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Ushahidi in the News

BBC’s the World - interview of Ushahidi.com A couple of us have been doing interviews and trying to get the word out about Ushahidi to as many news and media outlets as we can. Why? In hopes that by reaching out and talking to a broad selection of media more people will hear about it and that the news of Ushahidi will trickle down to the Kenyans who need it most.

The BBC recently did some interviews with those of us involved with Ushahidi. You can listen to the piece at the link below (4:30 long):

BBC Audio Interview on Ushahidi

BoingBoing and the TED blog each did a write-up about Ushahidi and the TEDsters involved with it.

Well known VC blog VentureBeat has a story on Ushahidi, as well as Global Voices on the broader picture behind cyber activism.

On Business Daily
Good Magazine

We’re trying to spread the word even further. If you know anyone at a media outlet in need of a story, consider helping by directing them towards Ushahidi. This is a newsworthy cause that only gets better the more people know about it and use it.


  1. You guys are doing an outstanding work with Ushahidi, I must tell you. This is what it means to collaborate! I doff my hats (and I wear several) 🙂

  2. Great work!

  3. Great work folks……I have forwarded this website link to folks at capitalfm ……and will post it on my facebook profile…….Keep up the good efforts….our country falls right before our eyes….we can help stop it or atleast help those suffering!! Without even politiking….

  4. I listened to the interviews at Public Radio International’s ‘The World’ website. Great coverage about the who, what, and why behind Ushahidi.com Someone should try to get a copy of the transcript from those interviews or transcribe them to a text format for people lacking the Internet bandwidth necessary to enjoy the audio file.

    Boing Boing and TED covered the story, you’re kidding? You guys are on a roll!

  5. Great work….this is what Kenyans are all about. Coming together, lets show them!

  6. have you thought about adding a chat option to ushahidi where people could discuss different issues on the site? that would be sweet.

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