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Vuma Kenya!  A concert and fundraising opportunityVuma Kenya! Concert in Boston
A group of young Kenyan professionals in the US has been working hard over the last 2 weeks to put on a fundraising concert in Boston. The event will take place on February 02, 2008 (7:00 pm) at the Roxy downtown. If you’re in the area get there! If not, you can donate through the website at www.vumakenya.org.

I’ve had a chance to be on a couple of the conference calls with these guys, and I can tell you that they are passionate and committed to making this a success. The group is politically ambivalent in this initiative, choosing to band together in times of crisis rather than fracture over tribal or political differences. Let’s support them and hope that we see more of this in Kenya too.

Catch the Africa Cup of Nations on AfricanPath
Joshua Wanyama of AfricanPath has been hard at work growing his site. African Path will broadcast the Ghana 2008 Africa Cup of Nations from January 20th till February 10th, 2008 online. The games will be available as both live feeds and as saved games for those who missed the live broadcasts. In addition a forum on the African Path Village will provide an ample platform for all soccer fans to discuss the games. Enjoy the games!

African Cup of Nations online at AfricanPath.com

South African Blog Awards - 20082008 South African Blog Awards
Nominations for the 2008 South African Blog Awards are starting up on February 11th. Here’s hoping that there is a lot less controversy than last year. If this blog post is any indication, then I think it’s off to a good start.

It would be interesting if someone were to put together a pan-African version of this type of thing too. Beyond the general ego boosting that these events have, I tend to find a lot of really neat niche blogs that I didn’t know existed through the nomination process.


  1. Hi HASH,
    great post as usual . Madagascar wasn’t qualified (again) for the CAN even if we love soccer ! So we did our own national Blog Awards (hosted by FOKO!) and the public/juries votes were quite interesting. All the winners were very socially oriented (most of them are very involved in the community and located in Madagascar) and the quality of the writings (in english, french and malagasy) are very good.
    So if something comes up with this PanAfrican Blog Awards, we’ll be there!



  2. As always Hash,

    Thanks for the heads up. The timeline feature on Ushahidi is great!

  3. Trying to follow in the path that others have walked on, we’d like to award the best Zambian blog. Check out 2008 Zambian Weblog Awards for more information.

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