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Africa Panel and Top DEMO Picks

Africa Panal at DEMO 2008
(Image by Tris Hussey)

DEMO 2008 is over, and it was a great time. Above is a picture of Juliana Rotich and myself with Chris Shipley doing panel on Africa (Mike Stopforth is off the frame). We discussed a wide variety of topics, covering mobile phones, innovation, cultural differences and how to manage for crisis situations on the continent.

Hopefully our goals of helping people understand that Africa isn’t all the media paints it and that there are real investment opportunities to be had all over Africa was met. Judging by the conversations with investors, developers and media afterwards, we were successful.

DEMO God Awards
DEMOgod AwardsChris gave out 10 awards to honor the top products of the 77 that presented. Though I liked all of the ones she brought up, I decided to give my top 10 as well. Some of these are groundbreaking products, others are just very well executed.

DEMO Gods 2008 Erik’s Choices
Xtranormal Silobreaker
Flypaper Skyfire
Leapfrog Ribbit Amphibian
Education.com Seesmic
Vidyo Vidyo
Erico Mobeam Visible Measures
Sprout Sprout
Green Plug Good2Gether
Livescribe Pulse SmartPen Livescribe Pulse SmartPen
BitGravity BitGravity

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  1. Hi Eric,

    We’ve just launched http://www.andandoo.net with the ambition to cover – as you folks – creativity, culture and entrepreneurship over Africa … but in French !

    We’re also willing to become an interface between the two african blogospheres (the east-african english-speaking and the west-african french-speaking ones) so that french-speaking-only readers may have access to the amazing content and debates coming from the other side of the continent.

    In that context, we’ll be regularly posting links to your stuff and hope to initiate a deep and trustfull dialogue.

    Thanks anyway for the dynamics you contributed to create and which inspired us to the point of lauching andandoo.net


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