMS will not be available.

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